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UK government puts IR35 tax reforms on hold for a year in wake of coronavirus crisis


Re: I'm essentially on zero days notice, zero hours contract.

Because the umbrella company I'm actually employed with give you fuck all rights. All contractors have to use that umbrella company. Take it or leave it and there isn't much about at the moment so beggars and choosers.

We get statutory sick pay, 3% pension after 90 days and only accrue holiday against hours we've worked. If we want holiday before we've accrued it we have to take it unpaid even though we have a 4 month fixed term employment contract. If I was perm with the company I actually work for, 6% pension, 25 days paid holiday, bonus, 12 months full sick pay, health, share options etc etc. But they just want a short term resource (me) but they don't want to give me any of that. I used to be able to provide all that for myself, not anymore the chancellor has that bit as additional tax under the guise of panic IR35 implementation.

The house of lords essentially pointed out that tax law and employment law don't align, but the government essentially gave a shoulder shrug. It doesn't care. This is the flexible work force they want. Zero rights (we can't go on strike can we?) but lots of tax. Works for them, they don't care about the man on the street.


Re: Better than nothing

I (like a lot of other contractors) have been forced to take a PAYE role because of the mass blanket bans, however, I don't think we are the people the chancellor is trying to help. This (and most of the measures) are about taking some burden away from the medium and BIG business when a massive economy problem is happening and they are about to see much bigger tax losses. If we think anything they said yesterday is about small one man bands & contractors I think we are all mistaken.

From a contractor point of view we are in the same boat. I've had to take a PAYE role, it's all that was about. I'm essentially on zero days notice, zero hours contract. And I'm pretty sure companies are going to start throwing us all overboard pretty shortly when they try to stem their loses in this clusterfuck economy.

IR35 is a hammer to crack a nut of hidden employees. And to some extent its probably right, for eample delivery drivers that HAVE to rent the van from the company and have strict rules on how they can behave. These people deserve better protections, and I support that. But we all know all they have done is let the companies get away with it and pushing us under and umbrella companies and has given us zero rights and all the tax liabilities. And if any contractor feels this is a glimmer of hope then I hate to say, I think we may be wrong. I hope I am, but I see little to think this is anything other than a bit of large company relief because everybody is a bit busy at the moment tying not to go broke.

IR35 is coming back as and when the economy is back and they need to raise tax to pay back all the money they just let off big businesses. I also think most companies that blanket banned PSC's are unlikely to change their policy for essentially a year. They've done the work and deals with all the agencies. I'm sure they aren't going to bother unpicking that mess either. Bigger fish to fry as they say.

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you hackers are targeting 'nuclear, defense, energy, financial' biz



Whilst the large bank I work for is generally useless with IT, the two things they do to mitigate this are mark all external emails very clearly at the top and secondly send test emails with a payload randomly to employees to see who reports it as phishing and who opens it blindly. Those who open it get immediately sent on a “re-education” course.

Oh, and external email is only given on a needs basis, not by default.

Whilst not perfect it’s certainly a blummin good way to catch out the stupid and try and do something about it.

Sir Clive Sinclair dragged into ZX Spectrum reboot battle


Well I backed it...

... And I'm bored to death of the constant fighting that makes age 6 children fighting about who's dad is bigger/richer/harder look more grown up.

I have little confidence that it will ever turn up.(though I hope I'm wrong) I just wish they keep the squabbles private and communicate with the backers properly. Either get it done or call it a day and tell everyone.

Sorry, I can't hear you, the line's VoLTE


Re: Correction needed

@TOM7 - I've one a oneplus 3T and their "three in touch" application is shocking - needs rebranding to "out of touch". Used to be just about usable on my Nexus 6 but they haven't updated it in ages and its showing that fact by not really working, also, its fugly as hell.

Shame, its the only fly in the ointment with three these days. But I'm not going to apple just to get wifi calling, thats a walled garden I'm not up for playing in, but each to their own.

Lottery-hacking sysadmin's unlucky number comes up: 25 years in the slammer


Re: When Will People Learn? Halifax Banking...52% APR / 68.4% APY

Worth reminding them the ombudsman charges the bank a fee between (iirc) 250-1000 per complaint regardless who wins (fee depends on the complaint type) so when you mention that you are going to complain to the ombudsman they will usually pay you back if it's less than £150 without quibble unless you are truly being stupid. Faster for you, cheaper for them.

And that also explains how the ombudsman is mostly funded for those that ever wondered.

