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Google is Europe's most visited site

Dan Dietzer


Does this imply then we Americans are a group of "Yahoos"?

Microsoft waves in Minority Report-style computing era

Dan Dietzer

A Good Thing

While glancing at the site I noticed 2 young ladies exchanging songs for their Zunes. I can only assume in this "Brave New World" that DRM has finally died out.

Poland probes gay Teletubbies

Dan Dietzer

Changing Times


Hah! It certainly shows how the meaning of certain words and phrases changes over time, e.g., "Having a gay time .. wish you were here!"

Yes, I wondered about the "innocent friendship" angle in the Sponge Bob episode when he and Patrick adopt a baby clam and become "Daddy" Patrick and "Mommy" Sponge Bob. I begin to think Dr. Wertham was right when he wrote "Seduction of the Innocent" :)

Dan Dietzer

Closet Homosexuality?

Sorry, I couldn't resist that title...

When Robin was introduced into the Batman comics there was an intimation that there was a homosexual relationship involved. Nowadays, it's SpongeBob and Patrick. It is a shame that people have to infer that any innocent friendship between guys must necessarily be gay. As boys, we just hung around each other and had nothing to do with girls -- the whole "cootie" thing, you know.

It seems to me that I had heard the "Village Voice" was the publication that had actually "outed" poor Tinky.

Drive-by Wi-Fi 'thief' heavily fined

Dan Dietzer

Not Thinking Of Consequences

This is a great example of a law that is ramrodded through a legislature without thought for the consequences. My daughter's PC has trouble accessing our own home WiFi network on occasion because of all the noise from the neighbors' unsecured routers! As a Michigan resident, I guess I'd better ensure that she knows enough to hook up to the CORRECT router.

Probably Sparta was not pulling in enough funds from traffic citations so they went after another "source of funds".

Panama spits out 'poison' Chinese toothpaste

Dan Dietzer

They Can Still Work At Low Temperatures

Since diethylene glycol is used in antifreeze their blood stream should be good down to -20 deg C.

MySpace stands firm on paedophile data pressure

Dan Dietzer

Ultimate Solution

Let's just all stop having children -- all problems solved!


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