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Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'


Re: Good ol' Google

That's what the OP's taxes are for.


Governments aren't serious about combatting tax avoidance

Isn't it interesting how governments have managed to shift the argument from "why do we need to pay so much tax" to "why aren't these corporations paying enough taxes". If the government was serious about this issue they would simplify the tax code by removing all the exemptions, tax breaks, tax credits, etc. A simple tax system based on revenue would get rid of all this nonsense. The US Supreme court ruled that corporations are people - If that's the case they should be taxed like people i.e. a tax on Gross income - simples.

Google 'dominance abuse' games may yet mean monster Euro smack


Read seobook.com for articles documenting Google's anticompetitive practices.

And watch this video.


Zuckerberg's 2012 personal income tax bill: $1.5 billion


Where is all the tax going?

Nobody seems to be asking why so much tax needs to be paid. Oh, yes that's right - for Ponzi schemes that are going bankrupt (i.e. Social Security/Welfare & Gold plated pensions for civil "servants"), Public Private Finance Initiatives in which the government gets totally ripped off by private companies and a free health system just about anybody from any part of the world can use. The solution is not in making companies and risk takers pay the same taxes as employees (i.e. people who take no risks) but in making the government more accountable for how it uses the taxes it currently collects. A fair taxation system would be something like this: any income below 20 000 is free of tax and any other income above 20 000 being taxed at 15% (regardless of source) and a land tax rate of 2%. With stiff penalties for tax evasion and avoidance. Simples...

Scroogle's future in doubt


And use what instead?

Name a viable alternative and I'm sure large numbers of people will switch...

Aussie pols want compulsory AV software and firewalls


Preotection required?

The only protection consumers need is from yet another big brother government initiative!

Wolfram Alpha given keys to the Bingdom


In the interests of balance

I hope Bing gains traction. Google is far too dominant in this arena and they're becoming a little too creapy in my opinion.


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