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The bigger they get, the harder we fall: Thinking our way out of cloud crash


Re: Much as I hate buzzwords and compounds,

I'll just leave this here:



by Pitchblender January 15, 2013

Once fully experienced, it is probably, an obviously striking portmanteau!

How to build a starship - and why we should start thinking about it now


Re: "it's just engineering"

The have mutant goats with spider genes. These are milked for spider silk. Its called BioSteel. Not sure its strong enough for an elevator!!

Don't put that duffel bag full of cash in the hotel room safe


Re: Wheel barrows

Don't tell me the same fella smuggled Donkeys!

Like frozen burgers, 'Bigfoot' DNA samples have a touch of horse


I left the window open

Sorry, about the Panserbjørne.

You're fired: Lord Sugar offloads faded PC builder Viglen to XMA


Re: Alan Sugar...

I quite like the thought of Claude Littner losing his job and going for new job interviews.

If I was his prospective new employer and the boot was on the other foot. It would be steel toe caps and a right good kicking!

Sega’s Out Run: Even better than the wheel thing


Re: My favourite arcade game

It would have been too much for the Acorn Electron. The only driving game I remember was Overdrive and it had no bends. Though the Ancient Romans would have loved it!

Brit ISPs ordered to add more movie-streaming websites to block list


Re: Don't even need to find a proxy

The block list is like official government recommendation that a site is not just a malware pit of doom but actually has some worthwhile content. I would never of have heard about most of the sites without the list.

Play Elite, Pitfall right now: Web TIME PORTAL opens to vintage games, apps


Re: There are worse games than ET

I would rather bury myself in the New Mexico desert, than play ET again!

Acorn’s would-be ZX Spectrum killer, the Electron, is 30


Christmas 1983.

I agree that the Electron would have been a lot more successful if they had produced sufficient quantities before Christmas 1983. To me, this was the time everyone upgraded their Atari 2600's and Intellivisions. My parents waited hours outside an independent computer shop in Edgware ( a few miles from my home) to get an Electron for Christmas. Other parents found it far more convenient to get a C64 which were available everywhere. Went back to school and I was the only kid with an Electron. However, I loved it and it lasted me until an Amiga 500 upgrade.

Chinese firm applies for 'Edward Snowden' trademark


Re: The Edward Snowden Car

The Assange car has been recalled back, due to problems with it's rubber seals.

Kodak's new life to begin in September


Re: Sad Kodak Moment

The Kodak coming out of Chapter 11 is presently Kodak Commercial Imaging and is mainly concentrating on commercial printing. i.e. Food packaging and traditional newspaper stuff. Kodak tech will even start printing The Sun newspaper. It actually sounds quite interesting with individualised copies being produced.

The Traditional Personal Imaging and Document Imaging divisions have been sold to the UK employees pension fund. They will no longer make the Kodak inkjet printers but will continue with the ink for the time being. This business will still make photographic paper and provide document imaging solutions.

The Kodak Digital Camera's and I now see Binoculars/Telescopes in the latest Argos catalogue. I believe are produced by 3rd Parties paying to use the brand name.

Marketing guff:

In this latest application, beginning in early August, readers of The Sun will be able to collect special codes that will be printed on papers daily using the PROSPER S30 Imprinting Systems. These unique printed codes will unlock one month’s worth of access to The Sun’s digital content.

Digital printing capability also enables other exciting applications, such as addition of late-breaking news and photos, late sports scores, geographically targeted content, interactive advertisements, gaming or lottery applications, personalized social media links, and much more. Kodak experts can help newspaper publishers around the world design a solution that meets the needs and reading habits of their specific audiences.

Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying


Baby, take off your coat, real slow.

...................................................................you can leave your hat on.

Bitcoin gets a $100 haircut on rollercoaster trading run


Re: Where's the value?

"Well the USD, GBP and most currencies are backed by their countries armies, some of them have nukes."

I understand how a countries armies can at the last resort, force the taxpayer and future generations of taxpayers to exchange their labour resources to back\cover the debt of a currency. However nuking them would be a bit counter productive.

Chinese game addict MURDERS girlfriend after she leaves him


The murder was down to the temptation of credit cards and cheap credit. I blame the bankers!

Egyptian navy captures divers trying to cut undersea internet cables


Re: Prison will do them good

After watching The Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis. It appears a tough stint in an Egyptian prison changes their attitude alright! Dehumanising prisoners appears to create monsters, ala Sayyid Qutb and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Movie, TV ads annoying? You ain't seen nothin' yet


Thanks for the heads up.

This will save me any confusion in the future. When wondering why celebrities only have slightly better cars and kitchen units, than mine while watching MTV Cribs.

Boffins implant almost-cellphone in the BRAIN

Big Brother

Re: The original for this tech dates from the late 1960s

mmm..interesting....now, if I can only incorporate these technologies in with those google goggles. I could roll it out to the general populace on the pretense of protecting against peodophiles and terrorists by zapping their unhealthy thoughts, when viewing young girls and guns. I could then also stimulate their emotions positively every time I appear on TV.......this time next year, I could rule the world!

