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Hunt: We'll slightly inconvenience pirate sites


Whats this?

Did they not get the memo? The War on Piracy is over - and you fella's lost.

The War was over 10 years ago when regular folk could choose from competing P2P networks like Gnutella, G2, Bittorrent, DC, Overnet, eDonkey, FastTrack and others and freely share music, video and software. Things have advanced much further since then. Everything is streamed live at the consumers convenience.

An entire generation has grown up, saturated with media to consume - thousands of tv channels, radio stations and free sources for software. There is no going back. Legislation cannot revert society back to the old model. The paradigm shift was triggered by technology, but the philosophy is driven by the people. The value of media must be re-evaluated, and business must adjust to operate in the new model.

Twitter on a ZX Spectrum

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Dragon 32 stuff

In my loft is a boxed dragon 32 + 5" 1/4 floppy drive and the Trojan Light Pen! I remember an awful game called Klingons(?). Ahhh the memories :)

So many Dragon owners on el reg, good to see.

Google open-video codec goes experimental

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patent done

there is a patent on patent trolling iirc,

Burger van busted offering free takeaway porn


its driff

just a normal night out in driffield...

iPhone manufacturer to shutter China factories



I wonder if the workers get this publications paper on site?

Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5


oh camino baby

El reg now does Apple tech support? Did Apple transfer its QA department to ipads only?

And no Camino love?

Apple bans competing ads from the iPhone


apple haters?

"So they would prefer a device where it's a free for all, where they then have to install additional programs to block companies spying on them in order to try and sell them something."

People like freedom of choice. Freedom for developers to do as they like, freedom for users to decide what is acceptable to them. I don't own any of their portable devices. I do have a mac keyboard though. This is another example of control and lock-in, setting Apple up as the master of their platform like how Microsoft tried-and-succeeded in being the master of Windows in terms of office productivity.

Mozilla man blasts Apple and Google for HTML5 abuse



Instead of blocking access to other browsers, they could of just put up a message saying they recommend Safari for the demo as that is what they tested it on. Instead of stretching the truth they could of said its not just purely HTML5 in the demo. Of course, everybody is ignoring the fact he saved his real anger for Google, who fully deserve it for their spin.

As for IE, I'm looking forward to 9, but I won't be using HTML5 for another 2 years or more.

China net addicts' great escape foiled by taxi drivers



lol - that's all I have to say.

Microsoft starts Office Web Apps roll out


Comparable to GDocs

Word worked fine me in SRWare Iron 4, tested most of the options. I like the greater choice in font/typeface, perhaps Google could get feature parity in this respect.

Apple's HTML5 'standards' hype debunked


taking your Q on the face of it

The next set of standards will allow developers to drop the flash plugin for video players, audio players, complex animation, 3D graphics and even the plugin itself (I've seen Javascript RENDERED flash - authored by an Ads agency).

Top 500 supers – The Dawning of the GPUs


Old tech right this way...

Having checked out the bottom 50 of the list, I'd be happy with any of them. Any volunteers for postage...?

iPeds, iRobots, and the Chinese iPad clone machine

Jobs Horns


The e7001 actually looks quite good from the video overview. Archos will have a tablet out soon with similar specs, but it wont have feature parity with the e7001. The market is certainly getting more interesting now people are beginning to realise Apple might not be the one-true-way™

Facebook European privacy head named peer



Would that include the new Green MP for Brighton?

Microsoft, 'open' data, and the curse of open source



Despite being a big fan of Ubuntu, I completely agree. This is poor editing/reporting.

(I also like Fedora & SuSE)

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 embraces - yes - HTML5

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1 step forward

Well IE9 will still need to prove itself in terms of security, and Microsoft will be judged on their response time to vulnerabilities. However this is good news, not for today or tomorrow, but the distant future.

Googlephone sales top, um, 135,000


fair sales

Chrome wasn't really pushed into the marketsphere initially either, but it's doing well for itself today. Google play the long game, I don't really see this as signs of failure, more like typical Google strategy. Demand is there, and it will grow.

Bloated Office 2010 kicks dirt in face of old computers


Anyone else?

When Google Docs/OO.o don't cover my tasks, I install Office 2000. Not touched it in 3 years, but my copy is here ready.

Three more quit over Nutt sacking

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Spin is the order of the day

If you check Dr. Evan Harris's blog he completely destroys the comments (read: lies) the Home Secretary made in Parliament. Alan needs booting out quicker than you can say sexed up dossier. The Drug war is failing everybody. Minor tweaks to the classification system won't send a message to anybody. Time in jail does not concern recreational drug users. This government is half way out the door I just wish it was going to be replaced by Lib Dems rather than Cameron's playboys.