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Vodafone sticks universal mail in shredder

M Bison

Vodafone what are you up to

VF are turning into the lumbering beast many other networks are distubringly becoming, discontinuing service, making up info when you clal to enquire and when you do most operators have not got a clue - or care...

Sort it out VF - start being the company you claim to be....

Play.com leaves Modern Warfare 2 buyers empty handed

M Bison

Play spin doctors wont save them this time

"We would like to apologise to any of our customers who have experienced delays in receiving CoD:MW2. This title has been the largest single release in the history of gaming with over 1m units selling on the first day. With such huge number, a very small proportion of customers who pre-ordered the game have been affected and we are doing our utmost best to rectify the situation and quickly as possible."

What complete tripe - I'd reccomend any customers to head to shop.to or game.co.uk where the call centres are uk based and they acctually care about your custom - or more importantly actually deliver...

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Play constant failures

Well this comes of no surprise - I was in the same boat when after pre-ordering 4months in advance they let me down delivering DJ hero. So I bought the game from game.co.uk and as promised it was in store the next day ready to collect.

Play continually preaches about which.co.uk award this and online choice - if they win this year after all the c*ck ups you know it’s a fix...

I have been a customer for 9+years (over £5000 in purchases) enjoying the low prices and premier service which has now obviously been long forgotten....

Here I am 16 days after the game was supposed to be delivered still waiting for my £129.99 refund getting pushed from pillar to post by the poorly speaking CS staff they now employ...the best part was telling me "as a gesture of goodwill" they would refund my money as the delay for delivery had already been 11 days - how nice of them after I cancelled it 11 days prior..

For anyone in the same boat I'd recommend googling say 'no to 0870' as found the number listed gets you through to the Jersey/UK call centre not the lip service only proficient remote call centres...

Use shop.to or game.co.uk they are obviously the new kings in town.....


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