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Viking frogmen chase Street View spymobile

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What a great stunt!

Brilliant - cheered up my day no end......

@Paul Johnstone - That'll be climate change then!

Dell servers block un-Dell HDDs

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Same old, same old........

Simply a tool to leverage more sales for them that is all. Could of easily implemented a raid BIOS config to have this feature on or off......... but off is not in their interests........

Hacker frees iPhone from Jobsian tyranny (again)

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No repeat from me

Never have trusted apple..... Thought I would give them a go....... I got an iphone for varied good reasons (at least at the time).............

The phone does work reasonably well........ but there is an awful lot of functionality that was either deliberately sabotaged or just not thought about by apple. apple want a captive & controlled audience, it may suit some people. Not me. It is the first and last apple product I buy.

I am on contract with O2. When my contract is up (3 months time) I will ask them/and/or apple to unlock my phone. I am also willing to spend a little money on legal advice if they refuse. Ultimately if that's a non starter I will get whatever hack is available at the time to unlock it. Why? Because I give my 'old' phones to the wife and she likes free choice when it comes to providers (albeit PAYG), simple as that.

My next phone will be android based, the one after that, android or whatever Nokia have up their sleeve.

No more apple for me. Once bitten twice shy.