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I’ve never paid for it in my life... we are talking Wi-Fi, right?


The Americans do seem far more generous on this sort of thing. I remember even back in 2006 that the hotel WiFi was free and even more surprisingly the WiFi at the airport was totally free as well. A refreshing change from the myriad of paid options you get at most European airports.

Maybe the Americans just see the bigger picture in that it's better to keep people connected to the internet so they can keep doing work related things, people can keep buying things. Even if it's only a small help it's probably beneficial to their economy.

Sky flaunts F1 app with split-screen functions


F1 2011 game picture?

Looks just like the screenshots of F1 2011.

Developer slips tethering into iTunes



Not sure I get all these elaborate methods to tether stock Iphones. Just jailbreak the phone if you want tethering that bad.

Brits left cold by mobile internet

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Year of internet for £40

I was somewhat surpised to find you can get 6 months for just £20 on T mobile.


Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers


Installing to the hard drive?

You can't use backup's as an excuse because it's a feature already built into the Xbox. My old Xbox scratched my disks up to the point of not working but after I copied them to the HDD using mates copies I was able to play my games again.

Play.com leaves Modern Warfare 2 buyers empty handed

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"Well, I'm guessing that that blinkered old idiot will live longer than you do, you tw@t. Games are great (I have been playing since Space Invaders was new in the arcades)., but need to be tempered with other activities. I can honestly say, that no matter how good the games are, even now, I have had much more fun doing other activities. The trouble with the current generation of hardcore gamers, is that because they NEVER try anything else, they don't realise this until its too late.

Go on, try something REAL. Like a real guitar, or a real race car, or a real gun (not against other people though!). All of which are much more fun in real life."

Now this is a person who I can respect. I was pretty annoyed when I wrote the first post so it didn't come across to well... First of all you don't knock games as a some medium for teens and actually play them yourselves but crucially all the things you list to do are actually fun to do.

The other person didn't seem to understand the appeal of games and listed a frankly lame list of alternatives apart from the all encompassing "go out".

Hope this clears things up I don't want to be seen as some hardcore elitist gamer or the polar opposite of that person in a bad way because I'm not.


Blinkered old idiot

A 31:

Welcome to the 21st century this isn't 1954 anymore. Just accept a lot of people would rather be playing games than meeting idiots like you preaching your ancient pastimes.

I bet in your old ,twisted and bitter mind you think that the only people who play games are either kids or white teenage males but face it Modern warfare two was the biggest first day entertainment release ever.

And seriously "go see a play".... LOL


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