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Sinofsky shows off Windows 8 on ARM and Office15


WOA is me

The last time I remember the acronym WOA being used in the compueter industry was for the ill-fated Wang Office Assistant. This was a light-weight sort of PC terminal with a version of MSDOS with no real compatibility. As a developer for Wang at the time we were 'encouraged' to write for this misfit - will never do that again. WOA is me seems destined to repeat history as as a .Net developer I am very skeptical about any thing that involves me other than writing in a good cross platform tool - even that is hard enough! If Xamarin develops MonoWOA I might think of porting some of our apps otherwise Mono, MonoTouch and MonoDroid will remain my sandpit!

Fedora 12 debuts after Halloween slippage


Fedora Installs

While unique IP addresses may overstate the installs that metric does not include companies like mine that run Fedora on everything. servers, desktops and laptops and simply install using an ISO image off our servers. 1 download - around 50 computers.

We committed to the Linux route after endless problems with Windows. Even our external directors are now converting to Fedora after recent problems with viruses. To quote one - "what a relief and so quick - why didn't you guys suggest this last year?"


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