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IBM insider: How I caught my wife while bug-hunting on OS/2


Email address?

Interesting to read about not being given an email address when you started? At that time I don't think email was widely used - didn't you have your OV/VM / NOSS account for internal 'email' ? Also surprised about your comment with HR and trying to get rid of you before you went on maternity leave.

Think you've got a bit of a chip on your shoulder with TPTB.

Swedish woman cuffed for sex with skeleton SHOCKER


TBH she hasn't got a leg to stand (or sit) on


Head, shoulders, knees and moans

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game review


Loving the game.. but they need to release server code

tbh it's my first wander into the COD franchise so can understand the frustration of those that have paid £xx for games gone before. However, as a first purchase of COD and playing a lot of CS:S and CS:GO I thought I'd get it mainly for the multiplayer part.

Glad I did - an excellent game and really like the way you advance through weapons and add ons. The only negatives are really linked together:

1. Lag balancer basically auto-balances to the worst players lag. Frustrating when 11 players have fantastic connections but one player is playing from the moon and bringing everyone else to their level.

2. No separate dedi servers, all run by COD folks. So, no admin, no kicking players for abuse etc.

Basically, I want my clan to have their own server and play the way we play it. We've been very successful in the past on previous games I can't understand why there are no dedi servers for 3rd parties (they say it's to stop hackers but there are already hackers in the game now)

Overall, just for Multiplayer I'd give it 85% - can't wait for a few updates to sort out small issues and then for them to give us the clan servers!

Borderlands 2 review

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3D anyone?

The first real game that I've played which is worth the Nvidia 3D system - the graphics and 3d engine are superb. A CS:S / CS:Go player mainly I wasn't sure I was going to like the cartoon characters and RPG type play (from screenshots looked too TF2 stylie).

However, I can honestly say it's one of the best games I've ever played and would recommend it to anyone who likes FPS/RPG with a simple online co-op engine (as long as you've got a half decent rig). There's something strangely satisfying when you manage to kill a huge robot with a single powered up nade and your shout over the mic to your mate "Did you see that ?!".

Delays, password problems hit UK2 email restore


Way overdue..

Well, looks like the email I received from them on the 12/10 when I complained about the POP3 service has led them to take drastic action :)

"I was able to connect to the POP3 service with the settings you provided. It is probably because I just tested it now when there is not a lot of traffic on those servers. There has been a lot of high load on our atmail servers recently and are [sic] admins are working on a solution to this. They should begin implementing this solution within a week."

Glad I moved away from the service a couple of weeks ago although I'm still awaiting the refund from UK2 for the additional POP3 accounts - hmmmm.