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Fanbois will abandon iPhone for Palm, says Wikisugardaddy

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no i will not

Does Microsoft already own the BPM space?

Julian Cook

Err, no, not really

Having worked around business process modelling for a number of years I have to say that will Microsoft does provide some invaluable tools, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its modelling application is found wanting in many ways, use of tools for modelling from IBM and others that allow more than one user to actively build the business process model is something that Visio can only dream of.

Microsoft starts stoking hype for Windows 7

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so this is an announcement about an announcement

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror

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RE: Stop giving the Terrrrrrrissssttsssss more ideas!

the could be popping down the local petrol station

Sony confirms major PS3 firmware update features

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am i missing home?

Was this not part of the home offering, or has that died a death

Web cam images undo MacBook thieves

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For the first time ever I have to say that I might just buy a mac

China blocks YouTube

Julian Cook

Is it not time to pull out of the Olympics?

Why are we still going

Physicists fire up strontium atomic clock

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so what happens if i pull out the plug

and have they taken into account the cost of the power bill, what with a 15% rise this year by the time 200 million years has passed it would take the entire GDP of the earth just to pay the bill. Given that all the tree huggers belive that the earth will be long gone before this i really don't see the need for a clock.

Critics split over DDoS attacks on Scientology

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is this not a cult

I thought that there was only a few countries that recognised it as a religion, all the others class these loony’s as a cult. Has no one seen the documentary on Scientology or was that just a episode of South Park.

The Dark Knight - 2008's biggest movie?

Julian Cook

sorry it will be harry

Given that all the Harry Potter movies are in the top 13 movies, i feel sure that the latest film will beat all comers


Julian Cook

I think that the order is a bit out

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The Dark Knight

Bond 22

Iron Man

Warner Bros to remake Clash of the Titans

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this is the way to go...

What with the greedy WGA trying to take over everything then why not just not ignore them.

Retailer touts sweat-swatting mouse

Julian Cook

Almost right

I have to say that the gist of the story is right, if not a little bit late, it was quiet interesting the thought of a mouse that has a fan in to cool your hands, right up to the point when I looked down and saw that I already had one. I have to say that for office work they are fantastic, for games not so much. Ah well I guess I will have to keep reading to find my next new gadget

Star Trek boldly goes on demand

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Will the new HD versions be there

there new versions look very good

Sony unveils third-gen 'portable' PS2

Julian Cook

Kicking a Dead Horse

This shows the core difference between Microsoft and Sony, With the release of the 360 the original XBOX was virtually a dead console. There where some games still in development for the old console that have now been released but to all tense and purpose it was a dead console. Sony on the other hand keep brining out new revisions of there older systems. Anyone remember the PSOne, one must ask why Sony continue upon this route, is it to offer more choice to there customers’ err no, in this case it is justification for dropping PS2 support with the PS3. The 360 and PS3 are no longer next generation consoles; they are now the current generation. With the release of a new PS2 does that mean that we might still get a new version of the Sinclair Spectrum if so I will be ordering mine in err Black. So if you want a company that looks forward buy Microsoft (for a change)

Toshiba to field HD DVD-equipped Xbox 360?

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At last

What does Microsoft an American company gain from having an Asian company release a 360 under it’s own name?

How is it that Asia has not really taken up a games console built by an American company?

Now it might be me but it seams like an ideal solution, The Asian market tends to distrust American companies which has undoubtedly hurt the Xbox 360’s in the Asian Market. This could just be the breakthrough that Microsoft Needs.

Windows update brings down TV newscast

Julian Cook

This is not a windows error it is a human error

Ah yet another problem that has Windows involved it must be the bad Microsoft. Err not this time. There is only one reason to patch a live system, and that is because something does not work. So you have to ask yourself why are they patching the system are they trying to say that the system did not work before the patch was installed. If that was the case then they should have pulled the plug hours if not days before as the risk is too high. Did they leave windows update on and auto reboot, then the system admin’s are just crap and should be fired. Either way I am afraid that it is not MS at fault this time.

Hackers hit back at iPhone update

Julian Cook

did apple not break the law

Is it me ore did apple break the law with the update, I know that if I download some software and it was to render my pc inoperable then I would be suing someone very quickly. If Microsoft took this heavy handed approach then the preverbal would of hit the fan. Come on Apple grow up and stop being greedy gits

Kerching! Halo 3 rakes in 'record' takings

Julian Cook

am i just missing the point

I am not going to bash the 360 because it is the best gaming console out today. I know that the ps3 is faster and bigger, but it kind of misses the point and not that good.

Now I love first person shooters but Halo x just seams odd and wrong. It may be the viewpoint or the stupid colours they use but it really is not that good.

