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Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it


Australia is not Europe!

Had this crop up last night for me down under in Australia, but only on my laptop. I use it all the time there as its much quicker than using the trackpad, I can hit the windows key, type remo and hit enter, and I get remote desktop up. A full mouse makes it a touch quicker, but a couple of key presses still wins out.

I do applaud MS's ability to kill a desktop search from half way round the world though, us Australian's normally feel completely left out, so I feel special that we got included in something!

BT pushes ahead with plans to switch off telephone network


Dear UK,

Please don't fuck the FTTP rollout up.



Emulating x86: Microsoft builds granny flat into Windows 10


Re: Put an x86 processor in the dock?

I'm not that great with licenses, but why not flip the license around, and license the dataset? The processor it runs on in this case is irrelevant to the data that is being worked on. License the data, and then the user gets the ability to either underpower or overpower the system according to their own needs in order to use the data for their work. If they want to just slowly churn through an emulated Outlook on ARM, then when back in the office dock it into a full PC, the same dataset is being used.

Sloppy security in IoT putting 'life and limb' at risk, guru warns


Re: IoT developers and security

@Walter Bishop Are you actually trying to be serious with that comment? Go find anything IoT that has windows on it, oh wait, they don't.

There's an epidemic of idiots who can't find power switches


Re: Crappy Aussie plugs

That's why all of our Aussie wall plugs are installed at shin height, you are meant to push in the power brick, then shove the heaviest piece of furniture you can find against the plug. That never fails to hold those lazy bastard plugs in place for all eternity!

(Re)touching on a quarter-century of Adobe Photoshop


Wasn't InDesign a little late on the scene?

I remember our family local newspaper business used to use PageMaker back in the day, when most other companies were using Quark XPress. I think at the time for us down under in Aus, PageMaker was a lot cheaper (Heh, who'da thunk Adobe stuff could be considered cheaper) than the Quark offering, and there seemed to be more availability of the PageMaker stuff locally.

InDesign was a fair step up, but in some respects a step back, PageMaker from memory just seemed to be a little bit easier going on regular users, and it was a bit of a learning curve going up to InDesign as a replacement.

Why Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2? Upton: 'I drank the Kool-Aid'


I feel a sense of deja-vu coming on...


Microsoft Exec: "Hey boys, someone figured out how to get Linux onto PC's! Round up the townsfolk, there's a hangin' to be had!"


Linux Evangelists: "Hey, someone took OUR hardware and figured out how to put Windows on it! Round up the townsfolk, there's a hangin' to be had!"

I have one on order because I have a CHOICE of what to put on my Pi2. Stop trying to foist your ideals, preconceptions and prejudices on me, go build something on YOUR hardware. Bloody hell, it's not that hard to understand.

Go congratulate Billy because he built a nifty little doodad or geegaw on his Pi2, before you castrate him on your altar made from half finished, hand-etched circuit boards and Linux CD's because he made a choice to do something differently to how you wanted him to.

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6


Re: Who cares?

Who cares?

It's just another <HANDHELD> device. Wake me up when there's real innovation.

FTFY. Theres no innovation on either side of the field, because realistically there isnt anything else you can add.

Dell muscles into all-flash for small biz with $35k 4TB array


Small Biz eh?

Id love to see a small biz that can chuck 35 big ones down for disk storage. 3.5k maybe... Might be the reason we stopped using Dell for our small biz.

Pimoroni PiGlow: Rainbow LED swirls for the Raspberry Pi


Re: @kiwimuso @James Hughes 1

I like learning programming, but I have nerve damage in my hands and thus can't solder things, at least without releasing a lot of blue smoke and flames.

I do however have a Raspberry Pi, and I have 9 quid in my pocket, and I find that learning to code software is so much more fun when there is swirly coloured feedback.

