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My service dropped at 00:05 last night, went and did a router reboot and then tried my landline for good measure. Now I just get the ominous message "Your number is out of service". Delightful, I only went live on fibre last week and now its stolen from my grasp. DAMN YOU SKY !!!

Carphone Warehouse to chuck in free Kindle with phone buys

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Deals from £25

Best handsets available on these Kindle deals will either be the Galaxy Ace or the HTC Wildfire. Sorry to all you folks expecting iPhone 4's and HTC Desire HD's.

Deals start from £30p/m with the Kindle 3G costing £20 or the non 3G for free.

Expect about 300-500 mins, Unlimited Txts and as long as your not on O2 you can get free 500Mb of data too.

Get 'em while you can...

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system

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Its a good thing Ive used SSL for most of my online business since I joined virgin.

Here's a question, does the CView system have the ability to peer into encrypted traffic, I presume it doesnt due to processing limitations but Im interested to know

Sony Ericsson Satio 12.1Mp cameraphone

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Not doing must justice...

Im going to have to agree with Anonymous Coward on this one Sarah.

I work in the mobile industry, and I own a Satio so I speak from experience.

I dont think you must have used the phone for long or you might be harbouring some resentment towards Sony Ericsson perhaps but its clear from your review that your missing some fantastic features on the handset. Also, perhaps you havent used a Sony Ericsson in the past thats the problem?

Eitherway, in regards to the text entry, in my opinion, its superb. Especially as you insist on comparing the phone to the iPhone. Having use both, I find the keypad on the Satio is much better at picking up taps (especially at speed), but more so for accuracy as I find the iPhone's keyboard a bit more cramped. Plus you have the added benefit on changing to alphanumeric keypad at a touch of a button, so I think your marking quite harshly without taking in all the different methods of entry.

As far as the operating system, its a breath of fresh air in comparrison to SE's of old. Using the Symbian software was a surprise after not seeing it on SE's since the UIQ3 days. To the most part its quite stable, Ive only managed to crash mine twice, as that was usually due to my data connections swapping constantly due to my work.

The media player which you have completely omitted by the looks of things is really good. Its the latest edition of SE's media viewer and it does a great job of giving you one touch access to your photos, music and videos (including iPlayer and YouTube). The menus have some funky effects when selecting tracks, or thumbing through your albumns which gives it a polished feel.

I found on the generic versions we sell, the initial theme which is chosen by default is a bit over done and causes the handset to lose a little performance. This theme can be disabled, and changed with a less visually appealling but in my opinion, more functional menu layout on the standby screen.

In essence, the review simply skipped off the surface of this handsets true potential. True, its not as visually appealing or as user friendly (open to opinion) as an iPhone. However, on features like camera quality, call quality and data connectivity the Satio wins hands down.

Sony Ericsson confirms Android Xperia

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Expected Release

According to a Sony Ericsson rep that was in today, the expected release date should be around Q1 2010. So expect it around April/May.


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