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Dotcom's Mega to launch with mini call centre


Re: I'm not to sure...

Recently stumbled upon iDrive (idrivesync dot com); they offer 10GB free, and their agents seem to work OK (if a tad slowly).

Dixons knocks £200 off laptops before Xmas...



"I agree the article could have been written more clearly, but I think it took as much as 20 seconds to check the PCWorld site"

Yes, but el Reg is /supposed/ to be a news aggregator (with a teensy bit of editorial control chucked in).

I have to side with those above who are critical of the poorly written churnalism that TFA is an example of.

Think you can outdo the political mob?



"None of the above" is one of the phrases explicitly forbidden for use by the Electoral Commission (for obvious reasons, sadly).

Energizer Duo software suffers backdoor Trojan bother


Over engineering yet again

I've got one of these chargers, and it's good -- small and quick to charge. You never needed software for the charger to work, and it has a light on the actual hardware device that indicates charging/charged status. As one of the forgotten few -- I'm a Linux user -- I never even attempted to install any software. What idiocy made Energizer think that you needed any damn software in the first place? Pillocks.

MySQL handler Jacobs walks out on Oracle


Q. When is a promise not a promise?

A. When it's made by Canonical/Ubuntu.

Front page of the Ubu website (http://www.ubuntu.com/) we have: "The Ubuntu promise... Ubuntu core applications are all free and open source". Google Docs is open source? Really? Great job, $huttleworth.

Ex-JBoss chief attacks Monty's 'dangerous' MySQL crusade


Reality check

"A purely GPL license would not confer things like intellectual-property rights to a single company"

Not necessarily true. Some open source organisations ask that contributors transfer their rights to the organisation. A prime example being the FSF/GNU project...

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala



> Canonical is a private company of 200 employees...

That was something that I've often wondered. Can you breakdown by job function? I'm curious how many are actually doing technology/support, and how many artwork, marketing and other fluffy stuff?

[And yes, I /am/ an *buntu user, but am amazed at how little progress Canonical seem to have made in the last year or two towards that seamless user experience...]


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