I'm guessing you have never tried to teach a kid. I dare you, hand a 12 year old a programming book, and I will put money on it that you would come back in 5 minutes to find them using it as a pillow. Give them a programming book, and a 9 quid part that gives swirly, flashy lights, and you are more likely to engage them, educate them, and entertain them.

Useage case? Need more? Sorry if you have no use for it, but given:

A) The build quality on Pimoroni's stuff (It's great. Small business that CARES about its work)

B) The simple price for a basic part

I, and indeed, a lot of other people will buy these for themselves, for their inquisitive kids who want to learn programming, and probably for a heap of other reasons not yet figured out.

I have no use for a pacemaker at the moment, so I condemn any website that reports on them. How dare they waste my time. I can find a suitable icon for your post, I even attached it to mine for your use.

Surface RT: A plan worthy of the South Park Underpants Gnomes


Re: Branding is Microsofts achilles heals.

I love it how you think that anything apple doesn't crash. My iphone used to crash regularly. Hate to say it, but my old iphone crashed more regularly than any windows install I've had since XP ever did.

Honestly not sure why people think that windows is any less/more vulnerable to viruses and crashing than anything else. Its not the OS fault, its the user. "OH LOOKZ, I CLICKLED THIS LINK AND NOW MY POOTER CRASHEZ0R5!!" Stupidity on the user does not make the OS any more vulnerable.

Sure, I'm hating the look of Win8, until I put classic start on it, and killed metro, now it runs just like windows 7, but faster.

So to celebrate, I went and installed some games on my windows computer, you know, all those PROPER games that you cant get on an iphone, or ipad, or even an android tablet for that matter. Makes for great evenings when things are quiet.

I have an android tablet and an android smartphone, my wife has an ipad, and we both still have windows computers, because they do what we want, when we want to.

Just because it doesn't do what YOU want it to do immediately, it must be a fail eh? Here, I have a nice black turtleneck that you can wear, just to be like the rest of the useless pawns.

Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead


Re: "Mergfield entries"

Apologies, just re-read my original post and realised that I had missed somewhat of a chunk of information. Lets just say that yesterday involved a distinct lack of coffee, and an excess of communication with the wife, so the brain turned to much before lunch time :)

The mail merge "mergefield" entries are used to populate letters where the variables are handed to the document by VBA scripts from the other software program. You select the letter you want to generate, and the other program opens a word template, and hands it a whole slew of variables, and the word template uses the <MERGEFIELD blah> entries to populate the letter.

So it's actually not the mail merge part, its actually the VBA support that is missing. And from what I can see, the developer of the other software program being another SMB is not really keen on opening up that access, as it is easier to just keep doing it the way they always have :)

I guess that probably points to another one of the MS flaws of frustrating the efforts of open source, as I'm guessing that is why no one else has bothers implementing VBA into things like Libreoffice?


Re: Allow me to reciprocate


I have a company that has some specialist software used in the finance/legal sector, but it outputs any letters to word, using mergefield entries.

If you can come up with an alternative to word that would allow for that (Which I may be wrong, but nothing I can find online seems to indicate OO/LO etc will support it), I will donate my first child to you, and possibly even get a tattoo of your name on the ol' jatz crackers.

Believe me, I've been against the flood of money being forked over all the time for installs of Office in SMB's. The price has always been too high to ask SMB's of 10-15 people to fork over. AUD $300 per machine? Why would the office install alone cost nearly as much as the computer I just built that needs to have office installed on it?? Tack on windows, and there is half the cost of your new computer right there.

And as for technet going, black, black days for Microsoft. I use technet all the time as a one man tech firm, for exactly the reason it is there for, to help evaluate the software for use in an environment. The current environment. The environment that still has XP machines with office 97, 2k, 3003 and onwards on it. Which means having access to those old pieces of software.

Get me off word, and you will have thumbs up on every article for life good sir :)

Surface left on shelves as world+dog slurps up small slates


Re: They charge too much...

