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Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate


Re: Threatogram received from Crapita today

A strawman argument, eh?

The duty to enrich the lives of your citizens is just as important as the duty to protect them, yes. And I'm happy to pay money to help do both. Life without information and entertainment is not life, it's just existing. Your comments about the Garden Bridge are irrelevant to the topic at hand, but on the internet a reasonable discussion without ludicrous hyperbole is a "nice to have".

TalkTalk teen hacker pleads guilty as firm reveals £22m profit jump


Re: As predicted

A&A are a TalkTalk reseller.

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Re: One f*****g router?

Ah, I see, so you're happy to just mouth off about completely irrelevant ITSM disciplines when an incident that you don't understand occurs. You've got a bright managerial future ahead of you in that case!


Re: One f*****g router?

You need to read up on Spanning Tree. You can have a single faulty core router cause massive problems across your entire network regardless of the "concepts of resilience, high availability and possibly even DR" which you heard about on your last ITIL course.

It's not you, it's EE: UK mobile network goes titsup, blames gremlins


EE? More like FA-A

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL


Re: This will be useful...

It's because having people wasting their time transferring calls to other departments COSTS YOU MONEY and also CAUSES QUEUES TO BUILD UP which then causes POOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE which can lead to you LOSING MORE MONEY


This will be useful...

...for about a month, until companies' IVR options change and people who think they're being crafty are actually putting themselves through to the wrong call queues.

YouTube channels at $1.99 per month could launch this week


I'm not sure that this statement is correct

"Over the years, YouTube has been slowly evolving away from its original user-generated content model, toward one where the service plays host to a variety of slick, professional videos from well-funded creators. Most of the major Hollywood studios now have YouTube channels, as do TV networks ranging from HBO to the BBC."

I think rather than pushing channels from established TV networks, movie studios or brands, YouTube have actually thrown a lot of cash at promoting and pushing homegrown video makers who are now producing their YouTube-exclusive shows and receiving ad revenue as their primary income. They flew loads of them to London for the Olympics last year, for example.

There are people who now make slickly produced shows for a living, purely on YouTube and nowhere else.

This subscription model feels like even more of a move away from the established brands being the big draws - it seems like they're trying to turn independent, YouTube-only content creators into established brands in their own right.

Ofcom fines TalkTalk AGAIN - a whopping £750k over 'abandoned calls' gaffe


don't call them

Go to talktalkmembers.com - the people staffing it are really capable, diligent and helpful (and UK based). They'll get your issue sorted for you.

BT engineers - missed appointments



Openreach had an MBORC status (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) on most of the country over the winter months which might go some way to explaining the rise in complaints.

MBORC basically means they can't actually confirm that they'll turn up on time or at all due to weather conditions. At one point in December we (major ISP) had over 10k overdue tickets with them because of it.

Vodafone goes titsup for BlackBerrys in mobile data outage


Re: vodaphone? server?

Yeah, same here - Vodafone told us that it was a RIM router issue.

I had plenty of people from the business asking us to "escalate within RIM" which kept me entertained all day.

Japanese cops cuff cat carrying remote control virus


"popular Japanese Reddit clone 2channel"


Red-faced, sweating and still in your chair: Welcome to eSports

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Great article

A good follow-up might be to get an insight into how eSport stars deal with their game of choice's bubble bursting.

Ten years ago arguably the biggest names in eSports were Counter Strike 1.5/1.6 players - teams like SK and mTw, players like HeatoN and SpawN. The CS ship has well and truly sailed (although the CS:GO submarine may be surfacing soon) so it would be interesting to hear how they've handled it.

TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN


It's not a case of them 'realising' that you need to be put through. The absolute highest priority metric for 1st line teams is first time fix rate - ie, trying their absolute hardest not to transfer you to 2nd line. They're seen to be under-performing if this rate is down, even if you need a 2nd line resource to actually fix the issue for you. It's fucking stupid but unfortunately that's how it works.

It's exactly the same at TalkTalk ; the on-shore support guys in Preston and Manchester are, for the most part, absolutely excellent and really conscientious. But the 1st line support teams based offshore are being torn a new arsehole every time their first-time fix rate drops, so they keep people going through the same tedious script over and over and over again.


Re: LLU win

The product that you're receiving via them is exactly the same product that TalkTalk residential customers receive. You're on the same network.

The only difference is you don't have to deal with TT customer service.

Dr Who shoves BitTorrent in the Tardis

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Note to copyright holders

This is how you address piracy - you make it easier and quicker to consume content via your means than via BT, newsgroups or any other source.

Assange's fate to be revealed at high noon


Re: Please, US, just come and get him *now*

Yeah, why would a European country extradite someone to the US just because they tell them to? That's inconceivable.

EA sues Zynga over ripping off Sims Social


For anyone thinking this is a bad thing...

..here's a good example of how Zynga are not just guilty of the normal genre bandwagon jumping that is rife in the games industry.


Tiny Towers is the original indie game, Dream Heights is the later released Zynga version.

Zynga deserve everything they get.


Re: Zynga @ 3rd August 2012 20:57 GMT

Also, if you have a look at the filing it's full of hilarious things like Zynga using the same RGB values as the Sims game for all the characters' skin tones.

Zynga don't jump on genre bandwagons, they wholesale rip off entire games, down to the order that options appear in the menus, the interface design, and getting their sprites to look as close as possible to the inevitably better indie game that they're ripping off. They deserve to be bankrupted entirely and hopefully this will do it!

Never thought I'd say this but COME ON EA

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows


Re: Gabe!

I love all things gaben, but don't kid yourself - the real winner will be Valve, because they'll continue to take a cut from every Steam sale that doesn't get made via Microsoft's app store.

