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What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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Re: M$

That's what I always call them, I have to slow down when I'm writing a work email about it so I don't write it there.

Abracadabra! Tales of unexpected sysadmagic and dabbling in dark arts

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Re: The Doctor is in...

I may have to copy that...

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I had the mallet..

I was the one with the mallet. Knowing the hardware we had would occasionally not boot due to a bios issue (updating would fix). I knew pulling the power for a few seconds and then booting would remedy the issue, but I decided to make it a little more elaborate and funny by using the mallet then making 'Timmy' put it back and get it back up and running.

Sole Equifax security worker at fault for failed patch, says former CEO

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“It did not help that hurricane Irma took down two of our larger call centres in the early days after the breach,” he said.

Hurricane Irma was in September, the breach was discovered in July. Sounds like he is trying to use any excuse he can to make it sound like it was beyond their control.

Microsoft calls Intel's Windows 8 comments 'inaccurate'

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Windows 8 - Viva la Windows

come on, the longer they allow backwards compatibility the longer you can use your old printers, scanners, games, software, etc. It makes "sense" to make everything require new hardware with the new software that way everyone makes more money off your "top of the line" setup that's 2 months old.

lol gotta love M$ always living up to their name.

Looking at 2 of my systems:

2ghz cpu, 2gb ram, Windows XP Pro: Handles 1 user freezes regularly

3ghz cpu, 1gb ram, Ubuntu 10: i've had a total of roughly 5 shell users, 100 remote users, 1 local user. never lagged. local user was using it as a desktop for proper tests (streaming video etc)

Dirty PCs: How much filth can you take?

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Gates Horns


Ok i have seen a lot of dust and gunk in pcs over the years. But seriously? Cobwebs? thats a first. Couldn't have been running (or at least if it was left in a basement)

Moms stand firm against antenna madness

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It gets better

besides all of their "knowledge" about this. the contact us page is a form to sign up for their newsletter (and if you do sign up, only did because i really wanted to leave them a msg, if you select text only it still uses html tags just sent as plain text)

and even though they use the website domain to send you the emails all responses are sent to an @aol.com account. these people are "on top of there game" with this one

Microsoft admits Mac was Windows 7 muse

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Wow really?

So basically they are going for the retards of the computer world for users. So yeah a better GUI is the right area. But lets see... a base off of a *nix os or a base off of vista. While i HATE macs. The base is better in the original setup. Not saying mac kept it safe and stable but a much stabler start at least.

Same point. Both systems are good for certain things. Windows if you wanna play games. Mac if you wanna play with crayons. and *nix if you wanna actually work.

Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman

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obviously they are complaining because they don't get the same enjoyment. Sorry my girl is loud and i love every second of it. Sorry 1 hour isn't all that bad and it isn't constant (close but not quite) while yes i will agree they could invest in some soundproofing. SO SHOULD THE NEIGHBORS. I have to say i would fight tooth and nail to keep my right to have my girl be as loud as she wants/needs. If they were blaring a stereo i could understand. But the love between two people is a completely different subject.

At the same point. Written in the constitution is we have the DUTY to stand up to a government that goes too far and tries to control too much. But we can't make love because there is a law it happens to cross? isn't that going a little far?


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