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Virgin Media to issue firmware update after Superhub slows to crawl


Product manager fail

I really would love to know who the product manager is for their broadband and sit down and have a little chat with him, sure they may have a market for the fisher price broadband, hide all the options keep the numpties from breaking it, but their 50mbit flagship product is going to attract people who actually know how to use their pc's as well they will want basic functionality.

Don't support it, thats fine we will figure it out, just don't put up road blocks.

Its band enough that they force you into using their branded hardware when any cable modem that supports the euro DOCSIS 3 standard technically could work fine on the network.

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours



Im running 3.55 custom firmware and on PSN right now, just use one of the proxies that basically reports back to PSN that your on 3.56 when you really on 3.55 and your in.

Xbox 360 update bans Call of Duty dupes



Just patch the iso with SSv3 and burn again oh and as long as your drives on the latest firmware your back on again. People are cheating on cod without backups.

Amazon offers cloud based bulk emailer to SMEs



I wonder, the biggest problem I see with this is Amazon will not know if a mail is unsolicited or not, sure it may advertise a valid service, sure it may not have an opt-out link, but does that mean the poor person getting the mail opted in to be begin with? I think not.

Personally I will be looking forward to finding the IP ranges used on this and making all servers I host place a high spam score if the mail comes from those IP's.

Shocked mum muzzles foul-mouthed toy mutt


I can see her point

I have one of these for my daughter, and the first time it came on in a noisy room I thought that's what it said as well, however when I made it play again I could clearly hear it saying bark just with an accent. I didn't storm off and complain, if I was that bothered I would just connect the toy to my laptop and alter the song playlist to skip that song.

To be fair what I would love from this toy is the ability to put my own song's on there, ive tried accessing it but the mass storage device comes up but I cant figure out what the file system they are using is.

Android passes iPhone in mobile ad race



I wonder what the real figure is because on my htc phone I have a hosts file that blocks ad's, works really well, and as its a custom rom loads of people running the same rom have the same thing.

The other thing it wont show is people running android on their iphone :)

Ubisoft eases PC DRM (a little)


small step in the right direction

Well its nice to see a small move into the correct direction, the thing is DRM doesn't stop piracy the pirates go oh thats a nice DRM you have there *rip* *crack* oh look im playing the new title all copied. The paying customers then are lumbered with the restriction's, compatibility issues, degraded performance all for what? Nothing as the pirates are still playing the game. It serves nothing more than to punish your paying customers.

The thing is look at MMO's or games that have a strong online element but require a CD key to use the online features, they do better than the single player games with weak online features and stupidly strong DRM.

It was the same when spore came out I bought it couldn't play it and was told get a crack, well to hell with that I took the game back got a refund and then downloaded a pirate copy played it and then deleted it, I've now no longer bought games with any major form of DRM since, and I've stuck to using things like steam rather than retail (have to love this xmas's sale)

Mobile operators handed content billing blueprint



this is what winds me up 500mb of data from face book is the same as 500mb of data from youtube, its still 500mb of data no matter where it came from and I shouldn't be paying a different rate depending on how my ISP feels about the site im accessing.

Sure if you boil down to it peering agreements can mean different rates for transit but that's not really website specific, make sure you have good peering and alternate routes to hand and have a nice flat rate per MB of transit and then charge enough to make a reasonable margin on that. Oh look you now have a sustainable business model that means you make money the more MB everyone uses (unless you do something stupid like say its unlimited for a flat rate.... oh wait.....).

World of Warcraft bot ban ticks off world of critics



I think they should just release the source code to the BOT and give a big FU to Blizzard and this ruling, not allowed to sell it sure no problem I wont sell it :)

Im not saying I agree with the botters ether but I personally think they should be going after the people running the bot instead of the bot itself. Also look at what it is about your game that makes people thing I really want to pay money to someone else to do this part for me. The way I see if if part of the game is that bad people will give other people money to do it for them then it needs work.

WikiLeaks urged to stop hosting on Russian blackhat ISP



I wonder how much of this is just because most web host are scared to touch them or take their buisness, who would want to host a site thats subject to such negative things as DDoS attacks and possible political/legal proceedings form the USA.

