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Lindsay Lohan sweeps Razzies

Matthew Stoltenberg
Paris Hilton

2007: quite a few bad movies

There were a lot more bad movies in 2007 than the razzies are giving credit for.

Billg quits Facebook

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Gates Horns


Facebook makes it a bit too easy it be someone's "friend". You only have to know someone's name to send a friend request. Bill Gates icon ftw!

BOFH: Beancounter bashing

Matthew Stoltenberg

The real moral to the story

is that Americans have it right in the way we number the floors in a building!

BOFH: Workplace accidents = 0

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Not nephew

They quit that place around the time of the y2k bug if I recall..

BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker

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125cc to 250cc

Not sure how it is on the British side of the pond, but over here there are no street bikes being sold that are between 125cc and 250cc. My 250cc is seen as tiny by my fellow riders.