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Bash on Windows. Repeat, Microsoft demos Bash on Windows

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I am surprised no-one has yet mentioned that if you add take the next char in the sequence VMS you get WNT; similar to if you take the previous char from the sequence IBM you get HAL.

Zuck'ed up: Facebook opens up free internet in India – but bans HTTPS

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but, but, but, ...

Anyone else noticed that the signup page is HTTPS only?

Microsoft changes cert test providers, hints at fun new exams

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Will they be worth it?

Ever since someone pointed out to me (after I spent 3 weeks over xmas studying) that the answers can be downloaded I stopped giving my own money to Microsoft (via whatever test centre I was using at the time) for what I then considered to be a valueless piece of paper (the little enamel badge may have some recycle value). I still use the study materials on occasions as well as other online materials when working with new tech but I doubt I will give my(*) money to them again; the damage has been done. When interviewing we will give them a 1-on-1 coding session if they want to look something up via google they can (I do), I want to know how they think not what great memories they have for a piece of obscure/obsolete technology - anyone remember DataSets?

(*) if my employer wishes to waste their money then that is up to them.

WinPhone's Halo hottie Cortana to hit desktop in next Windows – report

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Prior Art

Sorry but any patents based on anything I have already seen on TV (StarTrek/DrWho/Blakes7/Babylon5/FireFly/...) or read in a SciFi book should be considered to have prior art. To be patented, shouldn't it be a novel idea; not an idea plucked from a novel?

Also couldn't Cortana be seen as the next evolution of the much 'luved' Clippy...

Bitcoin blockchain allegedly infected by ancient 'Stoned' virus

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Many Monkey theorem

I wonder how long it will be before the works of Shakespeare start to crop up?

You THINK you're watching your LG smart TV - but IT's WATCHING YOU, baby

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So the server returns a 404 - does that mean there is no application or an application that stores the data and then returns a 404?

The Register lands in Australia

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Re: You missed the point.

I agree, I was going to suggest "Rego", though of course that term is already in use for car registration.

Ludicrously lucky teen survives spear through brain

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Re: First rule of weapons handling:

My friend had a "gun" dog that as soon as he picked up a rifle/shotgun would move like lightning to his owners left leg; we were convinced it had seen enough of what happened to things the "business" end had seen to and it was determined not to be one of them.

Damn it, where’s our NBN scandal?

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Re: Strewth!

And your point is...?

The Register has a strong Oz contingent, largely to all us IT Poms who happen to have abandoned "Good Ol' Blighty" to the land Down-Under. And we want our NBN as Broadband out here is expensive so we might as well have a fast connection for the privilege.

Parallel import argument turns toxic in Oz

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Serial numbers...?

Come on folks... What if I buy a camera in the UK (which I have) and then move to another country (which I have) are they now saying I can't update my firmware because I am now in another location? I suspect not and because of this scenario of legitimate purchase they will not be able to distinguish that from the so called grey import case. FUD at its best.

Facebook vows 'consequences' for extreme porn scammers

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The only spam I saw was all the messages (on people's walls) telling me about the spam. Not that they realised for this to happen they had to click on the link and therefore be the creator of their own problem.

Security by obscurity not so bad after all, argues prof

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Nothing here to see folks, move along, move along....

Defense in depth...

...make it hard(er) for someone to breach your defenses and hope they go and find easier pickings elsewhere.

TomTom Oz to repeat Netherlands data sale

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Big Brother

TomTom Oz is useless for speed data

I got a TomTom for Xmas - pointless when it comes to speed data even on Major routes like the Monash and Princes Highway (and I know as I drove all the way to Sydney and back from Melbourne)

VicRoads have such a chaotic speed scheme that the TomTom is usually telling me I can go faster than I actually can or that I am speeding even though I am at the right speed limit. Maybe when VicRoads get the data they'll be able to correct these anomalies and the TomTom will be useful for this type of information - currently only useful for navigation

MS now issuing security advisories about third-party Windows bugs

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'bout time too

I suspect these vulnerabilities are now being exploited en-masse and MS want to make sure that people apply the fixes; the fact patches were issued doesn't mean they have been applied.

Telstra stirs NBN pot with 4G/LTE deployment announcement

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Clacks anyone?

As soon as I heard this announcement all I could think of was the Clacks 'upgrade' announcement from Terry Pratchett's Going Postal; coincidentally the TV adaptation of said book was shown on Aussie TV just a few days previously.

"The aim of business is not to provide the best service, it is to provide the only service" - Reacher Gilt (Terry Pratchett, Going Postal)

PS. I didn't care much for the adaptation.

Britain needs meat trimmers and boners, not techies

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Of course there is not shortage - employers wouldd just like a glut of IT staff to help drive down wages.