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Homer Simpson 'nuclear waste spill' panic at nuke sub base!

Scott Swarthout

Nuclear FUD

It's crap. I have yet to meet anyone that can name the 3rd worst nuclear incident in history. We all know about Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, but in 30 years, those are the only ones with names; and no-one was remotely affected by 3MI (there wasn't even a "leak" as defined by a previous commentor).

...how many fires in coal plants have there been in the world, in the psat 30 years? And Nuke is not safe?

Swiss woman rolled over Facebook

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Pulling a "sickie" in the US

One thing that most companies on this side of the pond are doing, is getting rid of sick time. It's rolled into vacation time, as "Paid Time Off". There is no shame in a "mental health day" as it's all vacation.

Pirate Bay judge and pro-copyright lobbyist accused of bias

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There is no conflict of intrests

This serves his intrests perfectly.

Obama science chief: Geo-engineer to save Gaia!

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@ Chris Gray

You, sir, took my words.

But the part that scares me is the fact that all of the climate change models ignore cloud formation; which as any one who's been out on a dreary, overcast day knows can affect the temperature. I know that's a local occurrence, but if a cow farting in a field can have global repercussions, so can a cloud reflecting several Km^2 of sunlight.

The part that scares me even more, is that with this admittedly poor understanding, these "Friends of the planet" are proposing things like sulfur in the atmosphere (didn't we just clean up acid rain?), ruining the global economy, practicing eugenics/population control, and other extreme efforts to prevent a catastrophe that may not happen. Especially seeing as how the climate models cannot even accurately "predict" the past.

Maybe when our understanding is complete enough that the weatherman can tell me with 95% accuracy weather or not it will rain in two weeks, I'll listen to what the climate change people are saying. Until then, they do not have the data, the models, or the math to back them up on any of their claims.

Hugh Jackman speaks of Wolverine leak heartbreak

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Am I the only one

After reading this article and the comments, I have Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" running through my head.

...Do I owe royalties for that?

Boffins: Atlantic temperature ruled by dust, not CO2

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So what you're saying is

That by cleaning dust, smog, etc. we are actually contributing to Global Warming. ..So which is worse for the environment: Smog, or Climate Change?

Boffins finger reason for non-aligned cows

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If this were done with hogs...

Would we now be reading about "pig iron"?

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I call Bull!

No worries, I've already got it.

Google Voice goes call-forward crazy in US

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Paris Hilton

Sounds like a good idea...

But the idea of Google's targeted advertising, when applied to phones, Telemarketers? No thanks.

Paris, because I can't think of a better Icon for "confused".

Vista to XP 'downgrade' lawsuit revised

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@AC 17:10

"Downgrade rights" have not ever really been a problem. It was not until Vista that one was unable to purchase an older version of the OS. Win 98 was on the shelves even after Win ME (and a good thing too)

it wasn't until Vista that you could not buy a prebuilt machine with anything other than the latest WinOS.

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'

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Parental "Oops"

To keep a kid from falling out with convulsions you don't need to stop them cold-turkey, you just have to make sure they eat once/twice a day. and sleep every day or two.

Then, you don't have to worry about watching them, but no-one will arrest you for criminal neglect.

If you can't get an exhausted, malnourished WoW geek away from a computer, I'm surprised you had the physical abilities to make said baby.

US cops called to McDonalds menu cock-up

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The reason she was arrested...

Was not because she called the Emergency number, but rather, because she called it 3 times. The first time, when the Cop finally arrived, he would have sorted it, if only to the point of informing them that it's civil, not criminal, and to sue each other. After the 3rd call his plans were changed to "get the nutjob off of the phone".

Israelis develop 'safe' plutonium: good for power, bad for weapons

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I wonder...

I understand the Chemistry and Nuclear Physics can do different things, and that it is (theoretically) quite possible to chemically separate Am from Pu or U, with enough Chem experiance. The question then becomes, what if the process of separation uses a substance that had nuclear properties. Like water, for instance, which greatly reduces the size of critical mass (and completely mucks up the whole stability thing) over time; so it may be possible to separate them, if it weren't for the fact that the process would ruin them.

