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(Re)touching on a quarter-century of Adobe Photoshop

Darren Davis

Paint Shop Pro

I still use Paint Shop Pro 6 at home - which generally still manages to do what I need it to do - which is not a whole lot but still gets there. Fully agree with you that Corel subsequently ruined it.

But the thing that cracks me up (and sort of annoys me at the same time) is that anytime I have to reinstall it on a new machine or VM, the installer blares out some rock guitar music - I guess that was the sexy thing to do with your installers in 1999???

Over half of software developers think they'll be millionaires – study

Darren Davis

Ah I remember thinking along those lines back in the day, contracting to fund my ill conceived and not fully thought out ideas. Then I had the rude awakening of the IT crash, unemployment, eventually got a crap job writing crap software in a crap bank and stayed for years - fearful of more unemployment. And now I languish as a FFOF mid-level developer picking up the crumbs (and generally fixing the same mistakes again and again) of those young go getters. Sure there's a lesson in there somewhere!! ;)

Space truck Cygnus left idling outside ISS after data format snafu borks docking

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In the beginning, there was darkness. And the darkness was without form, and void...

Just send out Doolittle to have a word with Cygnus

Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job

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Visual Basic

It was long ago, and even then Visual Basic was never "sex on legs"...

Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

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... language's forced indoctrination in university ...

I wouldn't got as far as saying hatred, but you certainty won't find me applying for one of the /many/ Modula-2 opportunities floating around at the mo. :p

Sony deploys 11in Vaio to battle Apple Air

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This is just a refresh of the VPCYB36KG E450 line, nothing at all to do with the "Apple Air"???

Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs

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Directive 4 (Classified)

Here lies /^v.+b$/i

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Should cover most bases...


Ireland gives Google traditional pogue mahone greeting

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Budget 2010

They're just preparing themselves for Decembers budget, when we all get rightly shafted - "in the national interest"

Dan O’Bannon dies at 63

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RIP Pinback

Benson, Arizona, blew warm wind through your hair

My body flies the galaxy, my heart longs to be there

Benson, Arizona, the same stars in the sky

But they seemed so much kinder when we watched them, you and I

Hands on with Asus' redesigned Eee Keyboard

Darren Davis

@Samuel Williams


... and it was probably faster too ;)