They have looked at hosting with OVH but OVH wouldnt accept them without legal advice which it seams has been hard to get and even then they have been advised to not touch them (source: http://forum.kimsufi.co.uk/showthread.php?t=889). If you cant get hosting any place but the blackhat ISP's then thats the place your sites going to live.

Default judgement FAIL: ACS:Law muffs up in court



Im shocked and very very pleasantly surprised to see someone with some common sense in the law profession, ACS law are one of the biggest bunch of con artists going, its about time their cases where thrown out.

Death of ID card scheme left £6.5m of kit going begging



41million for the quango to sit down and decide on some rules on how things will be done then 6.5m on kit? Im in the wrong job

EU telecoms to Apple, Google: 'Pay up!"



I pay my telco for my access and bandwidth and I damned well expect my monthly fee's to cover the cost of what I use, im the one that goes and watchs a youtube video, or uses google etc. These content providers are not forcing me to go use their stuff I choose to, they are paying for their bandwidth to server anyone that request's data from there servers, they should not be extorted by companies trying to make them pay twice to carry data their customers have paid them to carry.

If they are charging to little to keep up with customer demand then that's their sodding problem, charge more. If my mobile provider turned around and said look we are sorry it costs x £ per GB so we are setting a price of x for this set amount of bandwidth and x per additional gig id pay for it. Don't sell me unlimited or set high AUP's and expect them to be hardly used people will use what they pay for. Sell it responsibly with clear pricing and stop trying to extort money from those that don't owe you a penny.

I'd happy cancel my mobile contract with any company that tries to extract payment from content providers and switch to one that charges more but doesn't try this rubbish.

Google aims Nexus S smartphone at US, UK


seriously disappointed

I love the Nexus one its a great phone however im now looking at whats next, and aparently its a phone with the same speed cpu, same ram, same res screen (though slightly bigger display), same quality camera, same wifi speed (wireless n on the nexus one and desires been available for ages).

All in all apart from the only advantages of the upgrade would be having slightly more internal storage (not a problem because I use a large SD card anyways), slightly larger screen which is a nice addition, and the updated OS that will be available on my phone anyway.

Thanks but no thanks I will keep what I have and wait for something worth getting, maybe the rumored Galaxy 2.

Dixons warns of tough Christmas



The problem is their prices, I went in there the other day and had a look at a newly redone store, they had graphics cards 2 generations behind the one I just bought last week for over twice the price I paid for my new card.

Everything was significantly higher priced than what I could get when buying online so is it hardly surprising that more and more people are doing just that?

Content producers should chip in for mobile internet costs


meh a title

This is just one of the many reasons why I dropped O2 and I will drop any company that tries this kind of stuff. I pay for access to the internet not a limited subset that you like or pays what in my eyes amounts to a bribe.

I already paying for a set amount of GB per month (lets not get onto the fact that set amount is advertised as unlimited, the maximum allowed in the AUP is the actual limit and what I go off). I expect to be able to use that many GB each month on anything on the internet if I choose to.

1GB of data is the same amount of data no matter where it comes from, no matter if its Iplayer or downloads from and app store. It still the same amount of bytes from the internet.

Add to that that the content providers already are paying for their upstream and thus paying for their content. As a customer my fee's are paying for the delivery of that content, if your undercharging then that's your own fault and your own flawed business model.

If you sell something at a price less than it costs to provide then you will loose money, many ISP's have gone bust for the same reason's. Ether increase your prices, cross subsidise from your other product's or crash and burn, ether option is fine by me, but trying to bribe content provides is just not acceptable.

Hacker unshackles Kinect from Xbox

Jobs Horns

Title is loading ████████████ 99%

I find this funny writing a device driver is hardly tampering, would you call using a 3rd party driver for your wireless card because the manufacturer doesn't put one out for windows 7 tampering? I certainly wouldn't.

Microsoft make money on the hardware they should have made windows drivers for all their hardware, but they seam to only be half arsed with it, for example they make drivers for the 360 usb and wireless pad, but they dont make ones for the chatpad you use with the same pad.

Its in microsoft's interest's to make things like this seamless and support from hardware from pc to xbox and visa versa but they are dropping the ball. The fact that people are putting up rewards for people to make 3rd party drivers just shows that people want them and MS are just failing to meet that demand. They can be as unhappy as they like but while they fail to meet customer demand things like that will happen.

