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Extreme pr0n suspect has his internet access suspended


not retrospective

Indeed, but his possession is current.

British poshos outdrink chavs


Knee jerk legislation required

"Heavy drinking, by ONS standards, is a young person's game"

Won't someone think of the children...

Interpol chief questions body scanner rollout


Leave them alone

We will, as soon as they got off OUR land with all the oil under it.

Aussie man convicted for Simpsons smut


In the UK...

The law states that the person simply has to look under 18, the actual age is irrelevant.

Which suggests young looking porn stars could take the UK gov to the European courts for unfair restriction of trade.

Compulsory perv scanners upset everyone

Thumb Up


And we should have the same before we get on busses too.

And into taxis.

ACLU challenges US laptop border searches


Not exactly

This is wrong for two reasons:

1. They have been unable to search Americans as thoroughly as foreigners entering the country; this law changed that.

2. They have never been able to search your thoughts, or indeed your body without due cause, and there is an argument that a hard drive filled with private email, thoughts and writings are an extension of your mind.

Also, they have never been able to search a journalist's notes or private correspondence with confidential contacts, some of whom may be in the government, and that is now up for grabs too.

UK BitTorrent admin acquitted on fraud charge


The sueee becomes the suer

Why doesn't he sue the BPI for slander? Surely what they said, right after it had been proven in a court of law that he didn't, is actionable.

Tories: We will set up a permanent 'War Cabinet'


UK prices

We have to remove tax, then remove the income tax workers on our projects pay, then remove the benefits that we would expect some of those workers to claim, then, and only then, can we compare the prices from UK manufacturers to foreign ones.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the foreign product won't be better, which is whole different argument.

New Labour bring old Nuremberg Laws to Britain


On the other hand...

We can now enact all those stupid laws that were never taken off the statute books with no fear of prosecution such as being able to kill a Scot for carrying a bow and arrow within the city walls of York on a Sunday, or arresting a woman for kissing a man with a moustache and a million others.

European court pulls plugs on terror stop and search



This legislation has been almost exclusively used to search people for drugs and weapons.

Boys in blue caught breaking IT rules

Black Helicopters

Who cares?

It is the "appropriate use of the police national computer" that I am more worried about.

Outrageous new means of megastar demise spotted



Is that on the standard beetle fart scale or the more general insect fart scale?

Stella Artois augments iPhone reality



Bacause the idiots in this country (who drink Stella) don't recognise the difference between any European languages, as it says on the tin it's a continental lager.

Vatican awards self 'unique copyright' on Pope

Dead Vulture

Atheists don't kill each other?

Are you kidding? We do it all the time, just indirectly. When I say have a smaller state and let the poor rely on charity of others I am indirectly asking to allow poor people to die on the streets. If those poor are socialist and atheist then they want state help yet I have killed them for having a different branch of atheism than me.

All of which makes the atheist tag redundant, I killed them because they were socialist and I was a libertarian.

Headstone, just had to be.

Doing the maths on Copenhagen


Couple of points

A good article, but I'd like to mention a few things:

We are completely ignoring already produced CO2, admittedly a retrospective tax on countries that had industrial revolutions would be difficult. There has been enough CO2 to cause an expected 1.5C change over the next few decades even if we stopped all CO2 production now. This will cause damage to some regions, who pays for that?

If we are going to pay for the damage costs then we'll have to redistribute the taxes to those areas affected. As far as I can tell Copenhagen was more about transferring wealth to countries denied a fossil fuel industrial revolution rather than those that would require flood protection or food imports.

Another problem with the tax is the level to set it at. Since CO2 has a feedback effect it is incredibly important to estimate exactly how much CO2 would be produced at each tax rate. If this amount is slightly under then the damage caused will be much greater than the tax raised.

Yet another problem with the tax is that people might decide not to alter their behaviour regarding CO2 producing goods and cut back on other things. This could equally happen if we had an economic expansion (remember those?). The resulting CO2, while being paid for, would still cause the mass migrations, famines and floods that people are concerned about. While compensating those countries may be possible you can't compensate the dead.

