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Built-in LG smartphone app created data hack risk

Tim 7

Has anyone else

In Apps/All menu the date of the apps on my phone go from 6/1/1970 to 28/02/1970 and 1/10/1970

Yes 1970

I did not think I have had the phone that long must be a record.

Guess who filed most Euro patents in 2014? Yep, still Samsung

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My workmate wants to sue you after falling off a ladder answering his phone.

US Army's new $0.5bn British airship will fly 'mid-next summer'

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Re target practice

This is a spy ship ! how many shots would you get off before being B52'ed into atoms?

Quickening satellite quickens pulses at ESA

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The spacecraft did not speed up but the earth slowed down . Didn't they just alter the clocks to compensate ?

MS home server users hit by Windows Live Custom Domains snafu

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Mine is fine

Have the plank's saying Whs is a crock actually used it ?.

I have and I know a lot of others who have including a great grandmother in her seventy's (I build and install oem systems ) For the price it's great , Cheaper than an xp pro with auto backup .it's small bis server 2003with ten cal's .

This allows granny to share family photos & videos around the world without messing with email etc.

Don't even think of mentioning the bird OS with it's su ,etc crap it just makes an easy job a pita.