I'm guessing that this guy with a slew of degrees after his name is more educated than a large number of the arm-chair physicists who are saying that he's wrong or over looked the obvious. He may have, he may not have. read his paper (and understand it) *then* criticize his work.

IT admin stole students' nude Facebook pics, cops say

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Godwins Law Redeux

Can we get a extension to Godwin's Law for calling Pedophile?

Hollywood to totally recall Total Recall

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RE: Alien8n

I ould love to see aome E. E. Doc Smith movies, I believe the Lensman series would translate quite well. but I would fear the Skylark series - They'd probably turn it into a romantic comedy.

Stargazers peer into the 'Eye of God'

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Re: Sarah Bee

I thought that happened every 28 days. on the "Full Moon"

..No worries, I've already got the coat.

MIT boffins fashion working plasma rocket from Coke can

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A dissapointment

I'm disappointed. Where's the How-to?

HP begins selling pay cut plan to European workers

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There is no "I" in "team"

However, there's also no "F" in "way".

US teen cuffed for disorderly classroom texting

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IT Angle

Simple, yet multi-faceted

This story has many points, so it's easy to miss them, what with it being written in a subtle manner, and with tounge firmly planted in cheek.

There's the out-of-control kids; the over-use (abuse?) of the criminal justice system; the fact that teachers are put-upon, or can't hack it depending on your point of view.

And then there's the all-important IT angle, all of this was over a mobile. At least they mentioned what model it was.

I don't think that the escalation was left out for the sake of making a better story, but rather that it was implied for the sake of the article (no-one wants to read a 3 page he-said, she-said).

Frankly, I feel that this was a wonderful way to start my Thursday morning.

Apple NDA kills Jesus Phone gospels

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Paris Hilton

@AC 16:58

I think that comment's taking the term "Jesus Phone" a little too literally, no? Or perhaps you got lost from another article?

The sad thing is, it took me almost half the comment before I realized that it was severely off-topic.

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!

Scott Swarthout

The thought of this fills my mind with dread

...and my soul with Mirth.

Woman finds Lithuanian living in shed

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With the TV License

Not being from the UK, I don't know much about the TV licenses. However, I would think that if he had a job where he could have afforded the two TVs he'd have paid the license(s?) then. It was after he lost his job that he moved into the shed.

Smut pop-up teacher retrial stuck in delay loop

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Spelling errors?

Given that El Reg is so very popular with geeks all over the world, I fully agree with giving folks that do not speak English nativly certain allowances. The question arises though, which English? I have seen knock-down drag-out flamewars in previous comments sections over differences in American (sorry, 'Merkin) and British spellings, word usage, and phrasing.

I submit that no more should we bash each other in the forums over small misspelligs, typosd, mis-placed hyphens, and differences in dialect, but rather for being completely stupid or incomprehensible. if the wording is clear enough and the typing is close enough that you can read it, then, read it. If a comment is obtuse, poorly written, or just stupid, then begin the abuse.

save the pedantry for bits about IT, or facts related to the article; picking on writing just makes it seem that you have nothing better to contribute.

Rabbit murderer stalks Ruhr Valley

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We all know rabbits are very excitable

...and quite prone to completely losing their heads.

Final Arthur C Clarke novel on the way

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When talking about dreadful post-mortem collaborations...

how can the Silmarillion not get a mention? That was as dreadful a piece of work as I have ever had the misfortune of trying to read. I have read EULAs that were clearer, more concise, and less mind-numbing.

Deadly Oz snake bites tourist's todger

Scott Swarthout

further proof

that snakes will eat their young, or any thing that looks like it.

Alien attack? Yes, we're ready for anything

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We don't need to worry about aliens

Because the Lizard Army will be the ones fighting them off. Our only hope of survival is that the alien invaders and the Lizard Army will weaken eachother so that mankind can stancd a chance at wiping them out for our own survival.