"If a tablet finally gets to 17" so I can continue doing my CAD stuff, I'd be happy -- as long as it comes with a keyboard, supports and won't brick due to installation of Linux, and supports VirtualBox. 7lbs of 15" laptop is becoming wearying."

I don't get it, you want your new tablet to be....exactly like your old laptop?

If a tablet finally has a keyboard, and a 17" screen, and runs my apps, and linux, and virtualbox, and and and makes waffles, and wakes me up before it go goes, and, wait...It exists already, its a laptop. And if you want all those addons as part of a tablet, its going to weigh 7lbs. You are just calling it something different.

Dell sets out Win8 tablet, Ultrabook, all-in-one stall


Dell are truly a mystery

So they make beautiful monitors in the Ultrasharp series, and yet they hobble almost every damn laptop of theirs with 1366x768 screens? And even better, the days of being able to choose components such as 3 or 4 different screen types, etc, all seems to have gone in the idea that everyone is borg, so therefore must ALL want the same options.

Honestly, who is making the decisions at Dell these days?

Hold the chips: Apple axes Samsung RAM order for iPhone 5


Re: Let me guess

> Or just use a single digit percentage of their cash mountain to build a fab or two.

Actually, that would be a great idea! They might have to actually engineer something, or would they then just use the Reality Distortion Field to kidnap engineers and great minds from other companies to slave away in the Apple Fab of Happiness and Joy?

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


Where is google in all this?

As the worlds largest search engine, would it not be ever so easy to remove *.apple.com from...well....everywhere?

Have any searches that look for apple, or iphone, or ipod route to a search result listing all the android phone makers.

You could erase the litigious psychopaths from existence, and win teh lolz at the same time!

Sure, you lose some advertising revenue, but come on, don't tell me you wouldn't get some serious backing from it?

Lets reset the reality distortion field, by removing it from sight. Time to do a little stomping back at crapple.

For the record? Had an iphone 3gs, went to a Samsung Galaxy S2, no they aren't the same, they aren't even close. The samsung is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the 3gs, and from what I have seen, the 4 and 4S are no better than my old 3gs was.

Android app DRM quietly disabled due to bug


That diatribe was great!

I haven't seen such frothing dribble for a long time!

The angry screams of someone making less money than they want, most likely because they write substandard quality apps that no one actually WANTS.

People will pay for quality. The ones who "nicked" it are helping to increase your popularity in a roundabout way, and while a large percentage of those wouldn't have paid for it anyway, the increased popularity of your app will bring others in who WILL buy it, who otherwise wouldn't have (as they wouldn't have heard of it).

Swings and roundabouts, piracy is bad, but piracy is also good in its own little way.

Acer Iconia Tab A510 10in Android review


Updates from Acer? Are you high?

"Acer has a decent reputation for rolling out updates, so I suspect Jelly Bean will bounce onto the A510 sooner rather than later, even though nothing has been officially announced at the time of writing."

Citation Needed....Acer are one of the WORST companies to roll out updates! A501 has only just been given ICS, and the one that Acer are rolling out is marked as a release candidate, so they are going to use their customers as cannon fodder for bug reporting. A500 ICS update was rolled out late, and again, caused problems with a significant proportion of users, so Acer had to pull that as well, and re-release much later on.

Not sure where you get your info from, but Acer are hopeless. Will be the last time I get an Acer tablet (Disgruntled A501 owner here).

So don't bank on JB for the A510 any time soon.

Dell uncloaks trio of muscular mobile workstations


Re: Misunderstanding technology direction

> People will need less and less hardware spec on the client (PC) side as all of the processing is moving to the server in a thin-client model.

Except, you know....the people that this laptop range is designed for? You don't buy these units to check your webmail and talk to nanna on skype while watching The Voice on tellie, you buy these to get WORK done.

HTC locked out of Windows 8 tablet party


Locked Bootloader

To all those saying that the tablets will only be able to run Win8 because of a locked bootloader...please, spare it.

How long do you think it will take for someone to find a way round it, or a way to replace the locked portions?