RBS must realise it's just an IT biz with a banking licence


"IT is the business..."

"...and the business is IT", as so many ITIL trainers are fond of saying

TalkTalk Q1 sales fall as number of broadband punters declines


What does a "low latency upgrade" consist of?

Let's talk about the RBS IT cock-up


Re: The incident whatsoever?

Because a clueless blogger started posting screenshots of his LinkedIn account, with his full name, claiming that he had something to do with the incident.

Followed up by a supposedly reputable IT news website posting screenshots of his account.


Re: Hmm

The whole approach to this story from El Reg has stunk, unfortunately. Very Daily Mailesque, from the immediate finger pointing to India to the vindictive move of printing entire extracts of some poor sod's CV - who for all they know had absolutely nothing to do with the incident whatsoever.

Definitely not the vulture's finest hour.

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"And although RBS denied it, The Reg uncovered that the person responsible worked offshore – in one of many positions sent abroad as part of wide-ranging outsourcing to cut costs and so-called efficiencies."

No you didn't, you uncovered that other people who work on CA-7 are based offshore. You've got no actual proof that the person who buggered this particular change was offshore, onshore, or on the moon.

So, that vast IT disaster you may have caused? Come in, sit down

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comfortable behind the pseudo-anonymity of their Fawkes masks...

...as opposed to the lack of pseudo-anonymity that comes from using a name like "perlcat"?

What difference does it make if people are using AC, there's valid points being made here.

If a company uses this interrogation approach then all it will result in is

a) more and more lying after incidents because everybody's terrified they'll get fired for trying to do the right thing but cocking it up;

b) a culture of constant blame shift in a desperate attempt not to have a consultant finger one of your team, and

c) Dominic's pockets getting fatter and fatter.

I'm a major incident & problem manager and in our root cause reviews I don't give a shit which individual caused the incident, I just want to know what is being done by the relevant supplier/operational team/etc to ensure that a similar incident doesn't occur again. Whether that's tightening access rights, training, documentation, or whatever else. Blaming one person and shitting up the entire IT staff while you're working out who to blame doesn't help anybody. Except Dom obviously.

YouView 'launch event' to take place next week


Re: This will be good if ...

It means buying a new box

UK regulator re-opens probe into Google Street View slurp outrage


Re: anonymous pedantry

"Type" is singular.

Otherwise, good post!


Re: Seven questions for the ICO to answer...

They're an embarrassment. They're completely unable to act unless a foreign regulator shows them up by actually doing their job properly. They focus on rinsing public bodies for hundreds of thousands and completely ignore the most flagrant disregard for privacy law by private companies.

Hands on with Nintendo's Wii U


I like the journo's strategically placed hand to hide his burgeoning erection

Watchdog relieves iPhone 5 scammers of £10k


Astonishing balls

"When the promotion was selected, consumers were directed to share the promotion on their Facebook page and enter “Thanks” in the comment section."

So not only scamming people but making them thank you for it as well? Impressive set of balls on these people.

BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits


So if you need to check your bill online it's probably best to do it now!

Virgin Media site goes titsup in Pirate Bay payback attack


Re: Well Well

Ahh, bless. It's always sweet when someone misses the point completely and makes themselves look like an utter tit

Two teens cuffed after Blighty's anti-terror hotline hacked


The FBI/UK police call..

...wasn't access to that found to have been deliberately leaked to Lulzsec via Sabu The Informer?

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling


The usual argument

"It's just like Google"

Except he categorised search results by the names of TV series, or films. Exactly the same reason why Newzbin arguing the same thing doesn't work, because they had categories like "PS3 games" and "Windows applications". It's clear that the aim of both sites was to facilitate the accessing of copyrighted material without paying, even to an idiot.

If they weren't so fucking organised these warez sites would be untouchable

Sky follows BT in blocking Newzbin2


Is there anywhere that offers the same experience as downloading a film illegally, for a fee? As in a file that you can keep, transfer to whatever device you want, watch in whatever software you want, without adverts?

If there was somewhere that offered this for a reasonable price (ie a couple of quid per movie), then piracy wouldn't be an issue at all, and the content producers would make billions off it.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Qwerty Android smartphone


It's actually...

...just been released! £255 from Clove : http://www.clove.co.uk/sony-ericsson-xperia-pro

Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S


Motorola Pro+

How have you managed to give a phone that hasn't been released yet 85%?

HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest



S4 says that CPs are obligated to retain the data - the data is generated during the actual communication. So surely "retaining" in this sense is the actual act of logging?

ie, the user's actions are generating the data, which is then being retained in logs

LulzSec hacks EVE Online as rampage goes on


Good point...

...except that Goonswarm is affiliated with SomethingAwful, not 4chan.

Goons - SA

Anons - 4chan

TalkTalk goes silent



Why are you sending out internal incident updates?

Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen


Word on the street is...

There's been some suggestion that rather than being a response to any sort of direct attack, Sony have brought down PSN due to the release of a custom PS3 firmware called Rebug, which gives you what is essentially the development firmware. Amongst other things this gives you the option to perform a "quick sign up" to PSN, bypassing a CC check, and bypassing the payment steps for grabbing any content off it. There's various videos of it in action on YT.

Rumour is they've brought down PSN to bork things for the rebug users.

Vodafone's network knackered by thieves


MVNO too

This is also hitting their MVNO customers, our contact centres are getting hammered from pretty much all our mobile customers.

What's a little concerning is we've just had an email saying their MVNO incident mgt desk is now knackered and we've been given a mobile number as an altwrnative..

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail


Is it me...

...or has this died already?



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