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NVIDIA blog bitchslaps Intel


But they do:

>> If they're so good, why do they not benefit the good of the common people?

But they do, just not in the same context. Remember that these are primarily graphics accelerators, used by the likes of young techheads like me to render impressive looking games.

There's also a number of CUDA accelerated video encoding tools, PhysX provides GPU accelerated physics processing for games and simulations, so on and so forth.

I love my GTX 480 :)

Hands on with Nokia's flagship N8


Finally a new handset with decent specs:

680MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 3D Accelerator

Screen aside, this thing slightly edges out the N900 for under-the-hood hardware specs. You can even get the same 'Bounce' game for it often used to demo the N900s graphics prowess.

I'll be keeping my Linux based N900 for some time however.

Sony 3D TV kit, PS3 games released tomorrow

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So no love then...

...For those of us with Samsung 3D displays?

Sucks :(

Skype to start charging for iPhone VoIP

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They could stop overselling their capacity and supply me what I pay for? Or at least be honest and up front about what I should be able to expect for my money.

I would also point out that online gaming (by your definition) falls under the same roof as VoIP, as it requires near-instant response speeds with similar bandwidth consumption.

It's just that the telcos won't touch it since enough people would notice to be upset. Even then if I host an 8 Player online game BT suddenly decides that I'm torrenting and throttles my (already very limited) connection.


Pressure from Telcos no doubt...

This is almost certainly down to telcos putting pressure on skype for money (Pay us or we'll traffic shape).

This is why we need net neutrality!

I hope Ofcom see this for what it is. If I'm paying for a data connection, I should be able to put what I want over it!

VPN for me here ;)

Nokia updates N900 firmware


Other changes include:

* A really annoying new on-screen keyboard layout where the backspace is in the bottom right instead of the top right.

* OSK is now a pop-up dialog instead of full screen, meaning smaller and harder to hit keys. Still entirely obscures anything behind it.

* Random changed behaviour with no indication of what to do. E.g. the 'application manager' no longer has a search facility, instead you just start typing what you want. Great, but why didn't it tell me that?

* Most built-in apps can be put in portrait mode by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+U and rotating the phone, but some become unusable when you do so. The OSK is landscape-only so when using portait mode, it will switch to landscape whenever you want to input text.

* The "Back" and "Bookmarks" buttons in the browser are swapped around, so I keep going back when I want to use my bookmarks.

Be it said that despite these niggles, the update has been an improvement. Many of the built in apps are more responsive, and the OS uses less space on the root file system (A major fault of the N900, is only having 256MB in the root filesystem, separate from the massive 32GB mass storage) so I now have 85MB free instead of just 20MB.

Skype video chat is a welcome addition, but only really usable on WiFi, especially if (like myself) you're on T-Mobile who packet-shape VoIP over 3G to the point of being unusable.

Sony demos very bendy flexible OLED screen

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Need to work on the reliability.

" even after 1000 cycles of repeatedly rolling-up and stretching the display, there was no clear degradation in the display's ability to reproduce moving images."

But there certainly seems to be a degradation in producing a clear image. The one in the video looked like a badly ageing LCD with the odd entire row or column stuck.

Granted this is very new and I'm sure they'll get that sorted - if only because nobody will accept otherwise.

Very cool though, I'd love to cover an entire car with this stuff, or maybe a suit...

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life


N900 manages OK for me...

I leave 3G and WiFi on all day every day, fetching emails every 30 minutes and spending about an hour a day in its web browser. I get 1.5 days of useful battery life out of it. 2 days if I skimp on playing games or watching flash videos in the browser.

The Maemo Linux Kernel is actually pretty damn good at making sure the clock speed is kept at its lowest if the CPU time isn't needed for much. The WiFi power saving is very aggressive too. The WiFi is effectively turned off after about a minute of non use.

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7


Not really...

Not people who upgraded out of choise. Most people will have just got a version bundled with a new machine.

Me, I wanted DX10/DX11 support, have a small but growing number of games that don't support DX9/XP.

Bill Gates backs ball-busting ultrasound


Mass sterilization...

Massive high-range tweeters installed in overpopulated areas.

Problem solved!

Better yet, install them in clubs where chavs and other yobbo's like to congregate.

BT expands fibre rollout


Still won't get it right...

I live ~10 minutes away from Bristol City Center, and even in a heavily built up area like here I *still* can't get more than 3MBps, and that's if we're lucky!

Herschel 'scope peers into 'truly empty' space hole



Like a black button with black text on a black background that lets you know you've done something?

Apple-obsessed geeks launch fanboi dating site


If the users are anything like Apple...

Everyone will look great, but require that you spend twice as much on gifts and dates as anyone else. They'd also not allow you to have any friends that aren't members of the site.

Also if your relationship ever had a problem, you'd never be able to fix it yourself - and instead would have to replace the whole relationship.

Nokia puts out platform-slutty Qt SDK beta


Shame we can't really use it properly...

They've released this, but for Maemo on the N900 you can only use the compiled binaries on PR 1.2...

Which they haven't released yet.

Maybe next time they'll release an update I can actually use. The simulator is no good for anything but basic Qt apps.