BT network goes titsup up north


meh title

Thats because your SDSL connection will be provided over IPStream which whats suffereing at the moment.

Spamhaus blocks fellow antispam outfit



Well spamwise is now officially blacklisted on all servers I admin. I agree with spamhaus in that's their service is UCE. Spamhaus don't charge for delistings, I'm sure that's SORBS your thinking of (they are a bunch of cowboys btw).

No one is forcing anyone to use the spamhaus list people choose them because they trust their listing. I don't envy them having to deal with numpties that don't have a clue about running a secure server.

Google: Street View cars grabbed emails, urls, passwords


hmm I wonder

I do wonder just how much of this is the people's who's data was harvested in the first place. They were broadcasting totally insecurely this data. Sure google harvested this ok that's not great but how many people who are small are harvesting the same information but wont get caught.

Surely this could be used instead to educate people to secure you damned wifi because its the same as leaving your front door open anyone can get in and take your stuff.

Google releases stable version of Chrome 7



Saw this grabbed it then grabbed chrome 8 because of its webgl support. It may not look like much is changing from version to version but there is a lot of work on the upcoming web technology's.

Boxee box to come to Blighty



Lol sure the ps3 plays some media but what about mkv? The most widely used container for HD content ATM and your flat out of luck if you want to use it on the ps3. You have to use 3rd party applications to ether reencode or transcode them. Oh and forget about using ambassador shares on the ps3.

Mozilla puts Firefox 4 Android beta on crash diet



Big whoop its 40mb, use a2sd+ from day one and you will have loads of space. I personally don't need hundreds of apps installed at once. If I want an app as a one off I download it use it and then uninstall it.

As for the comment about windows memory leak I'm betting you use flash. Flash doesn't tell Firefox its done with the memory when its finished. Most memory leaks couuld be fixed if they made flash report to the browser that its done.

I for one will be trying this and hopefully the pages that chrome doesn't work well with will be better.

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks


Not a big whoop

Its a nice touch this, but not really a big deal, ether the developers are 100% certain they will never need to update the phone (so no new android updates) which I find highly unlikely. Im guessing they have just altered the HBOOT to reflash/restore the rom from a hidden backup. There will be an updater that updates this backup as needed.

The proper hack for this basically will just revolve around ether disabling this behaviour in the HBOOT or to update the backup rom with a custom one.

Will be some interesting reading but I don't doubt this will be done.

O2 shocks customers by slashing iPad data allowance


Title is loading ████████████ 99%

This just is underhanded selling someone something based on it being once price, then changing the limits without contacting people to tell them. This basically means someone using their previous limits would find a nice big bill the next month with no notice. What's the betting that O2 will charge a stupidly high price per extra MB and not cap the charges so people end up with staggering bills.

Porn and pirates hide Android's money maker



I wonder how much impact a better search / rating interface would have, for example there's many app's on the android market that I've thought about buying but then with a little digging if found a 100% app that does the same thing (the gmail unread notification widget for example).

I have bought some app's of course one that I really liked, the snes megadrive psx emulators for example. But trawling through the market is a pain id love the ability to hide apps I dont want to know about, or even category's of apps (for example when browsing games id love to hide all those useless soundboards and apps that just to a slide so of pictures).

Vodafone volte-face on Galaxy S


Just root

Just root the thing, and have none of the branded stuff :D if it goes wrong then they almost certainly are not going to check the rom version on a dead phone.

Google warns Chrome Canary is only for the brave


Generic comment title

to be fair an unstable version is probably not going to be any worse than some of the final code put out by other companies.

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade


simple fix

Just root and install what ever rom you want, be it a stock 2.2 or a customized one what ever you want. I did that with my Tmobile and voda desires and it was painless and simple. And I had 2.2 running nice and stable for a good while now on them.

