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Nominet to flog short domains

Simon Mayes

Can we get addresses as short as bl.uk?

The british library have had www.bl.uk for years...

Google opens up OAuth to tackle password chores

Simon Mayes

Only once password to compromise

So we're now encouraged to have one set of credentials for the whole internet, what fun.

That means that if it's compromised my whole internet life is over. Just go to my OAuth host site, check out my "authorised" sites, then pretend to be me across the whole internet with ease... Then you can sign up for new services for me as well (an not even worry about being slowed down by having to authorise my email address)... then you can use my PayPal (OAuth as well of course...) and spend my money....

Just wait until SuperBankUK gets onboard... then you can get my salary before me... Whoo!

I can't wait!