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Printing Bad: Meth found in laser printer cartridges


She should have just said it was spot white or varnish.

Dam amateurs (printers I mean, not drug smugglers)

Japan: Land of cheap booze and slippers in the office


Cheap booze

I was under the impression that "real" beer was horrendously expensive in Japan. What booze are we talking about here?

Oculus Rift tech-specs 'many months away' from hitting the shelves


Re: Will these really take off ?

As with all new forms of visual media you can always count on porn to drive adoption.

That, or some bright young tech start-up will realize that a rack full of servers and some commodity gaming hardware is a hell of a lot cheaper than renting office space in central London.


Spec creep?

Bit disappointed, I'd heard March (from a source so reliable I can't even remember who it was) this rhetoric seems to suggest "not March"

I can't help but think that if they had knocked up either crystal cove or crescent bay by late 2013 they would have said "good enough" and shipped them to retail. Wanting to make the best product you can is admirable, but sometimes you need to let joe public loose, see what non-enthusiasts end up using it for, see what cheap plastic aftermarkets mods appear on the market, and then take it from there.

Pitchforks at dawn! UK gov's Verify ID service fail to verify ID



Also known as "The reason I had to do a 60 mile round trip to the HMRC because I didn't know which of half a dozen labor agencies I hadn't worked for in 3 years they had down as my previous employer"

I'm sure it all works great, on paper, with whatever usage cases they specced it for.

Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game: Glimpses of Turing's life, but that's all ...


Still no mention of the extremely high quality reproduction wallpaper, hand crafted by artisan printers on a genuine 1930's wide-format inkjet.

I am disappointed at this oversight.

Multi Jet Fusion: THAT's HP's promised 3D printer, not crazy 'leccy invention


"Thermal Inkjet Array"

As in thermal (not piezo) heads?

Well done on integrating a technology nobody in industry should be touching with a fully extended, telescopic, carbon fiber barge pole.

There are only a handful of firms making piezo heads, and AFAIK HP isn't one of them. So I'm assuming this is a decision to keep it in-house, and consumers be dammed.

Google roolz! Nest buys Revolv, KILLS new sales of home hub


The same Nest that accused Honeywell of trying to bully it out of the market?

Just checking.

UK.gov pushes for SWIFT ACTION against nuisance calls, threatens £500k fines


Every Friday at work, about 4pm, all the phone lines ring within 5 seconds of each other.

That's how we know it's time to go to the pub.

Chipmaker FTDI bricking counterfeit kit


@tom 38

The whole reason FTDI chips are so popular is that they prevent the average user from needing to know they are using a serial port. There is a hell of a lot of legacy industrial machinery currently being driven over magic cables that have a friendly USB plug on one end and a "weird trapezoid thing with a dozen pointy bits and some screws" on the other.


Re: That's going to cause some problems


Surely the fact that you can say "Dave from eevlog" on a non-electronics forum and expect people to know who you're talking about is evidence enough of the blokes prominence.

AMD pays new CEO $150K LESS than her male predecessor


"less experienced replacement fails to negotiate salary higher than predecessor"

In other news, water has been found to be wet, and scientists claim the sky occasionally appears blue.

Oh wait, did you say this was a woman? Stop the fucking presses.

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast


Re: Patents

Tritium has a half life of 12.32 years.

8 days is close, but only in geological terms.

LOHAN crash lands on CNN












Marianas trench is go.

Beers all round as Vulture 2 lands in Blighty


It was such a good night, my liver is having counseling for PTSD.

I also managed to make a ton of mess in El Reg's spotless swanky offices, so it was well worth the trip.

One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?


Forget it lads, you're 10 years too late to copy Apples business model, and 20 years too late to change what people expect from a windows operating system.

Ello, 'ello, what's all this then? We take a spin on the new social network driving everyone loopy


Great network

Bans you for talking about things it doesn't like, and uses some magic HTML / CSS jiggery pokery to make fonts render really badly.

BT claims almost-gigabit connections over COPPER WIRE


Re: Question about FTTP

I think most US FTTP installs come with a substantial UPS for just this eventuality, I assume BT will do something similar.


19 meters you say?

That's about my distance from the exchange. Now if they would only drag exchange-only lines out of the stone age I'd be sorted.

How it works out to be "cheaper" to do a green box, than upgrade the poor sods on the exchange (where 90% of the equipment presumably already exists) is beyond my economics-fu.

4chan outraged by Emma Watson nudie photo leak SCAM


@ Donkey Molester

The shit only kicked off on all boards after mods started mass deletion / banning with no explanation, prior to that it was just multiple threads on /v/ & /pol/. They could have made a sticky thread a month ago to "contain" the GG posting.

The shit storm lasted until moot final broke cover to admit he'd decided to fuck people over in favor of his new venture capital friends.

Half a billion in the making: Bungie's Destiny reviewed


My $0.02

Feels like Halo, if you took 2/3rds of the enemies off the map and added co-op matchmaking. Gameplay "feels" good, but I really can't see where $500M went, unless 90% of that was marketing budget.

Beer in SPAAAACE: Photographic PROOF


Space exploration has a long and illustrious history of mucking up units, maybe its a 16oz american pint.

LOHAN wrapped in vinyl as Kickstarter campaign hits £18,000!


Lunch, with weights and measures approved portions. Good shout.


I thought I was on sticker duty :P

Our LOHAN spaceplane ballocket Kickstarter climbs through £8000


Re: Bit much

The same Australia that classes BB guns as firearms, won't let you do your own plumbing, and makes you chop cars in half before you import them if they are deemed to be too fast.