Having said all that, the tax method is probably the best way to change people's behaviour.

The decrease in economic growth (and misallocation of resources) from legislated reductions in CO2 would cause plenty of death and suffering too - and that is never mentioned.

SF's rogue admin finally gets day in court


economies of scale

why not try Gary McKinnon alongside him?

Since Americans, or any member of the public, know nothing about IT they'll get the same justice anyway.

Internet and journos fertilise scrotum-ripping drug panic



We don't judge drugs based on 'facts' like harm, we judge drugs based on the expected moral outrage of newspapers.

Head-cam video used to OK Arkansas cop kill


A Man's Home Is His Castle

Why should the guy put down HIS gun inside HIS house. Seems to me the cops were stepping way over their authority. 2nd Amendment anyone?

Cartoon smut law to make life sucky for Olympic organisers


Bond (age)

The torture scene in Casino Royale, if extracted and placed along side other BDSM clips would be considred extreme porn and you could be prosecuted for owning it. And that is from a 12 rated film!

These new laws are shocking and a sure sign that we are living in a theocracy where our thoughts are being criminalised if they do not fit in with New Labour's moral ideals.

Should you lose your religion on your CV?


Logic and reason

If your religion is important to you please put it on your CV - I want to be able to weed you out.

I value someone who can evaluate the available evidence and come up with a reasonable working hypothesis. If you're religious you can't. End of.

EU agency runs rule over ID cards for online banking logins



Actually it may have been 'Keep The Aspidistras Flying" that I was thinking of.

Did the fact I didn't even use the Big Brother picture not maybe give away teh fact it was intentional?

Black Helicopters

When is Animal Farm becoming reality?

EU-wide ID card can be used to travel without the hassle of a passport. You can also buy stuff with it. To keep tabs on all potential terrorists we need an EU-wide police force that can keep track of all movement and purchases of citizens within the UK. They also have basic knowledge of where you are going when you leave the EU and where you return from, plus some sharing arrangements with other countries to track your external movements.

So we have an EU-wide police force, run ostensibly by the EU parliament, answerable to no-one and superceding national police forces.

I can't see any possible downside or abuses in this, can you?

India plans its own net snoop system


Indian IT

Wonder if they'll outsource it to the UK.

Kent Police exceeded powers in too-tall photographer case


Money, Money, Money

Okay, this is coming out of my pocket at some point, but unless we start seriously suing these organisations for illegally depriving innocent people of their liberty then they'll keep doing it.

Start handing out 6 figure judgments against them. Make it come out of their operational (including wages!) budget. Make cops turn against cops for doing bad things to the public. Increased crime stats in an area because operational cash went to compensation? Tough, stop doing things that cause you to pay compensation - i.e. keep within the law you purport to uphold.

Eat frozen food and avoid line-caught fish, says eco study



There was a guy who worked wonders with 2 fishes and 5 loaves.

He could sort you out a nice glass of wine for afters too.

Feral dromedaries besiege Oz Outback town


Middle East

They speak a different language there, Bruce.

Religious discrimination law may open door for decent deviants

Big Brother

3 major religions?

Judaism is a cult. It has too few followers to be considered major. Islam 1+billion, Chrisitianity 1+billion, Judaism 14+million.

What people do in their OWN time is no business of the employer, the government or anyone.

Newspaper story commenter to lose mask for teasing politico's son


How can you tell...

...how old anyone is on an internet forum?

The politician is derelict in her duty by not moderating what her son is doing and who he is chatting to online, but hoiw it the other user supposed to know what age the poster is?

Are there over 18 forums I can go to (not those ones, I'm already a member of those ones) so that I can flame whoever I like without fear, like I can pull any chick at an over-18's club without having to check her ID before dooing the doo (like Betty Boo)?