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'Find My Car' iPhone app finds anyone’s car

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Must admit

I've lost more iPhones than cars - Doesn't really help me

RIM cuts PlayBook sales forecast, report says

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Not bad at all

Personally I think the bridge functionality is great step forward …. What the haters are calling a fail is actually the reason I like it. Why would I want to download the same content on both my phone and my tablet or for that matter take out a separate data plan on both??

To Jai and all the fruit fanboys out there complaining about having to carry two devices …. Try giving your pockets a pat down and figuring out exactly how far away you are ever going to be from this “second device” that you need. Yes RIM have limited the market in this first release but when paired with a BB this really is a great device.

Average Brit has three mysterious keys

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Yet again I am proved to be average .....

Dentist cuffed for using lost credit card to pay for pizza

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Great response time .....

Police responding and making the arrest before the pizza is cooked – Surly this is big fat Yankee cop related and this response time could have only be bettered if it had happened in a donut shop.

Oz man coughs to DD-jub job advert outrage

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At least he misspelt the email address wrong so no one could complain.

That's all.


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