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Microsoft hikes support charges by NINETY TWO PER CENT


It's only reasonable to double the fees. After all, there's probably at least double the problems.

Swedish 'Future minister' doesn't do social media


I guess I'm abnormal, I don't do social media. Should I vote for someone who does?

Eurozone death spiral forces Microsoft to ease UK licensing price hike


Delay purchase

If you're wise, you will delay your purchase and the price will stay the same or decrease. M$ will keep prices rising as long as they can get away with it, but will lower prices if no one is willing to bend over for the shaft...

Microsoft, Nokia, HTC fight Apple's 'App store' trademark

Paris Hilton

What about M$ use of...

Isn't this similar to microsloth's use of 'office, 'word', 'money' etc? Sort of do as I say, not as I do on their part.

Oh... the opposite of loose is tight. The opposite of win or find is lose.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD


Blu Ray is not about being better

Blu Ray was never about being better, but about getting all the video watching sheep to buy another, more expensive, copy of something they already own. Also it was a weak attempt at better copy protection. Anything already released on DVD is simply copied to Blu Ray. No attempt is made at providing better quality for the increased price. Anyone who thinks the movie companies have their best interests in mind should be led gently to bed and fed warm milk and cookies. The smartest move (probably too late now) is to not buy anything Blu Ray.

Microsoft will fix it for you


Built an Image???

It looks to me you're suggesting users build an XP image to fix their problems before installing it. Since when did M$ supply the source so you could build an image or are you suggesting that everyone should roll their own? I think you're giving the average microsloth user a lot of credit. After all M$ has some competent programmers and they can't even get it right. But I do agree that XP is the best they ever came up with, but jeez it's 10 years old.

Desktop Colour Laser Printers: Best Buys


Linux support?

To even report on printers that don't at least support windoze/MAC/Linux is a total waste of time. To say that the best is one that doesn't support Linux is ludicrous. Networking is pretty much a necessity nowadays as well. Overall your review is a waste of server space and bandwidth.

Brits blasé about 3D TV 'fad'


Brits blase about 3d TV?

That shows they have more smarts than a lot of others. Here's to you!

Microsoft offers SMEs cash to use Dynamics ERP software


Microshaft finds the answer!

If your products are crap, buy the customer.

Whatever happened to the email app?


You left out Evolution

Eudora was good in its day but I graduated from windoze and am happy with Evolution; and it comes included with my no cost Ubuntu Linux.

Windows 7 RC 'buy a copy' shut downs start next month


No kidding

Yup! You is a fool. I naffed off to a free OS (Ubuntu) 3 years ago and my total cost for software on 14 computers in that time has been $0.00 (same amount in pounds)! You want to support Microshaft? Feel free, but realize your stupidity is showing.


Yes Linux has a license

Yes Linux has a license; but it is real interesting when compared to the Microshaft offering. What the GPL says is you are free to look at, use or modify the source code, but you can't charge others to use the modified code. (except if you're Microshaft, who have been found guilty of and fined for doing exactly that!) However you can give away the modified code in keeping with the fact that you didn't pay for the efforts of whoever supplied you with the code *you* modified. Let's see M$ match that one.


It's Legit

You can, or at least you could a couple of years ago, get on the phone for a couple of hours, stick your nose up someone's butt and get a code that allows you to reactivate windoze. Of course you'll have to go through this BS anytime you need to reinstall; probably once or twice a year.


No Internet?

Is there a person who would want, or even accept a stand alone box these days? If you don't want to support the suppliers of the BSOD try Linux. The mind you save will be your own.

Microsoft security dev tools go 'Agile'


Microsoft Security... Snicker, Snicker.

Would anyone in his/her right mind trust M$ with security? Yes? I can offer you a heck of a deal on a bridge...

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala



Nicest blood I've ever been 'bloodied' by. My experience has been the complete opposite of your article; are you referring to the beta? I experienced problems right up to the Release Candidate, but the final release has been completely flawless. I've been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn and for me Karmic is far and away the best release so far! *Everything* just worked. So far I have installed both 32 bit and 64 bit Desktop versions, and 64 bit Server. Zero problems.


Re: Never Got That Far -

The first comment; referring to a 17 hour download, "Never Got That Far" by Gannon (J.) Dick. Next time try a bittorrent! I was promised a 10+ hour download from Canonical's site, but by using torrents I had copies of 32 bit and 64 bit Desktop and 64 bit Server in less than an hour. Downloaded using 3 different computers. This on Release Day! Does this sound greedy? Don't forget that I then had 3 computers uploading to others. Sharing works for everyone; try it.


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