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HP's WebOS mess: When smartphone assets go toxic


Great meta-post

Your first sentence is the ideal response to the rest of it.

Apple Mac Mini 2010


Well I'd like to see you try

You, a thousand willing slaves, a tonne of each element in the periodic table, a blast furnace, a well equipped workshop and as many thousands years as you want.

Then tell me this (or just about any other modern day piece of technology) is 'crap'.

Sony sued for dropping Linux from PS3

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Misplaced 'Freetard' flame made you look silly

I agree with your post, and with your point that people should have a right to charge money for software... but fail to see how it is relevant to the topic.

I actually think you've dived in, all guns blazing, without realising what this is about. Do you really think that Playstation users who are upset about OtherOS removal, feel that way because they were hoping to use it to copy games? Not at all, its a legitimate feature enabling you to use the PS3 as a Desktop PC... pretty cool huh? Yeah, I used it and I am very annoyed Sony just took away a part of my system. Doesn't make me a 'Freetard' as you put it.

Twitter 'airport bomb hoax twit' charged


What a tw*t

No sympathy in 'bomb hoax' cases like this... everyone knows: you just don't do it!

BBC iPlayer to hit Freesat boxes by month's end


Homeplug good :-) MHEG closed :-(

"NOT While their x15+ the price of two simple ethernet cards and a 50 foot length of RJ45 cable at £10 all inclusive... ...unles your a MUG OC and fall for any advertising you see..."

By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 4th November 2009 19:20 GMT

You're forgetting the 'partner factor' - "THAT wire? Round OUR living room?". Extra cost is so often worth the trouble saved.

Besides, have you ever compared Homeplug to Wireless in a real usage scenario. You don't have to be a mug to recognise that, while the numbers on the box aren't attained, its still vastly superior to wireless g in terms of throughput and more importantly, dropout.

On MHEG: you're right, its frustrating to see a standard as wide as this be so closed. I was able to download a Java API reference at one stage, when I was researching BD-J, but they seem to have taken it down. One wonders if this was specifically to slow down open source devs...


MHEG was never the problem

"Isn't MHEG the thing that powers slow and crappy digital teletext :("

It's the Java language API which the digiboxes internal and over-the-air software is programmed in. What makes early efforts crappy is not the language but the cheap-ass CPU's that end up running it. That, and the lack of bandwidth for any bitmap data necessary to spruce up appearances. Expecting better from the current crop of HD boxes with satellite and net connections.