As for the comment about Red Faction, very poor on all levels.

In short you want to play a first person shooter on the 360 get Gears of War, if you have finished that go back and have a look at Quake 4 and wait for Quake to be releases on XBOX live. If you have a ps3 then mothball it like me in the hope that home is done right and for the day that a game of note is released. For all others just wait for the killer game (hopefully) released later this month on Arcade Speedball 2

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop

Julian Cook

Just shows that the french are well crap

Ok you buy a laptop bundeled with some software, and you want a refund for the full market vaule of the items bundled with the pc. well that is just nuts, if this is the case I am going to claim monies back from all the mag companies for the dvd's and other crap that comes with mags i buy

Sony to break out of Cell?

Julian Cook


So it cost 200 billion to make and they are going to sell for 100 billion, that was a good investment

Apple invite brings UK hacks out in iPhone fever

Julian Cook

Why bother? really

I have to say that I really don't see the point in the iphone, is it not a bit too late too much and too big. The only people who would buy one is the say people that buy the bmw 1 series.

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

Julian Cook

Alas the decline of the register has begun

"its filthy metric system" is quite simply wrong as it is our filthy metric system, after all we created it.

Pee-powered battery unveiled

Julian Cook

At last

In today’s world where everything seam to need AA or AAA we have been given a reason to go to the pub and drink more. No longer do i have to blame late running meetings or missed trains. From now on I can tell my wife that I am recharging my gadgets

'Happy slapping' vids prompt Brown to push net filters

Julian Cook

It really is time to censor the web

Like it of loath it, the time has come to place safe guards around the internet. There is content out there that should not be seen by anyone and as such should be filtered. Everyone likes to jump on the big brother idea but there really is a need to protect us from some of this content. Newsgroups is where the internet started and is now almost a no go area, try going to a binary newsgroup and download something, most of the time you get what you want other times you end up with child porn or bestiality and no one can defend that content. YouTube is also a good example, why should criminals film themselves doing crime and then publish it to all to see, only to then go and make more content. For those of you who disagree you only enable an environment that allows for paedophiles to commit crime

How to get TV on your Mac

Julian Cook

There is an easier way

Get a spare Widows PC and set it up as a media server and then use the Mac as a dumb client. While there are some real world uses for a Mac (i have been told this, never seen one yet)

Mac's are just like a super car, nice to look at but rubbish to drive and useless for day to day use (just try speed bumps) where as you really can do anything with Windows PC and do it well

MS cuts Xbox 360 prices Down Under

Julian Cook

The WII is just a passing fad

There is far too much hype around the wii to be healthy, and of all the consoles out in the last ten years will have the shortest life span. The wii is only any good for social gaming, after all who wants to be prancing around the front room playing games late into the night. Game consoles live and die by the quality of the games not by the controller. As of yet I have yet to see a must have game on the wii or for that matter the PS3. The wii will last another year or so and then will just die a death

Blu-ray 300 outsells HD DVD version 2:1

Julian Cook

BluRay will win in the end

The PS3 will mean that BluRay will win in the end; you have what is a relatively cheap BluRay player that plays games. Yes getting onto HD-DVD is cheaper with a XBOX 360 but that means yet another box next to the TV. This is the problem; look at the market who adopts this type of technology first, and what they will have already in the way of hardware in the front room. There is the TV, AMP, PS3, XBOX 360, Media Centre PC, Cable/Sat box Multi region DVD player, WII not to mention all the speakers littered around the front room. Now if I want HD-DVD that would be yet another box. How can I justify this, well you can’t so I will stick to BluRay, unless they bring out a killer film on HD-DVD in that case then HD-DVD it is.

Hacker cracks Netflix copy restrictions

Julian Cook

This is hopefully another nail in the coffin of DRM

I understand the need to protect investment in digital media, however I have still to here of any studio going under because of it. DRM fails the consumer, If I have a CD I can rip it to MP3 then listen to it on my ipod on my computer, video juke box, via my media centre pc, in my car on my phone with no worries. If I buy a DRM track this become slightly more difficult. It is time to scrap DRM if I buy a track I should be able to play it where and when I want and not suffer restrictions in anyway

Security consultant's blog found pushing crudware

Julian Cook

Who is wrong you or Google

"Google removed the blog within hours of the scam coming to light." strange the site is still there

MS stops hacked hardware accessing Xbox Live

Julian Cook

At last common sense

I welcome this whole heartily, why users should have to put up with a bunch of freeloaders. I had got stung from this before when I sold my old XBOX with out removing my XBOX live account, a very bad mistake the next owner then proceeded to use my account. When the 360 came out and I started playing Halo I found that I was banned because of this cheat. I say kick them all off


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