De-CSS, PS/PS2/PS3 hacking, Xbox hacking, Cyanogenmod, you name it, people will crack/hack/replace it.

Or is the whole world suddenly going to raise their hands as one and shout "Please, leave our win8 tablets alone!"

Acer touts Tegra 3 tablet

Thumb Down

You missed one point

In the specs list, you forgot to add the point:

* No future support, because its an Acer.

Seriously...check out the abortion that is the A500 and A501 tablet upgrade to ICS to prove the point that Acer will willingly flip out a new tablet, fully under the misguided belief that the user won't ever want to update it to a new android version, and not even offer to open source the drivers etc and let the community do the work.

A500 users had ICS eventually rolled out, which failed on a heap of tablets, so Acer pulled the update.

A501 users? Hah! Its the same as an A501 except it has a 3g modem...but noone would want to run ICS on that! Lets not even bother offering an update!

Wait until Asus, or Sammy release a tegra 3 tablet, and don't waste your time on this waste of a company.

Vauxhall Ampera hybrid e-car


Re: How much?

> Aside from the minor issue of needing 5 seats my Subaru Forester cost me £7500 from Subaru second hand, and costs me about £2000 a year in fuel and another £500 in servicing and £400 insurance, £240 in tax.

Oh No!! A second hand car is cheaper than a brand new one! Quick! Someone call the money police, people are selling second hand cars cheap!

Please, stop trying to compare apples and oranges.

This car would be great for me as my daily driver to and from work on the cheap, with the ability to take it anywhere else I felt like without having to worry about running out of leccy power. I'm sorry if you can't afford it, just accept you are in the have-not basket, and buy a second hand car.

Russian upstart claims BitTorrent-killer


"once Microsoft pull some outrageous "WE INVENTED THE INTERNET!" claim out of their ass"

I think you may be confused, that's Apples catch cry.

Oz Senate signs off USO legislation

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Re: In a country

Nice, fear mongering by linking a totally biased newspaper's article (The Australian are unashamedly anti Labor), talking about the incumbent carrier that looks to lose the most by NBN. Nope, can't possibly see an issue there!

Microsoft cuts back on Windows keys after pirates grab booty


Hey, I would be happy to have 5 keys...Technet Standard got dumped down to 2 keys from 10 keys months ago. This was about the time that they jacked up the price of Technet Pro by 1/3, which unfortunately meant I had to drop down to Technet Standard. 2 keys. Yay. I don't care about losing the enterprise side of things (I don't test for enterprise gear, I'm SMB mainly). But it means that I can't run more than 2 test servers for my clients at a time.

If some of the software I test with wasn't MS only, I would be pushing some more of my clients over to Linux installs. But the software is MS coded, and requires word for letter merging, so I'm screwed there unfortunately.

Apple to Google Maps: ‘Get lost’


Email From The Late Jobs

Just change the name of the town.

See? It still works! All hail Jobs!

The problem with Telstra’s NBN plans


The only thing the article doesn't state, is that this situation is nothing new to Telstra.

Telstra have ALWAYS been the most expensive option for data (And communications in general). Then they make sure there are areas that they cover that give no one else a look in (See Telstra Velocity), and make sure people are forced to use them at the overpriced rates that they charge.

So its nothing new really, business as normal at T, thankyou for staying on hold, an overseas representative will be with you in a few hours!

Can you see I just had to go through a painful process of activating a Telstra Velocity connection recently? :)

Apple's new TV allegedly spotted... in Canadian office


@ DZ-Jay

Have you seen the back of an apple device lately?

Lets see...instead of a label that reads "HDMI 1" that might mean, oh I don't know, the first HDMI port perhaps, lets put a PICTURE there instead! And then...umm...for the second HDMI port? Lets put a picture on that one too!! Hooray!

So we drop the english (or other localised) language, and go for pictures instead, that could mean anything!

