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We don't know why it's there, we don't know what it does – all we know is that the button makes everything OK again


Re: Dummy thermostats

Jealous much? Here you go AC, have an upvote, even though you don't really deserve it.

JBS Foods ransomware gang: White House 'engaging directly' with Russia about attack on massive meat producer


Re: Wrong target

Did you mean SPAM?

UK's BT starts trials of new hollow-core optical fibre networks


Re: High-frequency trading

Hollow fibre trading?

AWS Free Tier, where's your spending limit? 'I thought I deleted everything but I have been charged $200'


Re: The Register has asked AWS why there is no spending caps on accounts.

I expect he claims a fair chunk of expenses, too.

Ransomware victim Colonial Pipeline paid $5m to get oil pumping again, restored from backups anyway – report


Re: Another argument...

Even if they could get their data back without paying a ransom, there is still the threat that the ransomware operators could publish confidential information. Best to invest in making sure they don't get into your network in the first place, really.

Apple faces another suit over its allegedly misleading water resistance claims


Re: Apple only needs to show...

That was nice of them. Unless you got it in writing I'd expect to be brushed off or ignored.

British IT teacher gets three-year ban after boozing with students at strip club during school trip to Costa Rica


They were probably drunk.

iPhone XR caught fire after getting trapped in airline passenger's seat


Re: Ryan Air*

Do you need to recline on a short haul flight? I certainly don't expect reclining seats when I'm on a bus, which is essentially what Ryanair services are.

How not to apply for a new job: Apply for it on a job site


Re: "a freelancer feels the urge to seek solace in full-time employment"

agencies have been useless at providing anyone with a job they were applying for and usually try to get you to go for totally unsuitable positions that they actually have on the books

To a recruiter, the perfect job for you is whatever they have available.

To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user


Re: Who is General Failure

Bill Posters will be prosecuted!

I wonder what for...

Home office setup with built-in boiling water tap for tea and coffee without getting up is a monument to deskcess



I guess you could also store stationery and documents in the fridge, or is that a bit too 20th century? You know, using pens and paper and whatnot.


Re: it's a joke right?

I came here to post a similar comment, so instead I will just post this reply.

Remember that day in 2020 when you were asked to get the business working from home – by tomorrow?


Re: Hats off

Don't forget the fax machines!

The Novell NetWare box keeps rebooting over and over again yet no one has touched it? We're going on a stakeout


Re: Hands up who thought it would be the cleaner again

Yes, I was reading this thinking "yawn, not another cleaner tale".. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Loser Trump is no longer useful to Twitter, entire account deleted over fears he'll whip up more mayhem


Wow, you hear in the Fake News Media that there are people out there that actually believe this conspiracy BS, but you never think they actually exist.

Asus ROG Phone 3: An ugly but refreshing choice – for gaming fans only


Re: "National dish? Doritos."

They're like really cheesy Nik Naks.

For every disastrous rebrand, there is an IT person trying to steer away from the precipice


Also in reference to the fictional British sitcom "Do shut up":

If they're not having a go with a bird, they're having a row with a wanker!

CodeWeavers' CrossOver ran 32-bit Windows Intel binary on macOS on Arm CPU emulating x86 – and nobody died


Perhaps people would take you more seriously if you didn't repeatedly use childish names like "(Cr)Apple".

FYI: Alibaba Cloud says it has robot sysadmins that swap faulty disks in four minutes


Re: Gosh ...

Yes, I was expecting a custom designed caddy system, but it looks pretty standard. I like the wobble as it inserts the new drive.

Let's... drawer a veil over why this laser printer would decide to stop working randomly


Re: Cleaning

Oh. I was hoping for something more unique than another "cleaner unplugs computer to use vacuum cleaner" story.

SpaceX’s Starlink finally reveals its satellite broadband pricing for rural America: At $99 a month, it’s a good deal


This makes no difference if the only piece of cable between your property and the exchange is several miles of copper provided by Openreach. Sure you can change ISP, but all the bits still have to go down that same cable.

We bought a knockoff Lego launchpad kit from China for our Saturn V rocket so you don't have to


Re: The average age of a Battle of Britain pilot was 21

What do you do for fun? Tax returns? Wrestling bears? Trolling people on forums?

Proper grown-up adult stuff, right.


Re: Say it with me

You mean threadlock.


I'd much rather read a review of this generic blocks kit than a report on painting some walls.

Has Apple abandoned CUPS, the Linux's world's widely used open-source printing system? Seems so


Re: will drop PPD file support soon

I'd be mildly surprised if you couldn't find a "compatible" PCL5 model with the universal driver. My 15 year old P2055dn is quite the spring chicken in comparison so I can't confirm if it would work with your old timer, but I tend to assume that old LaserJets should carry on printing forever as long as the hardware is functioning.

Guess whose app store claims to champion 'choice, fairness and innovation'. It's Microsoft's, funnily enough


TL;DR version

"please, please use our store"

This is how demon.co.uk ends, not with a bang but a blunder: Randomer swipes decommissioning domain


Re: A sad day

Zen also have decent support staff who actually know what they're talking about, at least that was my experience on the rare occasions I've needed to contact them.

Mate, it's the '90s. You don't need to be reachable every minute of every hour. Your operating system can't cope


Re: Instant Email (Not!)

