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Symantec: Antivirus is 'DEAD' – no longer 'a moneymaker'


My Dad was frequently getting getting popups all over the screen while running chrome. A lot of the time they were preventing him seeing the page he was after, and an up to date Norton installation was happily claiming his machine was totally protected and running perfectly. It turned out to be browserfox/linkswift that somehow installed itself. How that doesn't qualify as malware is beyond me.

As a sidenote it was Ad-aware that finally nailed the culprit. I've finally managed to convince him to ditch Norton and just go with MSE.

Ex-NSA guru builds $4m encrypted email biz - but its nemesis right now is control-C, control-V


Re: Missing the point

Yup, this is snake oil. If you want to enable Alice and Bob to communicate securely, you don't start by giving Charlie keys.

USB 3.1 demo shows new spec well on its way towards 1.2GB/sec goal


if there were ever a cabling construct that was the work of the Evil One, it was SCSI.

And that's after you've sorted out all the bent pins and termination problems. I still have an unused UW SCSI card in my junk box, fortunately SATA, SAS and the lack of PCI slots in modern hardware have made it obsolete.

BBC's Digital Moneypit Initiative known to be 'pile of dung' for years


Hang on a minute...

So when Mark Thompson was holding a gun to the head of 6music over cost savings he could have saved far more by getting rid of yet another badly managed IT project? I guess I should act surprised at this point.

Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday


Aerospace closures

Please be aware that all the closure advisories so far have been couched in the following terms:

UK airspace will be closed/restricted until x:xx at the earliest etc.

That is not an estimated time for all air traffic to resume, it's the earliest time that the ash cloud could dissipate if a miracle happened.

Windows XP on netbooks to lose life support?


@Volker Hett

I think Asus gave up preinstalling linux, the cited reason was lots of complaints from customers about the different UI, lack of MS word, the strange browser, why doesn't my favourite desktop gadget/spyware load anymore etc. Either that or Microsoft made XP cheap enough to install without much extra charge.