First question I get asked by non-techs plugging things into their apple devices: "Which port does this HDMI cable go into?" Well, I could answer them with "The HDMI socket", but no, I have to first find out what stupid pictogram some gimp at apple thought might actually mean HDMI.

Wonderful! Lets all go back to drawing animals on a rock wall with mud!

And as for the plug in a DVD player and have it work. Wow. Just wow. I believe the last time I plugged in a DVD player, I plugged the power lead into the wall, the HDMI cable from the player to the tellie, and hit play. If thats too hard to figure out, then an apple tellie isnt even going to help you, and I suggest boxing up all technology and sending it back to the manufacturers pronto.

Apple looking to support new technology, says blog


You know those times where you sit down and write big long email or letter to someone, and about 3/4 of the way through, you look at it and go "Why the frap am I even writing this?".

Did the author not do a similar thing? Or was it a slow news day / coming up to payday and someone needs to justify a word count to the beancounters before beer money is shelled out?

Or was this a bit of a BBC article, in it "for teh clickz"?

Missed the point? There wasn't one, aside from another page to add some more advertising viewing. And if the point was that there was no point, then there was no point in pointing out that there was no point, because obviously, there is no point.

Southern Cross Cable offers discount bandwidth


We have the potential to go to at least 6 Terabits per second by December next year, about 25 times higher than the original design capability in 2000, and our potential is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years,” Pfeffer said.

This is exactly the argument to shove down the throats of the gimps touting wireless broadband as a valid replacement to FTTH.

The common argument is that fibre has no upgrade potential, and that anything above 100meg is pure fantasy on the part of the current government! (Actual dribble touted by the opposition Liberals (The Dribberals?)).

So the fact that in the space of 11 years, Southern cross have upgraded their speeds by 25 times over the original install puts a nice big hole in that argument.

Caveat: Yes, I know that the southern cross cable is a different type of fibre link to what would be installed in FTTH, but at the end of the day, the concepts being used to upgrade the SC cable would be the same used for upgrading FTTH links, in that the endpoint equipment can be upgraded.

Toyota teases next-gen Prius styling


The Prius concept is going to NEED the panoramic reversing camera....there is going to be slim to no view out the back 180 degrees of that car.

Having said that, it takes some of its rear styling cues from the Ampera and the Jaguar marques, its about time Toyota tried their hand in a bit of style. God knows their designs have been boring as hell since the late 90's.

Can 24/7 porn rescue Google TV?


Surely you are!

It could be claimed as a tax deduction, I would have thought it was a valid news service...

Fanboi picture because you might see some...fanbois...on that channel :)

Dick Smith faces tricky times


To be expected

They used to sell a great range of tools, components, cables, adapters, and the like, and they did a good job of it.

Now, they sell cheap and and crap, poor quality chinese knock off equipment, and the same generic junk that every other cheap and crap store does. They no longer do components or tooling, which is why Jaycar now does so well.

So where does that leave DSE? The store near me has more staff working at it than it does customers....any wonder why?

No great loss for DSE to close it's doors, it lost its relevancy years ago, and it hasn't been an icon of Australian retail for a decade now. I'm actually suprised it took this long for Woolworths to consider consolidating this into Big W.

Ten... budget Android tablets


I had to laugh...

"The ViewPad is also a nice bit of design, in fact it looks like a big iPhone 4 with it’s squared-off aluminium sides, black back and flush-fitting glass screen."

It's also just like the iPhone in that it won't play flash, or locally hosted files too.

Harvey Norman drops HP’s TouchPad


Not happy El Reg....

Didn't get this article until 7 hours ago, thanks for getting my hopes up for a cheap fondleslab.....They sold out 2 days ago.

Where is the priority notice to Registerians shouting for us to snap up a cheap piece of touchie-feely!

Dashed my hopes...Now I have to break it to the missus that she won't be able to get a tablet for web surfing on the couch.

NetComm bags NBN device deal


Never mind open firmware...