Oh no, EE! More UK mobile customers face sluggish roaming abroad


Re: wtf

The problem is I'd imagine that because this was forced on them they

a) didn't think it would happen

b) didn't want it to happen when it's been such a nice little earner

C) didn't allow themselves enough time to be able to negotiate decent deals

So I imagine at some point the EU powers will step in (because I can't imagine it's only the UK networks playing this silly game of just about complying with the rules) and tell them all to behave. They don't seem to learn, if they had played nicely they wouldnt have had this forced on them. But they still aren't playing nicely so I imagine they will be forced to play fair by next summer. I'd also put money on three seeing a marketing opportunity to get 4g out there and advertise the "fastest abroad" campaign quicker than that. EE being part of BT will drag their feet with most resistance like the rest of their business offerings.

Guess who's hiking their prices again? Come on, it's as easy as 123 Reg


I've got shit loads of domains with them and was pretty pissed off with the costs rising last time. That's it for me, transferring the lot as they expire to easily.co.uk who I've used for years and I only used 123 reg for 1 feature that easily didn't used to offer but now do. This is the straw for me, voting with my wallet.

70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft


Re: Most people.....

Yes that's true, but for Google I get email, search etc in return for letting them know my browsing and purchasing habits, some of my privacy is the payment (they also let me see what they know). With Microsoft I *PAY* them for my overpriced licence therefore I expect I get at least the option to maintain my privacy. But I'm not given the option. The phrase "Cake and eating it" springs to mind.

I can't help but notice there that the enterprise option gets a very minimal option (less than basic) so they know the big corporates wouldn't upgrade if anything of real value was spaffed out so it's a case of we'll listen to the big corporates but fuck the rest of you.

Trump to world: Forget moving to America to do a startup



...we had a decent government minister in charge of this kind of thing now would be a great moment and swoop to snap up the opportunity to welcome new businesses here and be very vocal about it. Unfortunately we'll probably just let this one pass by and let one of the other euro nations take the initiative.

Android O-mg. Google won't kill screen hijack nasties on Android 6, 7 until the summer


Re: I'm an Android user

@big_D a bit harsh...but anybody stupid enough to let Facebook apps on their phones are certainly in that category.

Bit of a Schoolboy error on Google's part. Especially when you consider when apple says no to something everybody just says that's the apple walled garden and deal with/put up with it, but Google didn't take the same stance and in this instance should have.

I'm a massive android fan but this has face palm all over it.

Tech contractors begin mass UK.gov exodus in wake of HMRC's IR35 income tax clampdown


Re: Yet again

Next they will claim there is an IT skills shortage, bring in a load of shit but cheap Indian resource. All justified because of their own policy and their inability to see their own stupidness.

The real irony is the fact they will (have to) use the large consultancies that pay little or no corporation tax in britain who use truly dubious tax schemes and will pay a much higher overall cost for the same resource level but actually collect less overall tax than if they had just left well alone.

Three drops £250m on UK Broadband


Re: Expensive

Well actually I think it's probably a pretty smart move. It's a small ISP so it's a doddle to migrate systems (relatively) to their own billing systems for example. But more importantly they have all the links and processes in place for dealing with BT openreach and the like. Throw in a sizable chunk of marketing money to get customers with a massive advertising campaign. So three can now start to offer stupid broadband deals to three customers not to mention playing BT at their own game of free wifi. And three are finally sorting out wi-fi calling so maybe not entirely unrelated.

So daft, probably not so much. It's just not going to happen overnight but I'd say there aren't going to go down without a fight. And given how they changed the mobile market (a bit like orange did all those years ago too) I'd put money on some market disruption coming, or at least an attempt.

How much or how successful time will tell. Also, their customer service can suck badgers balls sometimes so they may want to work on that too before trying their hand at broadband.

Three Mobile, two alleged hackers, one big customer database heist


Re: Would these Telcos and ISPs be the same ones...

@ac - and that is one of my main objections to the snoopers charter. My data is far more valuable to criminals than the government. I have nothing to hide (I.e. not a criminal) but that's not too say I want my surfing habits available to crooks. Consider the Ashley Masterson customers some of whom were blackmailed, consider that if crooks have my mobile number and know I was say a LLoyds or Barclays etc customer based on my surfing history how much easier it makes it to create a more convincing scamming angle. Text through the mobile operators system if they can compromise that two and a message saying to ring the bank on 0123456789 and related to online banking on date/time. Youd maybe drop your guard a little thinking only my bank knew that so it must be legit.

You could phone the customers due for an upgrade and offer them say an iPhone 7 for £20 a month and £100 up front. Can I have your card details and the three digit code please., Confirm your address Should be enough....

It's a massive disaster waiting to happen....

Tin foil hat on.

