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Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet

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They say history is written by the victors, and this is an example:

"Look familiar? Samsung's [crosseed-out]iBooks[/crossed-out] e-book reader"

Poor old Delicious Library. Ripped off by Apple and apparently forgotten.


Amiga on the block (again)

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"Amiga Inc, do whats left the community a favour and release the AmigaOS4 source code and let people come up with an x64 version."

See the earlier comment - they don't own it, a company called Hyperion do and they still develop it.

"Personally, I'd still be willing to buy AmigaOS should it be ported to x86 and modernized."

Have a look at AROS. It's an open-source x86-based AmigaOS clone. In a year or two I see it being more advanced than AmigaOS 4.

Chris 40

Amiga OS

So I looked up moribund in the dictionary...

Amiga OS is developed and released by Hyperion, not Amiga Inc, after a court battle between the two. Amiga Inc couldn't release an updated version of Amiga OS if it wanted to.

Whatever it "looks like", you need to do a bit of research. You can't try and guess what might be happening in the Amiga community, because the story is more convoluted than your average soap-opera!

Anyway, things are surprisingly lively between AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS. There's very little money to be made, but I wouldn't call it moribund. Insane, yes. Argumentative, definitely.

Virgin eyes legal challenge to Canvas

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If Virgin had ever made a single quality TV programme, or anything of any cultural worth whatsoever, they could join the scheme themselves.

I'm all for UK *programme-makers* standing up to leeches like Virgin or Sky who's only function is to collect cash used outbid the free channels for sport or US drama and (in the case of Virgin particularly) push endless reams of un-wanted marketing crap through my letterbox.

iPhone 4 fever takes hold. Again

Chris 40

The self-righteous tedium of Register posters...

" It's phone for f**ks sake, nothing more, nothing less"

What a load of sanctimonious bull. I don't care if all you use your phone for is making calls, but find me a hand-held gaming platform as good as the iPhone. Thousands of titles, often high-quality, available for free or next-to-nothing. Good luck with that on Android or Symbian.

As much as I want Android to catch iPhone, and as much as I think WebOS is the best smartphone OS in the world, I will buy an iPhone 4 for what 3rd party developers do with it, not for your sweeping cliche of another Apple fanboy kissing Jobs's arse.

Motorola Droid - the not quite iPhone killer

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"I felt apple app store are full of junks while android apps are full of education"

Well, who could argue with that?

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

Chris 40

Missing the point

"For some reason I love stories like this, if only to get a sort of sad pleasure from reading posts from people who believe they are superior humans because they use a different brand of browser."

Tell you what, mate, try developing web-sites for the wretched piece of crap, and then suppress your smirk when government is telling people to use something else. IE is a nightmare for us web developers - no superiority complex required.

Google: Android fragmentation not 'bad thing'

Chris 40

re: Symbian's fucked

"Unless they can get away from the horrible, out-of-date S60 interface."

I'm sure this is the reason Nokia bought QT. QT + Symbian could make for one beautiful mobile interface, but they need to do this sooner than later. They've already lost so much ground to Apple and Google that even Palm have managed to sneak up and overtake them.

Hands on with Asus' redesigned Eee Keyboard

Chris 40


@Samuel Williams

I expected a link to an Amiga or Archimedes, but it seems you had a Olivetti with CGA graphics running MS-DOS. Bad luck mate! Have a beer.


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