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Google's 1Gbps fiber 'not driving' Time Warner Cable's sudden Austin speed increase

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Verizon Should take note too...

As I sit here with my 56mbs Verizon FIOS I am fascinated tat my rate drops below 1mps within 115 minutes of drawing anything from AWS. Hook to AWS through my T-Mobile hot-spot and I have instant response, back to FIOS dead stop... so to Verizon kills my AWS account, Netflix and Amazon Prime.... so here is to hoping the Google express passes our way...

NASA: There are 17 BEEELLION Earth-sized worlds in Milky Way

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Re: Must be time to renew budgets...

Actually, no. Yes asteroids do hit ocassionally but the odds of ejecta breaking eascape velocity, rising past the gravitation fields of the Martian moons, navigating the asteroid fields without being captured but any of the debris gravitational fields, escaping the gravity sweep of earth's moon then impacting earth, are well, astronomical( as in totaly impossible). Even more amazing is that somhow we 'know' that this rock is from Mars while having no samples to compare it too. If you believe all of that can happen then you will have disappointments in this life. Remember, NASA still can't find all of their moon rocks - so how can you trust them to use proper dillegence in classifing a rock from space? Heck, they even deleted the original moon landing telemetry( video) so they could reuse the tapes. No, they chose the classification that gave the best chance at renewed funding.

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Must be time to renew budgets...

Every now and then NASA blows a socket in the effort to get funding and funding support. "look, we found an rock from Mars" - really, then explain the process of how it escaped Mars gravity, assumed a perfect decaying solar orbit and hit here considering there are no active Mars vocanoes and we have never retrieved a rock from Mars to actually compare it to???

Last week was... "look, we foud a rock from Mars with water in it" - really, again no supporting evidence.

Today there and billions and billions of earth type planets - really? Show me a picture, show me a spectrograph that includes only that planet, show me evidence for just one... oh, and while you're at it publish your 'earth like' criteria because I would be fewer that two could support human life.

NASA has wasted billions of dollars in faux science to get funding on more faux science. Why not do some real science like mining the moon? Why not work on a real L1 space station? Why not work on a real strategy and infrastructiure for 2036? Nope, this NASA generation is bean counters and sesame street graduates with a 20 second attention span.

Move along, nothing to see here....

Watch live! Crack LOHAN team to send SPEARS to stratosphere

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Warning on Iridium...

When using 9602 iridium transmitters in a contained space with a uBlox GPA a few years ago we found that the 2watt Iridium transmission degraded the uBlox front end eventually rendering it useless. Solutions included shutting down the Ublox during Iridium transmission to protect its fron end. If you haven't tested this yet you may consider doing so before you damage your custom circuits... good luck and have a safe & successful flight!

Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit

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Apple FUDD

Wow, they couldn't wait until the appeal ( or even the ban) before the paid apple barkers start creating FUDD. Well, let me just put my vote in, after the settlement I will go out of my way to buy Samsung - and counsel my clients and friends to drop Apple. If apple doesn't think this will affect their bottom line just look at Microsoft!

Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?

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Crooked Judge!

Clearly the judge is biased for both Cupertino and the portfolio of the people who selected her. The patents should be thrown out as Apple lied when they submitted them by failing to provide proper prior art and on the obvious nature of their content. I personnaly will encourage my company and coleagues from buying from Apple until they clean up their behavior.

Apple demands Samsung flogged for 'unethical' court doc leak

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It does not surprise me that Caliifornia courts would be looking out for Apples's bottom line. When we left Caliifornia with our kids from previous marriage thirty previous cases were decided on the basis on who was staying in California and not who was the better parent - hence keeping money flowing into the sate. Koth is a hack and might as well be on Apple's payroll. There is so much prior art against the Apple patents this should never have gone to trial.... one thing to note is that in California there is ground to sue the judge under judicial malpractice.

Apache lets fly Hadoop 1.0 data muncher

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Apparently You Missed the Point...

The point is that the appearance of speed Hadoop relies on a huge hardware investment because of the choice of implementation language. Current commercial implementations using C++ are hitting a 30x speed improvement over the Java implementation of Hadoop and maintaining compatibility with the original API. Yes, when fully deployed both systems will give answers - Hadoop in an extended coffee break and the C++ versions in seconds. Apache continuing to push the Java based product will eventually be the death of the project as the commercial products burn past them.

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Another Triumph for Computing in SLOOW Motion( or Why the choice of a toy elephant is appropriate)

Running at 1/30th of equivalent C/C++ implementations Hadoop creates a new standard for doing it slow across large numbers of machines. Don't plan on using this elephant right away. From experience all of the how-to's and interfaces are now out of date and you will have to wait for a new set of e-books to buy. Once up it will take daily care and feeding to keep it from crashing. I for one would like to see them fix their installs so they actually work out of the box rather than working to bump release numbers....

Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic

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Motorola may have a portfolio of patents (17,000) that won't help Google....