At a company I worked for recently there was a team of users who spent most of their day manually entering data from a spreadsheet in to an IBM RPG application via a terminal emulator. I showed them how they could complete this task in a matter of minutes using macros. Most of them were not impressed, I assume because it made them pretty much redundant, so they carried on doing it by typing everything in by hand.

Data integrity? We probably haven't heard of it...

Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced techie is indistinguishable from magic


As far as I'm aware, this is a common feature of factory fitted car audio systems. In VWs (Blaupunkt?) it is/was called GALA, and could be adjusted or disabled. I agree it shouldn't continue to crank the volume up to maximum, though it seems odd that the service centre would completely strip down the vehicle. Presumably they tried simply replacing the stereo?


Re: even before PFY

I think "cpu would thermal throttle and halt everything" should have been "it overheated and stopped working".

You had one job... Just two lines of code, and now the customer's Inventory Master File has bitten the biscuit


Re: Adding a comment sometimes caused compile failure

Or an even number of children to adults?

No Google Play, no problem: Huawei pinches global phone sales crown off Samsung


Re: All very predictable

Why so many upvotes? I'm no fan of Trump, but WTF does this have to do with mobile phone sales?

Microsoft wants to show enterprises that Edge means business, rather than the thing you use to download Chrome


Re: New Edge, now with even more spyware

Yes, new Edge, as that's what the article was about.

I wasn't "justifying" the behaviour at all. I am not a fan of it, but it can be turned off in both browsers, so it's not really a big deal to me.


Re: New Edge, now with even more spyware

So, rather like Chrome does?

30 seconds looking in settings:

System -> Continue running background apps when Edge is closed

(I do not use Edge, apart from doing this "fact checking" exercise)

It's National Cream Tea Day and this time we end the age-old debate once and for all: How do you eat yours?


Re: At the risk of alienating 50% of you

I do this. I don't think I've ever made it into a sandwich, except maybe as a child.


Re: No ta

I have a similar problem with bananas. I still force myself to eat them occasionally, though.


Re: Northern option

Surely the Northern option is discard the scone and replace it with a meat pie?


I'm from Devon but I think the Cornish have got it right. As you say, it's easier to put more cream on top of the jam than trying to spread jam on cream.

I still put cream on first though.

'One rule for me, another for them' is all well and good until it sinks the entire company's ability to receive emails


Re: Good riddance

Ah yes, I would cringe when I overheard my colleague telling the customer to "run scandisk" as a solution to every problem so he could go back to playing his game. It's the same as lazy people "leaving it to soak" when they don't want to actually wash the dishes.


I installed Win95 on my 386 SX25 with 4MB RAM. Would not recommend.

All-electric plane makes first flight – while lugging 2 tons of batteries aloft


The video

I was rather hoping to hear what it sounds like, rather than that dreadful soundtrack.

Boffins step into the Li-ion's den with sodium-ion battery that's potentially as good as a lithium cousin


Re: A materials win-win?

The most common bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) also contains sodium, so there would be nothing left for the batteries...

So you really didn't touch the settings at all, huh? Well, this print-out from my secret backup says otherwise


Re: Load?

Boil a lake?

For the price tag, this iPad Pro keyboard better damn well be Magic: It isn't... but it's not completely useless either


Re: That keyboard is flat on the table

iPad Pro keyboard feet, only $99 for the pair.

Beer gut-ted: As many as '70 million pints' spoiled during coronavirus pandemic must be destroyed in Britain


Re: It's probably not actually "bad".

There is an off-licence near me that sells mostly out of date beer, occasionally several years past "best before". It's fine, usually.

Though I expect the stuff in cans and bottles keeps a lot better than in a keg.

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you


Re: You will obey!

Oh don't get me started with the unwelcome reboots... It drives me nuts when I go to the PC in the morning to discover that it has been rebooted overnight, without a care for my unsaved documents.

Perhaps I am a little foolish for not saving my documents, but they are just random notes in Notepad. I would have no problem with losing the data if it were entirely my fault, but this is completely avoidable. How about you just present me with a message saying it was unable to reboot last night due to to unsaved documents, and let me decide when the thing restarts? Grr

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party


Re: Another thing...

It does bother me that healthcare workers are getting all the glory. I appreciate they're having a harder time than most, but nobody's clapping for the supermarket staff, refuse collectors, frontline logistics workers, etc.

Also, can I politely request that we leave "The Tories" and "Brexit" out of this? This isn't HYS. Do you really think things would be different with another party in government, or if we voted to stay in the EU? For the record, I'm a "remoaner" and have never voted Conservative.

French pensioner ejected from fighter jet after accidentally grabbing bang seat* handle


Re: Where on earth is that handle?

At least one aircraft saved too, since the pilot's seat in this instance didn't eject..

Thought you'd go online to buy better laptop for home working? Too bad, UK. So did everyone. Laptops, monitors and WLANs fly off shelves


Re: For furniture...

Jolly good. And where do we go for the bleach/anti-septic/anti-biotic/anti-microbal spray?

Surely you must have some sort of surface cleaner at home? How do you clean the kitchen and bathroom?

Any detergent will do the job.

How many times do we have to tell you? A Tesla isn't a self-driving car, say investigators after Apple man's fatal crash


Re: Alternatives to Autopilot in the USA

So, Europe manufactures some high performance & luxury vehicles? You don't see that many Rolls Royces on the road though, not like the likes of the Ford F series and Dodge Ram in North America.

Why not name a few aircraft/ship builders, too? Those are the real gas guzzlers.



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