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UK's first stealth jumpjet rolls off line – but we don't want it

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Viable, yes, 100% suitable maybe not.

Whilst I don't disagree that there have been balls-ups a plenty at the MOD, especially when it comes to the carriers and aircraft I have to disagree that we have no viable air force or naval air presence.

Have we not just finished a 7 month air campaign in Libya as well as ongoing operations in Afghanistan and deployments in Falklands, Cyprus etc. Yes the Libya and Afghanistan operations could have had better and more suitable equipment but it was still viable by the very fact it happened/is still happening.

Plus the MOD provides the most crucial of air roles with regard to the first role of any government, ie the protection of its citizens, through with the defence of UK air space using Typhoons based at Leuchars and Coningsby.

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To be used??

So are these three planes actually going to be used by RN/RAF pilots, sit in a hanger gathering dust or be sold off to the US or other military??

Galaxy Tab case tweaked to evade Germany ban

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Oil Slick??

Will be interesting to see if this works but it does beg the question of why they didn't just go for a different design in the first place.

Plus without them admitting and fixing the infamous oil slick problem with the screen once and for all I can't see it increasing market share. If they expect people to pay iPad prices then they've got to match Apple's (possibly imagined) build quality.

I almost bought one a few months back before reading up about the issue and looking elsewhere, don't want to pay £400 for a device which has a 40% chance of having a defect and all the hassle involved in return etc. Heck even the display model in Currys Digital down the road had the issue a few weeks back! They just turned it off but doesn't look good for Samsung or Android tablets in general.

Thankfully whilst was I delaying buying one the Transformer Prime appeared on the scene so now going to hang on for one of them instead!

PSP owners must pay to port games to PS Vita

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Fail here we come??

Does Sony not understand the current situation in the games market? Does it want the Vita to fail? IMHO the cards are already stacked against the Vita due to the massive increase in phone gaming and this just sounds like another thing that will put people off buying the Vita.

Yes I know games on phones aren't comparable for sheer grunt but casual gamers already having a decent mobile device that can play games well enough plus the constant increase in living costs and looming global downturn and depressed jobs market will make the Vita another purchase to many.

This isn't the early 2000s, nevermind the 1990s when if you wanted to play games on the move then a mobile console was the only option. We all now have decent 'computers' already in our pockets with a possible tablet/iPad, an ebook reader and/or a laptop to cart around and a mobile console is just too much IMHO.

I'm a PS3 owner and fan of Sony but I can't see myself getting a Vita except to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss and even then once it's finished will probably sell it due to money being tight and just not needing yet another device to complement the ones I've already got that do most of the same tasks.

Best Buy to shutter all UK megastores

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Obviously its a shame for the workers and hopefully they'll get positions over at CPW but when the first store opened last year I remember people questioning if it was a good move.

If they'd opened early to mid 2000's they might have had a chance but combine the recession and ever increasing online sales and it was only a matter of time.

Heck thanks to it's primarily geek consumers will technology will be the first market to go to 100% online sales in the next decade? Seems there's only space for one technology 'retailer of desperation' for those purchases that can't wait a few days for delivery plus selling to non-geeks and DSG have had it tied up for years.

Europe welcomes Dell's Mac Mini Zino HD

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Noise levels?

The key thing will be how noisy it is. The obvious market is HTPC's but too noisy and it'll fail.