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999 What's your emergency: Mega millions Met call handling IT muckup?

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And once Lockheed and Northrop Grumman are done

The new emergency services phone number will be 0118 999 881 999 119 7253

.Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing

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In the words of Dr. Emmett Brown


mine's the one with the Flux Capacitor in the pocket......


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Finally made th enews in the US

This showed up on msnbc today via space.com


Loved the entire project and can't wait for Vulture 2....

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed

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The decline is here in America as well....

Couldn't agree more and I witnessed the decline of CS "education" first hand. When I started college 10+ years ago as a CS major we started off with the down and dirty "guts" of computing (assembly, C++, algorithms etc). By the time I gradated 4 years later the program had morphed into "lets just teach Java". My entire graduating CS class signed a letter to the governing board of the school basically telling them that their program was sh*t and we wanted our money back (which we didn't get but it still felt good to demand it). Luckily I had had a couple of good internships in the "real world" that let me develop real skills since I wasn't getting any help in class....

Hulu to charge $10 for past-its-prime time TV

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If Hulu were to offer premium cable content....

it might be worth paying for. Current I use Hulu for the stuff that is normally broadcast free over the air (Chuck, Heroes, The Simpsons). I also have Netflix for the stuff that one usually has to pay premium cable prices to see (true I don't get the current season but I'm quite content to watch back episodes of Dexter and Doctor Who since I've never seen them before). Can't see paying for a Hulu subscription if I'm just going to get access to more episodes of stuff i could get over the airwaves.....

Cheeky French hackers hijack Tata website

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Considering that they provide call center services...

Did they end up calling themselves for tech support?

Wallace and Gromit get the Google doodle treatment

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I've changed my home page to www.google.co.uk specifically b/c of that. I may be a redneck gun toting 'Merikan but I'll take W&G over the muppets on Sesame St. any day....

Now off to find me some cheese.....