I'm sure they will be just fine with high powered rockets bolted onto remote controlled space planes.


Spaceport Fees

Last time I paid to dock it was only 4 credits, however that was in the mid 90's and I hear intergalactic inflation has been increasing constantly

LOHAN gets laughing gear round promotional mug


Re: Practical Questions

The mugs are dye-sub so they are pretty much everything proof, short of sand-blasting the glaze off.


They mocked me for daring to dream of a world where circles printed onto cylinders looked circular from certain angles, mocked me.

But who's laughing now!!!!!

In true mad scientist fashion I have some rather sad looking prototypes hanging around the office waiting to die.

Vampires and Ninjas versus the Alien Jedi Robot Pirates: It's ON


So when are we going to get a Register branded distributed computing project running to crunch all these massive data sets. It will of course need a suitable acronym, may I suggest: Trans-World Arithmetic Tabulation System

Vulture 2 takes a battering in 100km/h test run


Re: Spikes

My thoughts too. The low voltage DC nature would make ultra-caps a good candidate (with just a medium sized electrolytic for low impedance decoupling) That should give the batteries plenty of time to recover.

Vulture 2 strapped to speeding van before delicate brain surgery


I think an estimate of total pints drunk is also in order.


The vinyl stayed on, I don't care if the wings fall off and the rocket motor explodes so long as the vinyl stays stuck.

BT FON fail: Telco CHARGES customers for FREE Wi-Fi usage


7.385 million!

for when 3 significant figures just isn't enough.

Resistance is not futile: Here's a cookie sheet of luke-warm RRAM that proves it


"excellent cycling endurance"

Unless that's expressed in the form Ax10^B cycles, where B is a very large number I'm not interested. I've had quite enough of these "solid state" technologies that manage to succumb to wear.

Reg Latin scholars scrap over LOHAN's stirring motto


Does this mean I've passed my latin GCSE? Because I never did any coursework.

Turing biopic with Cumberbatch, Knightley to premiere at London Film Festival



I made that wallpaper! (along with some more I couldn't spot in the trailer)

Oscar nominations in writing to the AMPAS please.

EU dons gloves, pokes Google's deals with Android mobe makers


My initial thought was that Google was rapidly turning into Apple. Then I read:

"A material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. "

and knew I'd got it completely wrong.

Apple's HIG actually make sense.

German brain surgeon flies in for vital LOHAN operation


Yes a stein

Mines the witbier

Remember when Google+ outed everyone by their real names? Now Google's sorry


Since google went full retard with G+ I haven't left a single youtube comment, or reviewed a single android app (2 activities I was previously quite fond of) I can only assume I'm not the only one.

I don't even know if I have a Google+ account, I just assumed it all got rolled into my omni-account and was visible for the world to see.

LOHAN seeks stirring motto for spaceplane mission patch


de ebrietate, ingenium

I stuck in "from inebriation, ingenuity" and got back "of beer, talent"

both are fine by me

Running Cisco's VoIP manager? Four words you don't want to hear: 'Backdoor SSH root key'


I'm guessing this belongs to that broad category of exploits known as "exploits that were considered features until someone else found out about them"

Brit SPACE HEDGEHOG team flies student Mars payload


Re: Is one of the experiments...

In the high vacuum of space kinder surprise exist simultaneously as a foodstuff and a toy, however in earths thick atmosphere the wave function collapses in such a fashion as to appear to an observer to become first a foodstuff (this state is meta-stable and last until next school break) and then a toy.

America banned them out of fear this property could be exploited to make undetectable weaponised candy which would be distributed to children by radical Islamic dentists.

Lords try shoehorning law against revenge porn into justice bill


1 year in jail for what essentially amounts to publishing photos without a model release form. Oh how reasonable and well thought out this law sounds.

Combine this with a nebulous definition of pornography and the potential for "collateral damage" is huge. Re-post some bikini pics of a friend-of-a-friend you font on facebook? Your nicked son. Girl friend eating a cadburys flake in the traditional manner, better be careful, if she leaves you your fucked.

etc etc.

Virgin Media struck dumb by NATIONWIDE DNS outage


Re: Suspect Much ?

VM's DNS servers have been in the process of falling over for several years now, I'm calling coincidence with regards to the BT outage.

Maplin Electronics sold for £85m to Rutland Partners


Re: I knew that had got expensive... but not THAT expensive!

40p for 1/4 W resistors.

and only ever 2 in stock.

They used to be worth keeping around for when you really needed a dozen fast recovery diodes at 4.30 on a Saturday afternoon, nowadays you've got more chance of getting them airlifted over from the popes private stash (which would probably still be cheaper)

Microsoft 'Catapults' geriatric Moore's Law from CERTAIN DEATH


Re: Slow evolution?

I thought the British micro scene in the 80's had a fetish for ULA's (rather than ASIC's) which were essentially a basic write-once FPGA.

ProDesk colour 3D printer's secret: It gives hot models great head


I did once think to try building a CMY(K) head for a 3D printer. Use white filament for the base colour and then mix in the rest to suit.

Like most of my big ideas it never got any further than a sketch.

Tens of thousands of 'Watch Dogs' pirates ENSLAVED by Bitcoin botmaster


Torrent group?

I thought they were a publisher.

They certainly appeared at the start of most of my Amiga games :P

Tennessee bloke cuffed for attempting to shag ATM – police


Cool heads prevail?

Much as I tend to despair of the US justice system "public intoxication" seems far more reasonable than the laundry list of sexual offences he would probably get landed with over here.