Actually think the first smart phone - the Blade, think Software Define Radio and this purchase is check and mate to Microsoft and Apple in the SDR phone market... unless they want to go back to analog and Moto was doing analog when Jobs was riding a tri-cycle!

Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?

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FUD Morons... Google Got the Crown Jewls

Consider this. The crown jewels for modern phones is software defined radio. Imagine Apple getting cut off the knees by being sued over using software defined radio.... and that is what Google just got. Between the Moto purchase and the IBM transfer we can probably consider Oracle, Apple and Microsoft checkmated. Of course Microsoft funded analysts will still write stupid articles such as this to slow down Android but netizens have seen this playbook before!

Google claims 'bogus patent' conspiracy against Android

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What is a Patent Worth?

Unlike the author I have actually written over six patents both hardware and software. On examination of the Patents being used to extort money from Android users the ones that are available to view are primarily prior art or obvious. I have to agree with Google on this one. The primary strategy is to conceal the patents in question to prevent a challenge by the open source community. If it really about taking some precious idea that Microsoft developed why not reveal it? No, their goal is to conceal the patents to prevent offending code from being removed, catch Google off guard and maximize the public and legal damage.

Oracle seeks 'billions' with Google Android suit

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Big Fat Troll!

I have a hard time believing that anyone but lawyers and Android competitors will benefit by this current action but even with that aside consider what Oracle is doing here. First fact is JAVA is 99% a community effort, its success is due not to Sun's investment but by it being advertised as a write once, use anywhere open standard. Google has continued that effort and added to it by now allowing JAVA reuse on the Android platform. The only damage here was that Google didn't erect a toll gate to APP development like every prior wireless OS released to date. So now comes Oracle like a patent TROLL seeing to bend the truth and claim damages on technology that is and was 'open'. Their VM patents are all worthless due to prior art and years of non-enforcement, their case is largely advertising designed to damage Android's perceived value in the market and their damage claims are entirely void of fact. I think its time to ban Oracle products from our companies and drive this TROLL back under its bridge!

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

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I guess I have to return my HP 45?

Someone might want to show the idiots at Apple an HP45, yes, rounded corners have been around for quite a while. Next thing Apple will sue over is a phone with a battery, a case that doesn't have wires hanging out or using a screen with color. Apple - what looser's!

Google copyright purge leaves Android developers exposed

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FUD to the Outside Lane Please

This article stinks of Microsoft FUD. Although it quotes several sources( probably planted by MS cronies) it fails to support the primary premise with anything more than innuendo. No, Android app programmers will not have to reveal their code! What a silly argument! But if you can look at the goal of the argument: programming on Android is bad for you - you can see the clear marks of unsubstantiated Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt by the FUD masters in Redmond. Really what better way to bolster windows phone 7 than to scare developers off the competition.

NASA hails 'amazing' exoplanetary system

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NASA Press

The quality of the 'science' behind the latest NASA 'discovery' can be easily summed up by the artist's depiction they feel compelled to include. First, they have no idea of the actual composition, coloration or exact density of the 'planets'. Like the 'Martian rock' from several years ago they are jumping to conclusions without actual proof so as to take credit. Remember no one has actually recovered a rock from Mars so as to make a comparison and there has never been a complete survey of the asteroid fields to say the small rock was exclusively from mars. So like that faux science this current 'discovery' ranks up there with prior efforts of NASA to show relevance and hence a justification for funding.

Shaping your next desktop upgrade

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Windows is Dead

The best upgrade on can do is away from Microsoft products entirely and into the open office / Linux environment. For year we have paid a premium for Microsoft products only to require constant retraining, endure their lack of internal quality control and the almost deliberate back doors for virus writers that all Microsoft products seem to embrace. Have you ever noticed how all MS products run slower over time almost forcing the migration to a newer OS/Office... etc? So skip the white papers from some MS certified hack and investigate the stable, refined and mature world of computing that Red Hat and Unbuntu provide. You may also find that simply upgrading to an open source OS actually out performs the latest MS bloatware running on a machine with twice the horsepower - I tried it and it does!

MS discovers flaw in Google plug-in for IE

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Ms Finds Chrome Bugs..

It would be very nice if Micro$oft invested as much into fixing the bugs, back-doors and open exploitations in their OS's as they just did to find this one bug in Chrome. I personally am done investing in buying M$ OS's. Their main model is not customer based. They don't fix their last OS before they dump millions into their next OS leaving customers in the lurch and paying through the nose to upgrade all of their apps. MS is no longer a leader in the industry but rather an example of greed. The future of MS is as a VM Image safely encapsulated in a secure Linux host - on display as an oddity of engineering used to block innovation, a marker of the way not to go.

V-22 Osprey, stealth jumpjet 'need refrigerated landing pads'

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Simple Solution...

The solution to V22 deck heating is probably found in the water the ship is floating in. Provided an elevated landing surface and force sea water under it to hold the temperature under 200 degrees. But keep in mind that the V22 is simply a disaster waiting to happen and should be discontinued anyway!