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Microsoft delays next Exchange Server release to 2025


Re: Oh Really?

Exchange will be split:

Exchange - the main exchange: The webinterface and ActiveSync. No new HW required, as the CPU features required do not change. You still can upgrade the HW, if you don't have 512GB RAM for IIS, tho.

Exchange Companion Apps: Hub/Transport, Mailbox, stuff like that. Needs a new license and definitely needs new hardware.

After historic win, Amazon workers at another NYC warehouse reject unionization


I assume Amazon is so sure about the union blackmailing people, because that is exactly what they (would) do, so the others have to do it, too.

VMware pulls physical to virtual conversion tool, adds VM to container conversion tool


Re: At 2+2=5.

Flying toasters. Nuff said.

To our total surprise, Apple makes adding alternative payment systems to apps 'painful, expensive, clunky'


Re: Surprised Here!

The US will do nothing. They export 202bn€ and import 352bn€ i goods from the EU (2020)

Stopping that is more like suicide than anything else.

Total US investment in the EU is three times higher than in all of Asia.

EU investment in the US is around eight times the amount of EU investment in India and China together.

just nope. The same as the US did not interfere with Facebook/Google vs EU when the privacy shield was unilaterally declared broken...

Remember: Whatsapp is having a EU edition of their data privacy rules (well, not the UK nowadays, tho ;) )


nah. what about...

Allow all AppStore sales and force Apple to pay out 130% to the developers instead of 70% as before for all AppStore transactions and just 100% for all other payment processors until Apple complies.

Also, developer prices cannot be modified. Any surcharges by Apple will result in some proper fines, like the GDPR stuff (x percent of global revenue.....)

Have you tried restarting? Reinstalling? Upgrading? Moving house and changing your identity?


Re: A is for a certain online bank

actually, subadressing helps.


With Sieve, you can file them in individual folders; if you start with that, you can just filter myname@mydomain.com to your spam filter directly, as there cannot be any mail legally sent there.

also works for quickes like being asked for an address - myname+whoeverannoysme@...

very nice thing. And there are ppl who say technology doesn't solve issues... :)

we wouldn't have without technology.. well

Thank you, FAQ chatbot, but if I want your help I'll ask for it


Re: I am here to help. What can I do for you today?

let me fix that for you:

what can i do you for today?

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what


also, HX protocol (superceding ActiveSync) will apparently never come to an Exchange server near you...

no shared calendars for the on-prem crowd.

The future of signage is here, and it wants an update


so, how does that look

from the other side? Did they finally activate real multi-layer-displays ;)?

Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes


Re: MS abandoning Windows??

er.. no.

shared mailboxes are a PITA. Does calendar sharing / shared calendars finally work?

Watch how Google's AI catches shoulder surfers spying on your phone


i am pretty sure they send the image feed to google for online analysis to improve the algorythm... ;)

what can go wrong ;)?

Linux kernel hardeners Grsecurity sue open source's Bruce Perens


"If Perens wins, then effectively anyone doing their own kernel hacks is in breach of GPL2 if they don't publish their hack freely. That would, ironically, include the entire kernel community for the time between when they save a source code file they've altered and when they push it back up to some public GIT repo. That would be absurd."

? i am confused. Where is any clause that requires you to publish anything, even less for all to access? GPL does not, to my knowledge, limit _any_ modifications you do in your back chamber. And it requires you to re-license under GPL and add source code to binaries _that you distribute_ - so if you modify source code without compiling it, you can do with it whatever you want - keep it, share it with some people, share it with the world,.. - it just needs to contain source code and must be gplv2 licensed. There is no clause in the GPL to force you to make your code publically available, but if you do, it has to be GPL'd code w/ source.. and that includes the right to re-distribute without any limitations

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Re: Hydrostatic Shock

crystalline structures react vastly different to being shocked than soft, wobbly tissue.

a diamond shatters to dust when hit with a hammer, humans in general do not do that (sadly?)

When corporate signage goes BAD


looks a bit

like Accenture turned around....

Roses are red, violets are blue, HMRC confirms Verify can STFU


Re: "Will we be able to log in with our Facebook accounts?"

and for security reasons, please do not log in via OAuth, just provide username and password (aka we couldn't integrate that in our application, so user/pass are manually verified by our friends overseas). Thank you for your cooperation.

British Gas wins pre-paid smart meter patent lawsuit


.. use the customer ID to identify a smart meter is rubbish - way too much space for clerical errors.. swapping meters or having issues when someone moves.. that is stupid.

serial number is (provided it is unique, like a mac - yes, i look at you, 3com) the natural choice.. how was that patent ever granted?!

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS


Re: padlock image

.. and I thought EV is just another scheme to get more money for the same stuff they already sell waaay overprived ;)

Drowning Dalek commands Siri in voice-rec hack attack


Re: That last command...

so close.. if Duden has it, it is german by definition ;)


-> outdated word, but valid.