Netcomm routers can't even be upgraded to working routers...

Netcomm stopped making great hardware post Roadster 56k modems, every product since then has been a slow slide into obscurity and obsolescence.

Yelp clicks into Aus with Telstra


There is a reason Sensis is in decline

We have yellow pages online and print advertising as part of our business. Also had white pages print and online last financial year.

The invoicing is poor, description of products is abysmal, and you have to badger the rep's to get any information. Not only that, but none of the areas will talk to each other, so you have to do the same thing FOUR times, once for each part of the business.

We dropped our spending with them by over 70% because we couldn't see any return on investment anymore. Which, by consequence, means a fair amount more $$ in the beer kitty!

They are stuck in the stone age of paper based directories, and have only now just woken up to the fact that 90% of Australian's throw said paper directories in the bin, and just Google the information they need, its more up to date, and better content, with a more efficient search.

So support the local economy, stop feeding the dinosaur, and enjoy Frothy Fridays :)

Apple unveils 'World's First Thunderbolt Display'


Great idea, but!

So you have a lovely thin(ish) cable going from the screen to the magsafe connector for charging, and the thunderbolt port on the mac.

Eeeexcept, Apple have put those ports on OPPOSITE sides of the laptops.

So you have a lovely thin(ish) cable going from the screen to 3/4 of the way to your laptop, where it splits in two and snakes around the place looking like a leftover pipe cleaner from your BA degree art project (Aren't they the ones who buy Apple gear?) and make your desk look cluttered.

Why didn't they make the magsafe connector and the thunderbolt port right next to each other, and offer a cable with either a single plug that fits both ports, or a cable with only a 2 inch pigtail to fit into both ports!

Apple are great at some things, but it's just that final step that they fail on.

Great docking station, great screen, stupid integration into your other (Apple) peripherals (The Laptop).

Well, that about wraps it up for the NBN

Thumb Down

How could he...

How would Turnbull – who is both intelligent and thorough – be misled?

He was neither misled, nor is he intelligent.

Statistics will always point to what you WANT them to point to. Turnbull would have known that the overall data shows a rise, but hey, that doesn't tell the people the story you WANT to tell does it?

No, far easier to pull a little bait and switch, only show the people a small slice of your statistical analysis, and make them foam at the anti-NBN mouth. Then run around waving you hands in the air screaming "Look over there!! Pretty butterflies!! Labor hates butterflies!! *froth*" and distract the populace before they can investigate further.

Remember, this is politics, not real world, or real smart, or real moralistic, or...well... real anything.

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined


iCloud in Australia = fail

I have 1gig of data a month that I can use on my iphone....but I have mobile data turned off on my iphone, because over here, three / vodaphone have poor coverage, and will charge you for roaming data, even when the icon on the screen CLEARLY shows you are on a three, 3g zone.

In countries where there are restrictive data caps and useage, cloudy apps on mobile devices will suffer from low uptake.

I would rather keep my information, on my server, and on my computers. I just don't trust clouds, much less clouds run by one-foot-in-the-grave, thieving, turtleneck wearing gimps.

Kogan hits 'net-on-TV', Android, Ubuntu markets all at once

Thumb Down

The netbooks....

Are Celeron M processor's too...not even atoms inside them.

I love Kogan's gear, but I have never liked his idea for laptops and netbooks, they are a good example of "you get what you pay for".

If they had atoms in them, then I would consider picking one up, but not with a Celeron.

Windows Home Server 2011 signed off

Jobs Horns

Apple home server

Isn't that what the Mac Mini essentially is?

Or are you just hoping for a pretty, cuddly, touchy-clicky interface to share said files and hand you your very own turtleneck when you get up in the morning? Sorry, not sure if Apple have patented that yet, and if they haven't patented it, they sure wont release it.

