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Buying bandwidth in the app store

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What Telecom Shill wrote this? Data must go up because it doesn't make as much money as their other gouging services? Plus this bull about them investing billions in infrastructure. If you add up all the many billions they all claim to have spent and then look at the total sales of the required equipment by companies like Nortel and Cisco you are forced to wonder where the money is going as it isn't going to the suppliers. So unless it costs billions to install this stuff it sounds like these companies are trying to make themselves sound indispensable.

A Wireless company recently set up in Canada and I know their costs did not run into the billions to provide significant coverage of their own in some of Canada's biggest cities.

As people have calculated. Text message data costs more per byte than Hubble telescope data even if you include things like repeated launch costs and astronaut training. So if the Telecom companies have to actually earn their money then boo hoo.

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

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My life changed forever

Just the other day I looked at Windows 7 and my life began to change. The sun pierced the clouds just for me, the boil on my knee fell to the ground, and I got back my hand that I lost in the war. Now that Bill Gates is gone MS stopped making products for people and now make for Angels.