Incoming comet will probably miss Mars, says NASA



It's followed by a spaceship scheduled to pick up those Heaven's gate members.....oh wait

Samsung's next smartphone to scroll by watching your eyes


Could be a nuisance browsing here. Roll eyes = go back to first ElReg comment.

BOFH: Climb the corp ladder - and use your boss as a bullet shield


Re: Title

I started off in workstation local support\helpdesk with Windows 3.11 machines and I now work with server services (Windows 2008R2, Vmware, Netapp, etc) and my official title has never changed in 15 years from 'Information System Technologist'. I still feel a little embarrassed whan I have to write it on a form.

Is world's first space tourist Dennis Tito planning a trip to Mars?


Re: Definately Possible

Simple solutions: Special steak tartare now on the menu. Bring out the 'Capricorn One' set from mothballs and start auditioning bald actors.

Bees use 'electrical sixth sense' to nail nectar-stuffed flowers


Re: Bees not as amazing as Australian face flies.

I am suprised you use Aerogard down under. You must have a faulty cork hat.

Wind-up bloke Baylis winds up broke, turns to UK gov for help


Re: broke?

I can't beleive he is broke in any normal sense of the word. He was never off the TV during the 90's. I like Trevor Bayliss and even sent him one of my feeble invention ideas, years ago when he was presenting from the shed on the Big Breakfast Show. His C.V. must make him employable, even if it's after dinner speeches. Jesus! if he is really broke then what the hell has he been smoking!

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it


Re: @RAMChYLD NO problems with old Samsungs

Germans have built both Trabants and Mercs. Car building quality, like technology, has nothing to do with the actual Nation or ethnic mix of the workers. Japansese cars built by Brits a case in point.

Customer service rep fired for writing game that mocks callers


I would send a message of support " I feel your pain, buddy"

but I fear the ....................I am not your buddy, Sir............response.

(TBH it's a passive aggressive pet hate of mine that really gets me goat. ..Old joke alert!! Don't call me Pal, what do think I am? a tin of dogfood!......Sorry, Chum. )

Sick software nasty uses child abuse pics to extort infected victims


Re: I think the only solution here is DBANing the drives.

The U.K. Laws are a joke and are open to extortion and malicious framing. The one case that I remember where there was an attempt to frame a guy with child porn maliciously placed on his computer, was only foiled because the perpetrator was the one that notified the Authorities, which later aroused suspicions. If the perpertrator had been more cunning and fooled a 3rd innocent party into reporting the crime, then the innocent guy would have been toast.

I certainly believe that there should be strong laws against the financing of child porn distribution. i.e. in my world a researching famous pop stars would have their hands smacked for financing deviants but the actual crime of having illegal data hidden away on a machine is madness.

BBC: What YOU spent on our lawyers in Secret Climate 28 debacle



"The one-and-a-half day Information Tribunal hearing last October came to £22,746 including VAT. This breaks down to Kate Gallafent, of Blackstone Chambers who cost £13,875 (plus VAT) and Jonathan Scherbel-Ball, of One Brick Court who cost a paltry £4,780 (plus VAT)."

Sounds like Scherbel-Bell needs a little work on his 'bastardness' skill sets. Obviously isn't evil enough.

Comp Sci becomes 'fourth science' in English Baccalaureate


Re: and another thing.

They should just add RE to History and give it a true baptism by fire. Philosophy and ethics could go to a new subject Economics, Politics and International Studies.

Huddled immigrant masses face 'British values' quiz


Re: British values?

Fawning over some German aristocrats, as if they were members of your own family.

Gush with sickening sentimentality over receiving a simple wave, after queuing and waiting in a large crowd for hours.

Berners-Lee says snoop law could see spies blackmail soldiers


"It would mean a lot of blackmailing, MPs, celebs and people in positions of power."

I think the problem is more, people in a position of submission......tied up....masked...sort of thing.

Public genome databases can leak identity


I downloaded just Dr Craig Venter's genome data. After a bit of anaylsis I predict he will be baldy bloke. I now just need his email address so I can spam him with my toupee services.

Japanese boffins tout infrared specs to thwart facial recognition


Facebook facial recognition

If I went out in those glasses. I would be all over Facebook. Tagged by bloody friends, thinking I looked stupid.

Google, Microsoft go head to head in Santa-tracking tech race


Re: Wrong number?

WOW! I was more amazed that Santa was working at Sears, Roebuck & Co. department store especially on Christmas Eve. Lucky for him they put the wrong number in the advertisement, so he could get off early and deliver his prezzies.

Fish grow ‘hands’ in genetic experiment


Billy the Fish

Looks like a competent replacement for Joe Hart. Just a shame it's Spanish!

Parliament to unleash barrage of criticism on Snoopers' Charter


Re: "help cops catch more paedophiles and terrorists"

Just imagine if a group of pedoterrorists actually got elected into Government and could use these tools to crack down on their dissenters. Thank god that in our illustrious democracy, our elective officials, are as pure as the driven snow and have never needed or be even been accused of covering up war crimes or fiddling.

Staples to offer in-store full color 3D printing service


Looks amazing

That head in the demo was a little creepy. Who was it ? -- Jimmy Hoffa?