FBI asks for help to crack mystery code in 12-year-old murder case



I'm assuming the FBI is composed entirely of men, because it has taken them 12 YEARS to ask for help :)

If this was a roadtrip, the car would be bogged 4 miles off a minor track in the middle of the Nevada desert with a couple of skeletons in the front seats.

For my tuppence worth, I agree with skeptical i, it could be any combination of codes or phrases and even mixed in random junk, so it would be very hard to know if you are on the right track.

Did the FBI freeze his brain? Can we reanimate him and just ask? :)

Foxtel calls on wisdom of the clouds

Paris Hilton

Quotas = FoxFail

Australia has traffic quotas. Foxtel downloads currently come in at a lovely 300-700mb per half hour episode of a television show, depending on various factors (broadcast definition etc). So your quota doesn't allow you to watch much.

The other IPTV options (FetchTV et al) only survive in Australia by virtue of the fact that they are quota free on the ISP's that offer their services (eg, iinet and internode).

Foxtel will only partner with Bigpond, so unless you are a bigpong subscriber, no quota free Foxtel for you (Even then, partnering with Bigpond took a LONG time to happen).

Oops....there goes half your market. What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the noise of all those fed up subscribers rushing to FetchTV, Freeview and torrent downloads of CURRENT TV shows, not 5 year old repeats of the same old pap!

Lets not even get into the whole issue of most people not having enough line speed to watch foxtel over the internet if anyone else happens to want to cruise the net.....

Paris, because shes so old news, she might actually show up on Foxtel this season....

Windsor slaps News for NBN 'scare campaign'



If you want to see proof of the scare mongering perpetrated by The Australian, just take a look at Whirlpool's news feed:


Have a look at EVERY SINGLE article posted on that site by The Australian, and you will quickly notice that every single one of them slams the government for the building of the NBN.

The sooner the NBN is built, the sooner outdated tycoons like Murdoch are relegated to the past.

Albuquerque shopper samples free man oysters


The deep end is....That-a-way!

You seem to be making a massive leap of faith, that being that the "perp" has only done this to three women.

The report never discloses whether he actually served it up to men as well, all we have is your giant leap of imagination.

So, either you know the "perp" (And as an aside, stop watching Law and Order, it is showing in your arguments), or you ARE the "perp", in which case we can all take your ramblings to heart, because you are simply stating the reasons as to why you had to serve up some toppings on that cup-o-yoghurt.

Arcam Solo rDac wireless digital-to-analogue converter


375 squids for that?

Oh wait, its Designed for Apple(TM), so of course, you are paying for the LOOKS of the thing.

Oh wait, you then have to pay extra for the USB dongle / Apple plug connection if you want the wireless side? Riiiight....

Then the comparison is done with MP3 files, which have a tendency to squash the waveform completely out of whack. There are no meaningful comparisons done beyond an ear test. Oookay.

Overpriced unit, underdone review. I have a Dalmatian dog, and I think its better than an Alsatian, just because. My review is just as informative.

Gear4 UnityRemote

Paris Hilton

Multiple iPods/iPhones?

One thing I would have liked to see from the Author, is a test or some sort of confirmation as to whether you can run multiple iEquipment on this unit.

I have an iPhone, the wife has an iPod touch, and the son has an iPhone, can we link all of them in, so it doesnt matter who is watching the tellie?

If so, then fair enough, this kind of price might be justified, but if its one phone only, then its a 100 squid piece of bling for the coffee table.

Paris, because she would both like it, and be confused by it, in equal measures.

DDoS attack, sex warrant won't stop Assange's leaky discharge


If I was Assange...

I would definitely try to get charged for Treason in Australia.

Think about it, you get what, 2 months in the slammer (Go Australian sentencing standards!), halved because you are a white collar kind of guy, and your lawyer asked nicely, then you get protected from extradition by the government because you had served your time here, and the other country might have a harsher sentence (It has a precedence!).

Bob's your uncle, scott free, living large in Australia, nice one!

Mines the one with the arrest warrant in the pocket!