Brexit may not mean Brexit at all: UK.gov loses Article 50 lawsuit


Re: Handy....

@chrismiller "I think it's equally likely that many who voted Remain will have realised they were conned by Project Fear."

The pound to dollar rate is fucked, pound to Euro rate fucked, Europe now hates us (more than before), uncertainty for many businesses, France circling to try and nab the finance sector. NHS not looking to be any better off. Foreign visitors/europeans treated like shit by "not racist honest" brexiteers (not saying all brexiteers are racist before you lot start, but the racists were mostly on your side, apparently getting our county back....not sure who from) and inflation likely to become very high very quickly if people keep on upping their prices by 22%. I bet none of us see even a 5% pay rise in the next few years.

To be honest the remain camp probably undersold.

But, if remain had won, would any of the above be happening now? Probably not. So face it, you brexiteers are responsible for the current state of things. The short term manufacturing export bonus will be exactly that, short term. At some point we need to import materials to make shit to export, which are at some point going to be 22% more expensive.

Premier League Sky card crims ordered to cough up nearly £1m


If only Mr Murdoch and his bunch of low life staff were treated equally harshly, with say profits from media advertising associated from the crime of illegally listening to voicemail and making hype from the information and these "profits" a could be awarded back to victims.

Oh no, that's right, there are criminals and criminals with links to the right people. Silly me.

ZX Spectrum Vega+ will ship on time, developer claims amid doubts


Re: A Spectrum? Being released on time?

I'm actually one of the nearly 4000 backers so nobody is more nervous than me about getting this bad boy. (Though it's only £100 so it's not like my house is at risk)

With only about 4 weeks to go we will soon find out. But I do feel for retro here, they say all is well and because somebody who probably claims to be in the know says it's not going to happen, all they can do is deny it. People are quick in assuming guilty and they have no way to disprove the claim in the short term.

Anyway, there is always some risk with a kick starter by definition but I'm going to stay positive for now unless something concrete should make me want to reconsider....

Ordinary punters will get squat from smart meters, reckons report


Once more nice to see the government subsidising big business. Thats a lot of cash to give to essentially, foreign businesses. If I was state owned (oops, I sound like a right leftie there!) I'd accept it, but it isn't.

Smart meters should allow INSTANT changing of tariffs and companies and you should be able to buy your electricity and gas the same way you buy your petrol. If BP looks a bit expensive on a given day just go down the road to Tesco etc etc. I don't understand why I can't just buy power in the same way, by the Kwh. I want 100 kwh at the agreed price or even just I'll use company X until I switch to company Y. Pay my bill, switch and so on. I'm telling you now, we'd get a very competitive market, low prices and stop getting ripped off.

The two blockers to this are

a) the energy companies, they make far too much money the way it stands. Why would they want to make less money. (I remember working for one that pretty much admitted that's why fuel bills/tariffs are so unreadable, stops you comparing to others easily!)

b) the government, they make VAT from fuel. So higher bills mean more money for them.

Weirdly I suspect if consumers actually had to pay attention to how much you are paying on a more regular basis (like when you fill up your car) you'd probably use less fuel so you'd achieve the fuel reduction they are looking for while saving money.

Still, logic, when has that ever got in the way of headlines and cash/tax grabbing from our overlords?

HP Inc's rinky-dink ink stink: Unofficial cartridges, official refills spurned by printer DRM


Re: No problem if they were clear about this from day 1

I bought one of those Epson WP-4535 printers after research on printing costs. While the printer was significantly more expensive than the bottom end of the.market, the official ink cost has more than paid for the upfront investment. Don't get me wrong, it costs best part of £100 to fill it up with official Epson (which I do), but I looked the other day I've had nearly 7000 pages out of that and I'm only on my second or third (black) set of inks and I'm going to easily make 10-12k with the remaining ink. I've had it nearly 3 years so running costs are acceptable.

I'd never go near HP because I used to begrude just how much the ink costs for so little output. And how unreliable they are too, always seeming to expire 3 months out of warranty.

Do your research upfront and make a judged decision. Mine has lead me to believe I'll never own another HP product.

We want GCHQ-style spy powers to hack cybercrims, say police


Lets also examine those 5 points....

>Increase the effort criminals need to apply to commit the crime successfully;

Yes, seems as sensible, a bit like locking your front door to stop you being burgled. But that doesn't require a law change now does it?

>increase the risks criminals need to take;

Given they have decided to break the law I don't think this is valid. Remember, they don't think they are going to get caught or they wouldn't do it so surely setting the punishment from say 2 years inside to 10 years will have no effect. Also, people still murder people despite their being a pretty harsh punishment for it (usually anyway!)

