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Pentagon looks to revive Nazi space-bomber plan



Allied jet technology was no more than 2-3 years behind Germany (Gloster Meteor &c.). Also note that the Allies had an entire industrialised country available to produce munitions, thousands of miles away from any enemy threat, thereby practically guaranteeing an eventual Allied victory from the start.

German discipline/technological superiority was not *so* far removed from the level of the Allies. In the weeks up to Dunkirk, there was much more of a fight than people tend to realise.

Google Chrome OS to route print jobs around planet


Got to love

...how the GOOG lumps together every printer ever built under the name "legacy". There are no google cloud-infected printers yet. They are all "legacy".

Microsoft's Hotmail flicks finger at UK students



Apache being a well known email server!

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

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Great article

Lots of good ideas in this article; I agree with most if not all of it.

The problem with file-sharing reform is that it always has been, and always will be, impossible to regulate which precise sequences of bits and bytes are allowed to be sent down any particular wire; file-sharing will *never*, *ever* be stopped, regardless of the morality - it's simply impossible to consider otherwise.

I would be willing to pay a subscription for all-you-can-eat downloads or likewise, though.

2010: The year PC prices go up


Well, talking of low-end...

I just got me a Sun Blade 100 for £15 inc P&P off ye olde Ebay (upgraded from 256 to 2GB RAM for another £20); released in 1999, this trusty old workhorse with a 500 mHz Ultrasparc CPU is fast enough for pretty much *any* office use, even these days.

Wikileaks suspends ops to launch pledge drive


Would give them some hard-earned cash.

but they insist on using PayPal, that I'll have nothing to do with. Shame.

DVLA data powers likely to be abused by foreign officials


Oh noes

"So you accept that they can?... You don't seem to be disputing it anymore."

THAT is the sentence that marks you out as a conspiracy theorist. It's a giant flag of hilarious, but depressing crackpotism.

The internet has won. Move along, nothing to see here.

Hackers declare war on international forensics tool


"Illegal software"

The whole idea of "illegal software" is obviously flawed. Programs are sequences of 0s and 1s that cause computers to shift bits around in their RAM. _Criminals_ do illegal things, not streams of non-conscious data. (at least, I don't *think* that there are hyper-intelligent AIs capable of actively committing crimes yet *adjusts tin-foil hat*)

What ever happened to storing pics with electron cannons?

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More articles like this please.

Hackers free Snow Leopard from Jobsian cage


"update must be installed using the terminal utility"

What a boring thing to say... as if the main thrust of an article about, say the latest firefox release was that it "must be installed via a series of mouse clicks".

Intel settles with AMD for $1.25bn


Ha ha

I'm still only ever going to buy AMD chips, on principle, though.

(AMD & Intel chips are roughly equivalent in terms of value for money -- for a few months it may be Intel that has the advantage, then it goes back to AMD, and so on and so forth, so it's no big sacrifice).


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