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Mac OS X Lion debuts in July as $29.99 upgrade

Guy Randall

@largeduck - Updating his machines

Since when will PowerMacs be getting access to Lion or the apple store. Maybe you mean Mac Pro's? PowerPC support stopped at 10.5 (Leopard).

Have a great day! I myself am feeling a bit of a pedantic iFanBoi this morning!

Paris Hilton website violated by Trojan-spreaders

Guy Randall

On her face of it...!

Like website, like owner!

IT angle> Her website got violated through sloppy security.

Paris angle> She didn't have a career until her security got sloppy on video! Only with two different men though! <cough>

<Dons coat while texting 17,000 taxi firms...

iPhone apps selling like hot cakes

Guy Randall

GTA made me do it!!!!

People wasting time flaming about things that don't matter are all cu*ts!

Stop! 'cause I wish they all would!

Apple on the lookout for one million unlocked iPhones

Guy Randall
Paris Hilton

You pays your money and makes your choice

Hello fellow readers.

No I don't wear gucci loafers or black turtlenecks or drink starbucks, but I do own an iPhone.

For the record the best Mobile 'Phone' I have ever owned was a Nokia 6310i (which I wished they would reintroduce), but the best multimedia/email/phone/web browser I have ever used is the iphone. Why because it works, yeah it sometimes a bit slow and occasionally it seems to hang, but no more than any other handset I have ever owned. Is any other handset worth paying this much for. Not that I have found so far!. It is the only phone that I can take music/Movies/photos/email on the road with that also synchronises to my outlook and dot mac email account (out of the box and ready to use in 10 minutes). Yes! so it perfectly fits my needs and I am happy. Even paying £35 a month, my blackberry 7230 used to cost me more.

If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club, if not naff off and stop saying I shouldn't have mine.

Paris, because she is better looking than either Steve or Bill and you'd rather spend time with her than a penguin or that amanfrommars fellow.


Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'

Guy Randall

Re: See the smoke?

At the end of the day, if you buy any of the apple machines you have a machine that will run just about any OS you choose.. Have you ever run xp 64bit on a fully beefed Mac Pro.. I have and I can tell you it smokes like a ferrari at the hands of Michael Schumacher..

Good day all - Remember horses for courses, everyone is different e.t.c.

Peace out! Taxi!

Greenpeace admits iPhone 'compliant' with Euro chemicals rules

Guy Randall

Just in Time for Mac Expo in London

Amazing.... How do we know the MacLiveExpo is coming around again?

Simple, Greenpeace are up in arms about something Apple have done again and they want to make a point. And this time they are serious... wait hang on....

"Ah!.... No... False alarm everyone, now why are we going to the MacLiveExpo.... Must remeber to not piss off the other stall holders again.."

On a side note perhaps we need to start telling children not to suck their headphone cables.... TAXI!



BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker

Guy Randall

RE: Data Protection

No but the DVLA can just match up the registered owners details to the Driving licence photo library....