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Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help

Mark Warman

Where is the cloakroom?

That i might get mine coat... And what is that beeping noise?

Ban booze in supermarkets, says health adviser

Mark Warman
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Could this mean a return of the old fasioned off-license?

Be nice if it did. Back to the days of actually being able to ask someone that knows each bottle, rather than someone that probably hasn't even tasted it...

Not sure I agree with the price hike though.

Suicidal moose descends on Alaska

Mark Warman


The moose't important moose-story of the day...

BOFH: Memory short circuit

Mark Warman

Pound Notes?


Don't remember those, I'm sure *whistles innocently*

Arthur C Clarke lists three wishes on 90th birthday

Mark Warman

Can't say much that hasn't already been said about this man...

So I won't.

Happy Birthday Mr Clarke.

Feeling left out? Get your PC infected today!

Mark Warman

Can think of worse ways to test your anti-virus

After all, if you don't get a report of a quarantined file or a virus attack on your machine, how do you know your protection is working?


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