When is a refurbished server not refurbished? Ask this Dell reseller


so, dell does not do refurbished.. well...



Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd


Re: I'm In

facebook and social media tends to reinfoce your views, based on your friends having similar opinions and sharing others with similar opinions. I think it's called group dynamics ;)



Re: Did UK make ever something positive to make EU stronger?


1) less refugees does surely not have anything to do with geography and the UK not telling people to come over, like germany and sweden.. no - it was schengen.. sure.

2) It is a bit naive to think that thes southern countries would have been better off without the EU. Spain and the other one.. Ireland? managed to get out of their debts and were actually quite vocal against a haircut for greece.. greece is another topic, that went a bit south.

Microsoft's done a terrible job with its Windows 10 nagware


Re: The Terrible...

no standards for server-side rules like.. Sieve?


'Dodgy Type-C USB cable fried my laptop!'


or let's get more expensive...

HP and Dell notebooks. compatible plugs. Reversed polarity... *sigh*

Struggling to understand Docker? Let's start with a Minecraft demo


brings me back..


Google literally dangles its new dongle in front of gasping TV audiences


supported OS

Windows 7+ PC, OS X 10.7+ Mac, Android 4.1+ device, or – of course – a Chromebook, although you can't set one up with a Mac nor a Chromebook).

add Chrome for Linux, hopefully. Works with the old stick.

Barracuda: It's like the IKEA of backup and security


Re: Email

works fine, if you accept silently DROPping of mails... which may bring you in hot water in some legislations. Barracuda support suggested disabling Antispam to prevent this behaviour... duh!

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


.. depends on what you do

crashing a sh* desktop application - one thing. If one is crashing OSS applications for Telcos or ISPs (or any industrial control system), the code fast and let it break, then fix approach may be an.. expensive approach.

Can you really run your business on a smartphone?


Re: Speaking as a Linux user

Android: Hacker's keyboard.

tab, ctrl & so on.

Register journo battles Sydney iPHONE queue, FONDLES BIG 'UN


So, the audio quality of the PHONE is sub-par, but the author gets tempted to switch back to Apple?... somehow, it seems mobes have moved from a .. you know, thing to talk over to something else, apparently.... *sigh*

Mail Migration



there is actually a FCAS exporter for Firstclass that exports to mbox format (that is easily read by about.. anything).

i couldn't use it b/c it killed all umlauts... but if you have FCAS, then that'd be the way to go..


Hate data fees but love your HD slab? Here's a better way to pay for bytes


bonus: We have something like "minimum unit" for data - like e.g. phone calls being charged per minute only or 60/30..

These go from 0 up to 1MB. That is something no tool really can measure (or is supporting, at least)....

Google patents swish, swosh, swoosh pattern unlock app swipe



close. I have somthing like that feature - my lockscreen has multiple pages (calendar, camera,..) : only the camera is exposed; gallery access is not possible. If you shoot a photo, it's stored. no way to review it without unlocking (which is ok, IMHO)

Google Translate for Android adds offline translation option


translated back..

"my dog has no nose. Oh? how function it smell?" (it, not it's)=

"Insufficient" (better would have been: Bad (Schlecht).. that'd have somehow transported the joke, too)

iPhone 4G blingmobe: Yours for £13k



is that enough insulation to provent signal dropping?

Lindsay Lohan goes down for 90 days



my christmas card seems to be missing....

Renault DeZir: 'leccy sex machine


zero emissions

austria. water power.

your turn. :)

Ellison slams former Sun CEO for blogginess


oooh yes....

... but that's the same for Oracle.

... waiting for months for an offer is not that abnormal, sadly

Asus goes small on aluminium, big on Bamboo



nice one.

not commenting about the boxes, but d*** sends out technicians same or next business day. they do arrive. they have spare parts. best: they seem to know what they are doing.

this is austria, though, maybe things are different elsewhere...

Microsoft tests show no Win 7 battery flaw




240 is lower than 120?!!

Scareware slingers flaunt fake MS endorsement



doesn't matter.

the thing is on your box. all hope must be abandoned.

SSL - yes, nice one. except the trojan can easily implant a trusted root certificate, making ANY site showing a signed cert valid.... well.

Anyway, it looks like the trojan REPLACES content on the end user side - so, https won't help here, anyway.

nice try though.

Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?

Thumb Up

@TeeCee - hmmmm

remove all vowels from Opera sounds fun ^^

Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers



"But copying games and music off the 'net is (according to current law) STEALING."

no.. copyright infringement.

stealing involves pyhsically taking something.

NASA maps Mars with child labor web games



personal* time

where's the footnote for that one?

i have been lookin for it for 15 minutes now, even requesting assistance from some colleagues at work...