Sky bags UK HBO exclusive


Good news

I hope this will see more english shows being created and shown, as for the stuff I want to watch intead of paying sky I will just get it from the newsgroups ta very muchly before sky have shown it :)

O2 dithers over Apple iPhone 4 refund pledge


small claims

I would love to see the outcome of this going via small claims. Personally I would hope that they would rule against O2, if the product has a signal fault to the point that you have to buy a bumper or that the manufactures are offering free bumpers to anyone buying one that is very damning evidence of a real problem. Add onto that that the manufacturer's offered full refunds to all customers, and the testing report of one of the worlds most respected testing companies saying the fault is real.

Armed with most of that Id feel very strongly that the case would go in the buyers favour and 02 will have to realise that they don't have a case and do the right thing by their customers.

Phonemakers cry foul on Steve Jobs 'We're all alike' attack


Missing the point

I love steves response, it just confirms to me why I will not buy Apple products. The gist of what he said is "our customer's are complaining about this issue, but it's ok guys seriously, other phones have this flaw so is perfectly fine for us to have the same problem!, thats right guys come on you didnt seriously expect better quality from our product's did you?".

That said I have HTC phones and have never had such problems myself.

Torrent sites: Here today, gone tomorrow and no one even cares


I love this

While the anti-filesharing groups see this as a victory personally I see this as nothing more than highlighting their fail. They spent all that time effort and money to achieve nothing, sure some sites got shut down, more came back in its place so much so in fact that no one even noticed. It takes news articles after the fact for people to find out.

That's not having a major impact that's just plain ineffectiveness. The problem is filesharing and software piracy is never going away. Even if every torrent site and usenet site in the world was shut down it would still exist, even if all sharing of files over the internet was stopped people would share them using physical means (hard drives are getting damned cheap). Trying to stop it isn't working and the sooner they realise this the sooner they will look at new approaches that may have more success.

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs



So some people out there ether find this type of things funny or have sympathy for the killer? Harldly news, The internet is full of people of all types including those that find things that would disgust most funny.

Look at the Madeleine Mccann, how long was it until jokes were being sent around about that?

People are strange, not everyone will agree with the popular and common vue, and the thing is the internet gives a voice to those people. Just ignore it and more along.

Newzbin goes titsup



its a shame because it was a nice site but in the long run what does it achieve? nothing much there are other nzb sites out there still running, for each taken down more pop up and as the newzbin case is not finished its not been proven that they were doing anything illegal.

Long story short even if the shut down all NZB server's great people get the files manually from newsgroups, so you shut down the groups, ok people goto torrents, shut down the torrents people goto tor based p2p, somehow shut down this and all the other methods and then it just goes back to private FTP server, or copying the files onto a disc and sharing them with your friends etc.

Files will be shared no matter what.

BT expands fibre rollout


@ those saying its useless

FTTC rollout has nothing to do with caps thats set by the ISP, if you want those ISP's that give large usage cap's to offer you these connections then you need the Openreach FTTC rollout to carry on so they can then sell the access using GEA to your LLU isp.

BT infinity is just BT the ISP buying the FTTC product from Wholesale and then putting their caps and management on it. They do the same with their ADSL.

When other ISP start selling products on it then you will have greater choice, but once the networks there that can happen. Though FTTC is still a trail product with BT Wholesale and Openreach so most ISP basically want to test it and see the results of the trial before loading their customers onto it.

Software piracy rates fall



I find this funny because Id love to know how they REALLY measure this, I pirate everything, be it a console game/pc game/application/movies/music/tv shows etc, then I buy the stuff I really liked and want to support.

For example this year so far I've bought 5 games, I've pirated a hell of a lot of than than played then deleted. TV shows I could go buy a PVR and arse around (as I have a full virgin HD package) but instead I just download what I want and watch it on any device on my network.

My downloading habits have not changed, nether has by buying habits, the only thing that has changed lately is the quality of stuff produced.

Unofficial Windows 7 SP1 beta stumbles onto interwebs


@Stone Fox

They did that a while back with a lovely tool called removewat :)

Googlenet dwarfs all but two of world's ISPs


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Google has a lot more revinue streams that some simple advertisement. Sure that is one, android is one making big waves in the mobile market. Google Apps is another really popular and paid for service from google. (http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2009-01-07-n84.html).

Apple turns the flamethrower on Android


Thanks Apple

I'm in the market for a new phone I've been toying with waiting for the iphone 4th Gen or an android device such as Nexus One, Sony X10 or Motorola Shadow.

