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Patch me if you can: Microsoft, Samsung, and Google win appeal over patent on remote updating

Christopher 5

How exactly does this fit in the Java story

Have was implemented in so many devices to do just this, update the OS safely....

That was at least back in 1996


Why is USB 3 so slow?

Christopher 5

USB Really is NOT up to the JOB

I am amazed at this history of USB....

All these Points make no sense, saturate a USB III BUS, its a not about a single attachment, the second you share a bus of any type, massive slowdown is seen..

I had a Keyboard, a mouse, and 2 external disk drives, and a Memory card reader.

Performance is scatty, some seconds I get 12 MB/ second, next 1 MB/sec...

Moved to Firewire, Boy I will never look back.....