I wonder if Staples will have a list of banned items. I can't see Games Workshop being too happy with this technology going mainstream.

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction



An unstoppable team was Dr. Theopolis the brains and Twiki the brawn.

All other contenders can bidi-bidi-bidi off!

America planned to NUKE THE MOON


Re: Note on Sagan

Our hemitic God is scientifically advanced to veil his existance from us. The sneaky bugger!

Unfortunately for him, he can't just hide behind a cloud, like he scripturally did, in the old days.

Ten technology FAILS


It's good to reminisce past hysteria. Keeps me cynical!

from http://www.jimpinto.com/

"eNews August 10, 2001

Update : Dean Kamen's 'IT' (or, Ginger)

You might remember the introduction of Dean Kamen's 'IT' or Ginger (eNews January 17 & 27, 2001) - a mysterious new invention that had attracted significant venture financing and attention in the press. A half-year later, several people have asked : Where is Kamen's IT now? Does Ginger have a name? What is IT? Can I see a picture?

Well, it seems that IT (or Ginger) is still a mystery. Passionate interest in Kamen's forthcoming project, thought by some to be "a new transportation device so revolutionary that it will force urban planners to redesign cities in its wake", has made him one of the most watched scientists on the planet.

At the other extreme, there are those who balk at the outrageous claims ("personal transportation vehicle destined to change the world"; "entire cities will require re-thinking to accommodate the power of this monumental breakthrough"; "the invention without comparison since man learned to use tools") and they think that Kamen is just a modern day "Robin Hood", taking from the rich and giving to the poor (Kamen does a lot of work with kids). At best, they suggest that he is simply getting funding from fat corporations and naive investors, to keep himself in helicopters, yachts or whatever.

The vast audience of the Internet loves sleuthing, so if you're intrigued, you might like to review all the discussions and guesswork. A lot of websites have mushroomed up over the past year. Some have pictures (spoofs) of IT, and you can even find movies of IT operating!

If you DO discover what IT is, please let me know! "


Re: What about that...

I will never forget the emailer. A real clash of mystery over reality, leading to fortunes won and lost. God I wish I had a crystal ball I would be a millionaire.


"The mystery over what kind of internet device Amstrad would launch had strongly boosted the firm's share price by more than 600%, from 83 pence at the end of September 1999 to 607 pence at the end of trading on Tuesday." (28 March, 2000)

"However, disappointment over the fact that the e-m@iler will not allow consumers to actually surf the internet made many investors to reconsider Amstrad's stock market valuation."

"The firm's share price plunged by as much as 14% before recovering slightly." (it didn't recover for long, as it was shit!)

Nintendo shrinks Wii for Crimbo


The only possible reason I would upgrade my 1st Gen Wii for this, is because it would accumulate less dust under the TV.

Can supermodel Heidi Klum save Windows 8? Not so fast


supermodels, preposterous pop stars and celebrities

Lets's face it. This group of somebodies have failed for decades to 'Save the world' and to alleviate world hunger. Does anybody really believe that they can save Windows 8!

Oprah Winfrey too late to save Microsoft's Windows 8

Thumb Down

Re: First impressions were not great

I have only had a quick go on it and hated it. Probably because I am a lazy ass who slouches back and expects to do everything using a mouse click. Leaning forward to the keyboard to (Alt-F4) close a running application, is a right pain.

Not having a touch screen, I couldn't believe the amount of double key stroke shortcuts it requires. God knows how any disabled users will get on with it. Next time I use one I might actually have a look at the Accessibility options.

Sun’s lost cousin may be to blame for wonky ecliptic


Re: Sounds like Nemesis all over again

I am no expert but if boffins can locate a rogue planet without a sun in interstellar space. Which apparently they can. So I was informed yesterday on El Reg, with this planet being CFBDSIR2149 which four and seven times the mass of Jupiter and 100 light years away. Then I think a nemisis, nibiru or planet x would probably have been spotted by now. It's still a cool story though and I wonder if any data still shows any signs that mass extinctions are in any way periodic.

El Reg mulls Forums icon portfolio shake-up


Re: gremlin

D'oh! it's the planet Mongo not Mungo!

Serious suggestion: Ming the merciless for being the bringer of anthropomorphic climatatic calamities. (though stickly speaking he isn't human)


Re: gremlin

Dr Hans Zarkov icon for jake, for knocking up that old spaceship from bits of kit, found around the ranch. You too would scoff at new fangled technology only capable of low earth orbit, when you can easily commute to Mungo.



Pigs at the trough picture.

Monopoly banker.

Chinese army picture. thousands marching in unison for economic progress.

The most corporate and perfectly cheesy call centre staff picture you can find icon.

WAR HERO PIGEON carrying SECRET WWII CODE found in chimney


Message is obvious

"Coincidentally, Secret Agent Commander Wilfred "Biffy" Dunderdale, the real-life inspiration for his friend Ian Fleming's James Bond, lived near Martin after the war. Martin said he had the chance to show the bird and the message to Dunderdale before he passed away."

Monty's funniest joke in the world.