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LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth


How would you then solve the problem of having multiple 2FA accounts and you loose/change/factory reset your phone. You get locked out of your accounts or you manually uninstall 2FA on each accounts. Every time.

By the way... Authy does 2FA backups also.

Outage-prone Plusnet goes mobile in a bid to become 'quad-play' biz


I would agree. Using an ISP services for email and or website hosting is a bad idea as it ties you in to much. Plus, a lot of times they do not put to much attention on these services as they are more of an addon. Also they can change th underlying provider as they wish.

EU strengthens online shopper protection

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Budget airlines

I hope I am not hoping in vain this will FINALLY include companies like Ryanair, Easyjet and such to allow the customer to cancel his flighty. I mean how ridiculous is it that they do not allow it when they could just as easy sell the flight on. Of course that would mean they possibly could not sell off the flight so that is why the greedy bast***s should be forced to do so.

Santander blames Firefox 4 for website fail


Dear Santander online back software support

Yes, I completely understand your problem. Mozilla has put this new version out completely by surprise and did not, at any point in time, publish a GAZILLION BETAS for you to try your dopey online bank on.

Vodafone announces 4G roll-out for Germany


Are we the only country where this spectrum auction happens?

No Richard, we are not, but that should not be an excuse for being so late.

Google Toolbar caught tracking users when 'disabled'



OK, I am going against the grain of the rest of the posts here but I do give Google the benefit of the doubt and saying that this could be a bug. Considering the size of Google and the amount of programmers they have at hand I find it quite unacceptable.

I would agree with JBH in the fact that I completely dislike the concept of toolbars and how they are forced down our throats. Come on, who in his right mind does not get pi**ed off whenever there is a Java update and that sodding Yahoo toolbar option is always ticked.

Firefox syncing tool Weaves its way into beta status

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Not so bad

I actually like Weave and have helped out a little with some bugs it had. It is less obtrusive than Xmarks which has turned from a simple useful bookmark sync tool to an obtrusive irritating addon I don't like any more. I hated when xmarks started to interfere with my search results and popping up that annoying window when it synced my bookmarks.


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