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AK47: the open-source weapon that took the world by storm

Mike Weisman

Cartidge comparisons, and a joy to shoot.

There was no reduction in power when the soviets went to 5,45x39 cartridge in the AK74. It's a 7,62x39 (AK fodder) necked down to accept the smaller projectile. The total energy is about the same, the result is that the lighter projectile is flung faster. Like 5.56 NATO, the projectile tends to tumble on impact with tissue, and has about the same energy.

BTW: The 7,62x39 made it debut in a semi-auto battle rifle called the Simonov, or SKS, in '45. The SKS cost more to manufacture than the AK. They looked better in parades, however.

The 7.62 NATO is a completely different size cartridge, and there's no point in comparing it to these lower energy cartridges. The Soviet equivalent is 7,62x54, and is used in heaver rifles and for longer range shooting, and has the same kind of overall effectiveness as 7.62 NATO.

In the news recently: The US army is going to answer complaints about desert dust and the M16's, with a shoot off against some other rifles to consider for use in the middle east. Too bad they don;t consider the Kalishnakov or one of its varients. The Israelies make a nice one called Galil, chambered in 5.56 NATO.

I have an AK that they sell here in the States, it's been neutered for no full-auto. It's a lot of fun at the range.

Illinois baby issued with firearms permit

Mike Weisman

different country - different culture

This is in the USA, remember. You folk across the pond are totally safe from us unless you ask for our help or try to retake the colonies...

Illinois and Massachusetts are two states out of 50 that requires an ID card for firearms owners. Someone buying a gun for the kid in say, Texas or Florida, would never make the news. And the father chose to make this news, he may find non-comfort in the situation now, with photos of himself and the kid now gone global...

I can assure you that the Illinois State Police ran a full background check on this child before the issue of the IL Firearm Owner's ID card. The kid is clean. ;-)

What causes me real heartburn here is the way the father kept referring to his boy as "Bubba" in the first article. That's an association that the gun owners in my state would really like to avoid.

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