>reduce the rewards of criminal activity;

Isn't that what the proceeds of crime act was for?

>remove the excuses for it;

They are young males, what are you going to do? And isn't the reward probably the excuse.

>and reduce provocation.

What does that even mean!

Basically, they want to do away with the bit where they have to catch and prosecute the criminals and prove they are guilty. The damn law, it just gets in the way for the police now doesn't it.

Ankers away! USB-C cables recalled over freakin' fried phone fears


Re: That's customer service...

Totally agree. Refund and a free cable (when they fix it). In this day and age that's pretty good and also refreshingly honest.

I've used anker for loads of stuff and on the couple of times I've contacted them theyve been top notch with customer service.

It's thumbs up for anker and thumbs down for USB C (for now)

Your wget is broken and should DIE, dev tells Microsoft


Re: Nothing new

@bombtastic - that was my point, but all the down voters clearly missed it.

Hey-ho, looks like people haven't had enough caffeine today.


Re: Nothing new

People still used FTP?

Indian techies told to prepare for tax sprint


Well, if the Indian techies I work with are anything to go by, something will be delivered by the deadline. Either an excuse for not delivering or something entirely different from what was specified.

Either way, good luck guys!

DVLA misses out on £400m in tax after scrapping paper discs


@EastFinchleyite - not to mention they charge a small additional premium for paying by direct debit for a TAX you have to PAY IN ADVANCE! (Some marketers would argue you get a discount for paying 12 months up front but thats shite)

@Valerion - I think you'll find Mr Osborne snuck through a nasty shock for some new car buyers....those £0 cars are not going to be allowed much longer - read this and prepare for £140 a year if you buy from 2017..... http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/consumer-news/88361/tax-disc-changes-everything-you-need-to-know-about-uk-road-tax

Lenovo: Our gear will be 10% more pricey from 1 August


Well, I hope the uk staff are all expecting 10% pay rises too, based on the same that everything here seems to have gone up by 10%. Hello high inflation...here we come.

Seriously, we are really back to rip-off Britain all over again. Well done brexiteers. Looks like we really are going back to the good old days as you all wished.

Still, eventually I suppose we have to start making stuff again because market forces will make it economical again. That all we will all end up using raspberry pi's because it's all well be able to afford. At least those are made in the uk! (Yay!)

HP Inc: Double-digit bounce due on PC prices next month


I can hear the gravy train coming....petrol and diesel are next, then BT will claim it for line rental and sky will be next with all the imported content.

And when things settle down and the pound/dollar goes back to its old ways all this will be forgotten including removal of the 10% all they added on.

Whoop whoop, gravy train coming through....

Dell confirms price rise post Brexit vote as UK pound stumbles


Is this what they mean....

....by getting our county back. You know like the good old days of rip off Britain.

Well done brexit-ers.....suck it up you've got what you voted for....you bunch of dicks!

Not just the proles getting the heave-ho as British Airways races to save millions


Re: Dumbsourcing

Jobs that aren't easily understood by management and are simply just people "tapping at a keyboard". If they never interact with the "business" then management logic dictates that surely this job can be done anywhere. And will without doubt usually end up in India at half the price. (And a 10th of the quality, but it's cheaper so they just see the money saved)

But this is actually where the skills gap is. It's not that technical people aren't available (I.e. there isn't a shortage of workers) it's just management have a "skills understanding" gap and judge it by the only thing they do understand, cost. And they just think Tech's are overpaid, cos tapping at a keyboard isn't that hard surely, so why pay so much.

It's all fucked up, but that's uk management for you. Ruining businesses one promotion at a time.

Monster crowdfunding total raised for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+


Nobody is making you buy one. I know the tech was shit, the loading times awful and input devices were by modern standards rubbish. But I've gone for I it becuase I still love that era becuase of it.

A lot of 70's comedy was crap. Some mothers do have em, Terry and June etc, but open all hours is still top class, better than the modern remake. So I will still sit and enjoy it now.

The modern jaguar xf is amazing but I still want an e-type, the s type was crap despite being newer I just can't buy one for £100.

Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies


Well, I was one of those customers and given just how little Severn Trent seemed to know about the incident and how it happened it made me wonder too.

After 8 hours there was still much confusion. I saw them doing what looked to me as pumping out a water tower into a long like of waiting tankers the next day.

When I was down getting my 4 litres of free water (generous or what!) We asked the ST woman there why we couldn't shower in it and she said it's chlorine and it's way stronger in concentration that you'd get at the swimming baths. (She really couldn't stress just how much we really shouldn't use it to even wash hands). So if something looked like a computer error or hack this is a likely candidate.

