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BT doles out measly 2GB to customers in Dropbox-alike BT Cloud


It depends...

...on the broadband package. I have 50GB storage...

iPad 3 benchmarked


If you're interested...

...this is probably the most comprehensive article you're going to find on the subject prior to anyone actually getting their official hands on a unit:


Ten... stars of the Consumer Electronics Show


Is that it...?

So we're looking at a couple of laptops, a couple of TVs, an acknowledgement that they've messed up with the current one, a toy, a flying thing and something that'll never be made.


Asus Tegra 3, Android 4 tablet priced up for Brits



I think that's a "it's not out yet, so we'll make some money on pre-orders" price. Won't surprise me if it drops to around £500 once Amazon et al get hold of it (32GB with keyboard).

Rumours are that the iPad 3 will be out a couple of months later, though...hmmm...decisions, decision...

Ice Cream Sandwich


All current (2011) Sony [Ericsson] Xperia phones are getting ICS. I'm not a die hard SE fan by any means, but since the farce with the X10, they actually seem to have listened to customers and are now producing (IMHO) some great phones with a decent upgrade path.

My neo had 2.3.3, now has 2.3.4 and will have 4.0 some time in the near(ish) future.


M-Audio Keystation Mini 32



...if you're after a copy of Sibelius First then this is a very cheap way of getting hold of it.

AVID (who now appear to own both Sibelius and M-Audio) flog Sibelius First for ~£120 directly, or you can buy the Mini 32 with full Sibelius First thrown in from around £55 (e.g. Amazon, Thomann). No-brainer really...

Sony Ericsson signals Xperia X10 Gingerbread update


As you were...

From the Product Blog:

Clarification regarding Gingerbread upgrade for Xperia X10


As some of you have seen we have communicated on www.sonyericsson.com that the Gingerbread software update for Xperia X10 is available. Unfortunately that information was a bit too premature. The launch is imminent and timing according to plan but we just need some more days before we can push the button. Please stay tuned here on the product blog where we will notify you as soon as the first software kits start to roll out.

Also, please note that there is a lot of false commenting and posts impersonating Rikard Skogberg. Please respect the guidelines so that we can continue to have an open spirit and direct dialogue on this forum.

Any new information regarding Sony Ericsson software updates will always be communicated as a blog post, not in the comments field.

We will shortly introduce to you the two new bloggers that will carry Rikard’s torch during his absence.

Best Regards

Mattias Holm

Head of Product PR



From the SE product blog:

"Will you upgrade the XperiaTM X10 mini, mini pro and XperiaTM X8 to 2.3?

No, we have no such plans. We have had to prioritize our resources and have therefore focused on delivering the upgrade to XperiaTM X10."

No Gingerbread snack for Desire owners, says HTC


Glad they're going to Samsung...

...cos the last thing we need is more people venting this kind of frustration on Sony Ericsson forums...

[still patiently waiting for Gingerbread update for X10]

Go SMS Pro


Sticking with Handcent for now...

Last time I tried Go SMS Pro, it didn't support basic functions like "Don't convert SMS to MMS" (for those of us who send long SMSs but don't have free MMS on our contract), and it wouldn't break out SMSs sent to more than one person into separate threads. For me, that's enough to put me off the App, despite all the other stuff which is really excellent.

Apple refuses frozen iPhone repair


"...while the Sony Ericsson X10 reckons it's tough enough to play Angry Birds at -10 at least..."

...but never on anything above Android 2.1 'cos SE have a new phone out to focus on so forget about all the X10 owners...

OK, off topic, I'll leave...mine's the one with the 10 month old £500 handset that SE have given up on in the pocket...

Opera for iPhone: The review


Wi-Fi use is fine...

Settings -> Advanced -> Protocol -> HTML

Sony Ericsson Android phone caught on camera

Thumb Down

...after all this time...

Had my X1 for over a year now, and after 3 updates, they still haven't solved the stuttering when the panels rotate - looks like they're starting the X10 where they left off with the X1. Wonder if they'll manage to fix it with this one.

@Shane McCarrick - X1 will never get WinMo 6.5:


(but the guys at xda-developers.com have cooked up some 6.5 roms if you really must have it)

HP, Dell punters furious over Windows 7 upgrade delays


...and Mesh

At least most of you actually got the upgrade voucher. My Mesh PC was delivered with a photocopied note saying that they'd run out of vouchers and I would receive mine by registered post as soon as they got more in.

I've chased twice. They're just blaming Microsoft and have told me that the upgrade scheme runs until 10th February 2010 and I'll definitely get my upgrade before then.

I've stopped holding my breath now...and reboot...


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