Nokia's lost weekend ends with N8?



Should have an option to install Maemo!

Otherwise, the hardware doesn't seem much different from the 8500, X6 or N97...

Why do they keep remaking the same phone?

Spotify adds Web2.0rhea


If only...

The official API is for x86 Linux only (no ARM version) and doesn't support offline storage...

Bit redundant really.


Now that's out of the way...

Can we have an official Maemo client? Pretty Please?

Luxury brands welcome EU law to restrict online sales

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In short...

These companies don't feel they can compete with online-only stores which can operate much more efficiently than the traditional brick and mortar stores and have lobbied for legislation to force stores to play on the manufacturers terms and drive up prices.

Sound familiar?

Brits blasé about 3D TV 'fad'


Price fail

3D TVs are horribly overpriced. I have a Samsung 2233RZ 23" 3D monitor for use with nVidia 3D vision. Including the glasses and transmitter only cost £250.

If they stop being stupid and get it down to £700-500 for a decent size set, then people will get interested.

Of course it doesn't massively help that the age range that can currently afford such things all seem to suffer eye strain and headaches when using 3D glasses, for some reason younger people don't seem to be affected (as badly). I can quite happily play 3D games for hours on end with no ill-effects, my father however feels sick after just 30 minutes of it...

Google ratchets interweb 3D on Windows


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

@Pirate Dave

So we can have a standardized mechanism for making 3D games and other content where 3D is genuinely appropriate, without relying on Flash/Silverlight.

This is a *good* thing, I don't think anyone is proposing that normal web content be somehow made 3D.

Virgin Media to demo 200Mb/s broadband tomorrow


Meanwhile in ADSL land...

Everyone else is still dragging their heels...

I used to be on Virgins 20MBit unlimited service last year. There was genuinely no hard traffic limit over a month, but if you used more than xGB in y Period of time during peak hours, your speed was cut in 1/2 - which I could live with quite happily.

Sadly, I'm in an area of a major city that they don't service despite being surrounded by places they do serve in every direction... So I'm stuck with 2.5MBit-ish BT...

Here's a drink to hoping they keep that kind of policy for their upcoming 100/200MBit streams!

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 embraces - yes - HTML5

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Bad luck for stubborn XP users...

Requires Vista SP2 or Windows 7!

Tried to install it on my work computer, no joy. Thankfully my own machines aren't quite so antiquated ;)

Paris, because she knows all about backwards compatability?

Symbian sees (Silver) light at the end of the tunnel


Silverlight != Flash replacement

The problem is people keep thinking of Silverlight as a Flash competitor, and its not!

Yes Silverlight can be used just to play videos and animations like 80% ish* of Flash content on the web, but its a lot more than that. I've actually worked with Silverlight and it is a truly excellent framework for developing web applications.**

* Off the top of my head guess, nothing to back this up with.

** I develop full time in a FOSS environment. I dearly wish I could use VS and ASP.net instead though.

Microsoft flaunts cross-platform gaming goodies



This is all well and good for a simple 2D platformer for which all 3 platforms can handle. But how about complex 3D games where different versions require different assets in order to perform well?

Heres to hoping we see full-on XNA in the Windows 7 Phone OS!

Think software patching is a hassle? You're not alone


Something that Linux does very well...

Is package management! Since (Under most distributions) all of your software comes from a fixed set of known sources and gets managed through a single system (The package manager).

Windows needs a unified package manager, where publishers can notify the package manager of latest updates and where to get them from (Security and trust issues aside that is).

Beeb deletes iPlayer app from iPhone

Paris Hilton

Bending over for the networks...

I suspect the actual issue is that the Beeb have bent over in front of the various networks to ensure that iPlayer content can only be accessed over 3G (Instead of WiFi) by users of certain networks (3 and Voda) and this would allow users not on those networks to circumvent this.

Making this more a case of networks not wanting to have the load of iPlayer (Which is still bugger all due to the crappy bitrate) and everyone else paying because the BBC didn't want to piss off the oh so precious bit pipes...

Paris, because shes all about pipes.

Google pumps out Chrome build which knows where you are


This could be fun...

Find singles in your area, infact just down the road. Next left on the right.

Anti-binge drinking ads add to binge drinking

Paris Hilton

And oddly enough...

Encouraging abstinence only results in higher teen pregnancy rates! Whod'a thunk it?

Paris, because she knows all about teen drinking.

Ofcom wades into UK 'Net Neutrality' row


Dumb bit-pipes.

I just wish that the role of ISPs would be reduced down to dumb bit-pipes, where I (the consumer) simply pay for access - and I can shove whatever I want down it.

Skype arrives on Nokia Symbian phones



T-Mobile already do. They've always packet shaped Skype (Even if you pay *extra* for a data package!)

I plan on dumping T-Mobile later this month when my contract runs out.

3D TV: Minority interest for years to come


Obviously behind the times...

We've had proper 3D for games for years now, just look at nVidias 3D Vision. I was using that back before LCDs where mainstream. Now I have the newer version that works with 3D capable LCD Monitors (Samsung 2233RZ in my case)

It work with just about any 3D game on my desktop :)


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