This news has made me scratch the iphone off the list of possibles :) I know apple don't care about my personal busisnes but the only way they will ever learn that people don't like these types of action is mass voting with feet.

Sadly I doubt there's enough people who are informed enough or opinionated enough to make a reasonable dent in apple's sales. As such they will continue to do all they can to make sure you don't get a choice of decent phones.

Google's Nexus One sales still sluggish



is it any wonder its not flying off the shelf when its not in stores for joe public to look at? Im in the UK and waiting to get one, im sure as hell not getting its im free at that price, plus I want one with a network bundle for 3g air time. When that happens I'll order one :)

FCC boss stumps for free and open internet


Lets hope there's common sense

The whole point of there being a watchdog on an industry is to slap down those members of the industry that behave badly. So Comcast were bad, the got caught shafting their customers and they were told to stop it. Now they want to say the people that regulate them have no authority to do that? Sounds like someone's throwing their toys out of their pram because they got their hand's caught in the cookie jar :)

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’



I really like the current method, google's phone isnt made by google, and using it it isn't using googles GSM network. Instead they are just selling a phone they feel shows off their OS properly and they decide what happen's with it instead of operators. Any operator wanting to sell this phone can they ether just buy the same handset from HTC or just sell it via google.

I see googles point look at samsung who arnt letting their andriod using customers update the version? or where the operator tweaks and changes make the andriod system look bad. At least this way google have a way of saying look this is how it could run. If people like it and buy it the good on em its about time mobile operators stopped crippling their handsets.

Not just that but Im sick of wanting to get a specific phone handset only to find its only carried by one mobile phone company, look at the iphone originally people who didnt want/like or have a bad history with O2 or AT&T didn't have a choice. You could buy it sim free but so many features didn't work or the tariff wasn't right etc. If handset/OS makers could actually say fine buy the phone's from us direct and any network that wants to sell it to their customers can through us. This would mean more customer choice and greater competition in the market. Bad handset's are then just bad its nothing to do with the network.

Block McKinnon extradition, MPs tell UK Home Secretary


My Vote

my vote goes to which ever political party tells the US government where they can shove it in this case.

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live


@ Scott Mckenzie

Id love to see just how you could do what you talk about, as Im a geek and I love reading up on this and apart from a very very basic disk swap method that soon got patched there's never been a working publicised way to boot backup's on the ps3 (at any cost).

Tbh if there was a way even if it cost more than the orginals id probably do it for the shear sake of doing something interesting with what is essentially a paperweight (not one of the games I wanted when I first got the ps3 nearly 2 years ago has been released yet).

Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman

Paris Hilton

doesnt sound to bad if you ask me

Looking up some tables online (http://www.unesco.org/education/educprog/ste/pdf_files/sourcebook/module18.pdf) it would suggest at worst at 49db she is not as loud as an extractor fan, and is quieter than a fridge which is rated at 44db most of the time. Tbh if my neighbours complained that me and my missus's moments were heard at levels quieter than my fridge running id tell there where to go.

Maybe that scale is wrong but it certainly doesn't make this issue seam very serious and certainly not deserving of an asbo. Id put my TV on instead while making love as that's rated at higher than her most extravagant readings.

Paris well because we all know she's done some screaming :P

Xbox 360 Twitter, Facebook clients rated X


@that's if

lol the vast bulk of the recent bans are the pirate in the last 2 ban waves, if your already ripping microsoft off for the games they don't your business, which if fair enough, so pop out buy a new core system on the cheap put your drive across and learn to check your rips right and don't play pre-release :P

How malware frames the innocent for child abuse



Such as fuss is kicked up by even suspicion or even accusation of these kinds of activities that innocent people have their lives jobs and even families destroyed before the facts of the matter are even investigated.

I really think there should be legislation brought in to protect everyone that get's suspicion or accusation. Their identities should not be made public until they are proven guilty. Once they are proven guilty then hang them but if they are innocent victims of trojans/virus's then their lives are protected.

The biggest thing that worries me about this is that im soon to be a dad (missus is due in just over a week), is that people who have a computer that gets a virus like this and are 100% innocent would have their children taken off them. Tbh make's you want to rip the internet connection out and give it up as a bad job.