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Intune out of tune after an Android 12 update? Help's coming


The root cause is Google. They are not capable of updating Android without breaking backwards compatibility in many areas in almost every update, Android 12 being one of the more problematic updates. Its almost as though there is no real engineering input/controls into their release cycles.... oh wait, thats what customers are for.

Epic lawsuit's latest claims: Google slipped tons of cash to game devs, Android makers to cement Play store dominance


Yes they are + replacing them with a file format that only Google are able to sign (locking in even more), where developers have to hand over various digital keys for + that developers cannot actually test sensibly - e.g. cannot test directly from development device tethered to Android device without jumping through lots of hoops... i.e making sideloading very difficult for developers that vaguely know what they are doing let alone the general public.

Google: Linux kernel and its toolchains are underinvested by at least 100 engineers


Im sure I read something about workmen and their tools, maybe it was work-persons being tools - either way it appears the project got cancelled after a couple of weeks / months / yrs anyway so...

'Login infrastructure issue' blamed as sustained Xero outage threatens payrolls


Re: Xero - aptly named, methinks

Nope paper + XLS are not good enough any more - because its mandated that almost regardless of size (currently VAT threshold of 85K) you have to "Make Tax Difficult" which means its almost a legal requirement to use some kind of web based cloud accountancy package to comply.

Sorry, must have mistyped Make Tax Digital.

Apparently an XLS is too likely to go wrong, compared to the full blown accountancy package where apparently its not possible to make any kind of errors.

Google Play to require privacy labels on apps in 2022, almost two years after Apple


The primary problem developers face with this is we have little option but to use Andriod API in some form.

Google refuse to tell anyone exactly what their own code gets up to (the propriatory bits) + then decides its all the developers problem to resolve.

So where exactly is say Google Admob list of data items it slurps so we have half a chance of making a decision if such an SDK component is acceptable in our apps.

Or Google IAP Billing slurpage


Samsung, carriers tout first Tizen mobes for late 2013


Had to port HTML code...


Or is that just Orange being Orange?

Apart from that, with Samsung acting as app gatekeepers, you wont be getting many apps any time soon

Who's the world's largest tech firm?


Surely totally wrong..

There is no way this is correct, its just Samsung and/or HP publishing ridiculous figures to make them look good. Clearly Apple are the biggest, best, most fantastic. Why let a few facts get in the way - oh I know why.....

Orange sticks it to Ovi with on-device app store


Why bother indeed...

Having attended the Orange app store developer day, their app store:

i) its only containing app, not games - because games are not apps.

ii) its only going to have a maximum of 500 items in it - because 100,000 is too many - and yes this was questioned and very clearly restated. In fairness they did suggest 520 apps might not be out of the question. But no sensible answer if you had product 501/521...

iii) you have to deal with Orange - hope you like slow painful deaths

iv) it will contain brain games, because - ***** knows what logical reason.

v) brain games means only brain training games, not any other game type that might exercise your brain

vi) but its not going to contain games, only applications.

vii) Orange refuse to give any idea about the sort of reveune split - all that means is they will try and screw developers as much as they think they can get away with rather than being open/honest/forthright about it

I could go on for hours about how stupid the whole plan is but I imagine you get the picture....

T-shirt firm hijacks good ship Pirate Bay



Take that you pirates,

Surely they dont have a wooden leg to stand on, isnt everything supposed to be stolen in this utopian world of theirs?

Windows Mobe Marketplace sets its stall out


Why is this such a surprise...

Several reason why no apps:

i) developer s have to pay lots of $$ to even get an app listed. Want it listed in a second territory = more $, even if that territory speaks the same language and all your content is identical for that territory. Currently about 8 random territories just to cover English.

ii) after paying to have apps listed in other territories, the apps are frequently not actually listed.

iii) there is almost exactly zero support, other than from other developers.

iv) attempting to submit apps fails with arbitrary and random reasons in the portal.

v) apparently there are no muppets stupid enough to actully test any of the basic portal functionality - like spaces in file names, accepting comma delimited keywords...

vi) if you thought apple took a long time to approve apps, just try this


ad - infinitum

Its actually pretty hard to understand how the portal can be so bad, I mean you actually have to try very hard to deliberately put the sorts of bugs in the portal we all keep hitting.