FCC to fine network operators who can't find customers

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I wonder...

If people under contract to the named companies can use the lack of E911 capability to break free, citing safety, security, and (if all else fails) "for the good of the children"

Russia plans 2025 Moonbase, 2035 Mars shot

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@Naughty Russians

To quote Eddy Izzard:

"Dashed cunning usage of a flag!"

Samsung Blu-ray Disc player line blooms

Scott Swarthout


And they said that there would never/could never be a machine that could play both. The pundits at the time underestimated the lengthas companies will go to to gain an advantage over the competition. No more is this VHS v. BETA, now we have chocolate v. vanilla, complete with swirls.

Plants will make greenhouse effect flooding worse

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"Climate Change" from "Stored Carbon"

I will not argue that the climate is changing (it does that...a lot) I won't even argue that it may be accelerated by carbon mon- and di- oxide from burning oil, coal, and natural gas (stored from plants and animals long dead).

I will propose that the earth was obviously very healthy when the organics that formed the carbon reserves were alive. Look at how many plant and animals there were, and the amount of diversity. Given that most of the oil we get are from places that are inhospitable, one could argue that the planet has become impoverished, and maybe we need to bring it back to the way it was. The Sahara used to be a forest, Nevada and Utah (in the US) used to be an inland sea, the Mississippi River used to be a minor ocean. Hell Antarctica used to be a tropical paradise. Is the world coming to an end, or just going back to the way it was?

Italian boffin designs gecko-tech spiderman suit

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If, and when

If, or when, the sticky can let go at will, and only at will... SIGN ME UP!

If they put the nano-hairs on the back of the suit, across or just above the shoulders, one could just "hang about" on the side of a building, with no fatigue.

Google Germany slammed for Neo-Nazi YouTube clips

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I can see why...

Germany would want to be seen as opposed to these videos. Germany's image in relation to Jews/minorities is still derived from WWII. They have to be aggressive in reacting to these kinds of things, so that they don't, by inaction, strengthen the view that they are anti-minority.

Having said that: The Nazi party was first and foremost a Fascist regime. They used the people's nascent xenophobia and desperation for a scapegoat to rise to power. The US (and UK, deny it as you will) are following the same path.

Northrop enters US Army monster raygun lorry race

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Only LASERs?

Or would these applications also work on MASERs? I believe those can use more power, and mirrors, dust, etc. shouldn't do too much to block a coherent microwave beam.

Streaking star leaves sweeping tail in its wake

Scott Swarthout

<Humour> It's not a Star!

It's the very first galactic comet! Like an ordinary comet, except instead of orbiting the sun, it's going around the galactic core. You can see the coma, the tail and everything. </Humour>

Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

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Groan V

I wonder if he'll try to sue the hospital for failing to re-attach it? If so, I don't think he'll have a leg to stand on.

Western Digital's hard drives go green

Scott Swarthout

Green's alright...

Going green is okay and all, but what I'm hearing here is "longer battery life."

Sprint boots 200 American patriots for using their phones

Scott Swarthout

re:Glad UK Is Not Like That....

"It seems that how the US networks for mobiles are set up are backwards, Yes fair enough it is a lot bigger but in the UK ..."

40 times bigger (Well, 39.64x, but really). The difference isn't necessarily that the US has bad network design, or that the towers are too weak, but that any flaw in a system that large becomes significantly more pronounced.

Additionally, The UK has, I believe two or three Major carriers, mostly as off-shoots of the old land-line companies. In the US Mobile phones were a completely new form, and until recently were not associated w/ the land-line companies. So there were a tonne of small companies, that have only recently (past few years) started conglomerating.

So as to why the US can't do the same: Yes, it is that difficult.

NASA blows whistle on Antarctic Y2K (+5) meltdown

Scott Swarthout

Is this Really a problem...

Or is it just a "warm" summer? The article said nothing about melt in 1999-2004. Has the amount of melt been increasing; or is this a fluke measurement that means nothing? Phrased more cynically: Is this a trend, or mearly scare-mongering?