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LightSquared squares off against GPS worriers


most telescope arrays are in "no transmit" areas

And have explicit protection from the frequency regulator in that country. Also, sensitive arrays tend to be built in metal enclosures dozens of feet high to shield them from surrounding RF noise - after all the telescope only needs to worry about the sky, and a fairly small window of that at a time (since the planet keeps spinning!)

Fit your old MacBook Air with turbo flash, bitchslap the new ones


$1580 for the 480Gb

http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/internal_storage/Mercury_Extreme_SSD_Sandforce/Solid_State_Pro freshly updated explosive pricing

Vodafone shares subscriber info with world+dog


haven't been on Vodamoan for 6 years yet

one of my older email address aliases is still shown - which has recently been getting spam for the first time ever. Thank you Vodaspam.

iTunes disses doctorates


If you let in the Dr.s then...

you probably have to have the Profs, Revs, Right Revs and more...

I did notice this iTunes change last week when rolling out a new iPhone to some scientists at work - not my choice - if I had my way they'd be getting Androids, but FruitCo Marketing has obviously worked and too many decision makers think that the only toy to have is an iPhone.

Business guru tries to silence bloggers over 'misleading' mailshot


hmm got one of these too...

filed it in my "which idiot do I know who would send me crap like this" pile with a few suspects to pester - didn't bother to google but now have and maybe it's time to resurrect my blog too just for the hell of it :)

Lights out management - still waiting for the bulb to glow


Spiceworks is it....

Funny how about 2 paragraphs in I was chanting "Spiceworks, Spiceworks, Spiceworks".... and the author appears to hit on it based on his last sentence!

Definitely the tool to go for and priced where we like it - FREE!

T-Mobile Pulse mobes still don't do 3G


Had a similar issue with Nexus One on T-Mobile PAYG

And the issue there was T-Mobile sent out the incorrect APN settings - which should be "general.t-mobile.co.uk"

Should we be encrypting backups?


Decades old tape restore

Having been through the challenge of trying to recover data off old tapes, encryption would have been the least of my worries... challenge number one was finding a drive to load the tape into - anyone say Quarter Inch Cartridge? How about 1 inch open reel?

As early as 3 years ago I finally had permission to destroy open reel tapes dating back into the early 80's. The company management was not interested in the technicalities of tape echo, magnetic decomposition or the tangible "we don't have a drive to read it" - they just wanted to know the backups existed.... and it was the IT department's problem to restore if necessary.

Adding hardware based encryption most likely means locking into a vendor, and hoping that vendor maintains backward compatibility and actually remains in business so that when that 10 year old backup is required you'll have kit to access it.

Similarly for software encryption - backward compatibility is a must, and may lock in a vendor or two to your solution. It was bad enough with my last real disaster recover (fire) that finding an OLD enough copy of ArcServe proved to be the challenge to restore some legacy data.

iPad queues worldwide


Would you keep an iPad

if you won it in a competition, at a tradeshow or were given it by a vendor?

How insulting would getting one as a birthday present be?

Probably the only way I would get one would be if I wasn't parting with my own hard earned cash :))

HP, Dell punters furious over Windows 7 upgrade delays


HP Win7 Upgrade pain

Just bought 6 new HP dx2420 machines last week with the promise of Windows 7, direct from hp.com.

The upgrade site is outsourced to Arvato Bertelsmann, and it appears that they only receive the serial numbers sold from HP's back office systems A FEW DAYS after the goods have arrived - as I had the frustrating "Product not entitled to Windows 7 upgrade" error. Their UK phone number 08715000764 appears to go into an infinite redirect loop... and the alternative 0018773568045 gave me a french accented IVR after which I gave up on waiting for an agent after 15 minutes...

Finally have managed to order my Windows 7 upgrades - you can only order 5 at once, so I need to still do a SEPARATE transaction for PC number 6. HP fail to tell you that this upgrade will cost you £21.99 PER PC for the shipment of the DVD + License. This is quite a ripoff when ONE copy would make me happy, and an email of 6 keys - all of which should be able to be done for under a tenner.

Come on HP! Stop trying to emulate Dell's tactics in ripping off the (small biz) consumer...

Also, surely Microsoft should be brought to task on the always flaunted "free" upgrade if you buy an old OS within 90 days of a new OS shipment?