Then again, could just be coincidence. Guess we will never know!

UK plans robo-car tests on motorways in 2017


Re: Sclerotic motorways

And I hope they've all been trained/programmed for the gazillion miles of roadworks on the M1 too.

Still, I'm sure all the companies involved will be paying their fair share of tax too.....and I'm sure we'll be hearing that announcement......imminently......any second......really.......I'm sure it's just waiting to pop out.....

First working Apple Mac ransomware infects Transmission BitTorrent app downloads


Re: How to mitigate the encryption malware?

I do all my torrent downloading from a Linux VM on my Mac.(nothing dodgy, Linux images and the like). One of the reasons is exactly that. While it's not guaranteed to keep you safe on its own, it's an extra layer of security and seperation, and if my VM gets trashed, just restore from the snapshot. It's 20gb of my hard disk I'm happy to give up on the off chance. I don't install much on my Mac unless I'm 100% sure it's safe as it can be. I.e. office, chrome. Everything else it's a VM and I'll live with the marginal performance drop off.

Regualr(ish) USB drive backups (multiple drives) helps mitigate losing it all too.

Seems my paranoia may be justified....

Facebook paid £4k in tax. HMRC then paid Facebook £27k – for ads


Most perms in IT probably paid more than that in income tax too!

Good to see the government make sure their suppliers are all good UK (corporate) tax paying citizens before they purchase their services.

Oops! Surely this is just a one off....er....anybody want to back that horse? No, thought not.

Still, I'm sure the inevertable tax rises in the next budget are because we've all shared the pain and they really have left no stone unturned in their persuit of finding every penny they can save or raise through existing taxation so the a little extra from you and me is a really a last resort to be able balance the books. Mmmm.....look over there at that big company that pays less tax than a middle earner.....hear those bells ringing to tell you something.....

Gov opens consultation on how to best to use your data


Governments rarely use facts correctly, happily ignore things that conflict with the version of the truth they wish to convey or use.

I mean, allow government officials to use private companies to anonymise data. I mean, what can possibly go wrong. track records on this kind of IT stuff is soooo good.

Be interesting to see what happens when 65+ million peoples data accidently gets spaffed all over the Internet in the world's biggest data breach. And once it's happened you can't take it back.

And will crime be reduced as a result - nope.

Will the NHS improve as a result - nope.

Will education improve as a result - nope

Will povety be eradicated as a result - nope.

Will medical / life / other insurance suddenly become expensive for certain people becuase of this - inevertable to say yes.

Will large private companies make lots of money and pay fuck all tax - I'd bet my last £1

Do I need a tin foil hat, just making one now.

Mathletics promises security upgrades after parents' security gripes


Re: Obligatory?

Also schools seemed to sign up to these platforms without checking this kind of stuff, probably because another school uses it and didn't think they may need to check.(or more likely didn't have the skills to check)

Not blaming teachers BTW (my wife is one) but a real lack of IT literacy in educational circles is shocking. My wife's school only implemented laptop encryption 6 months ago even though I pointed out they weren't using it 12 months ago when my wife joined the school. Her previous school didn't see my issue and refused to encrypt teacher laptops!

So this isn't a shock.....

Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge


Like I need another one....

Like somebody else said - a 2 x ethernet port version of this would open up a whole world of opportunity for devices. Its something I wanted since the original B board.

Anyway, I'm quite excited and will be no doubt in the big long queue of people trying to get one when release and inevitably just don't make enough of them for release day (just like the original pi/pi2 and pizero ... how are they still underestimating volumes for that thing!!)

If this comes in [price wise] anywhere near the existing Pi2 it will be another massive hit..

National Pupil Database engorged to 20 million individual kids' records


Re: Dilemma

Mmmm.....and they didn't ask the question of "How much money has been obtained by selling / leasing / renting / lending / allowing access to the data to third parties" followed by "and how much of that was ploughed back into schools directly (not the wooly 'education system')" because I'm betting the second number is zero and the first number isn't insignificant.

And in these times of austerity that they keep insisting we live, the maintenance of essential databases is one cost we could clearly live without if its only about the money yet alone the far bigger issues privacy.

Camerons reign seems even worse than the blair years....and they were c-nuts for this stuff.

National Crime Agency: Your kid could be a nasty interwebs hacker


So on the one hand....

.....they want youngsters to learn "coding" at school but on the other hand if they show any interest in it they are a cyber criminal? What the fcuk.

What next? Do your children like maths. Then they must be trying to invent new cryptology ciphers to hide those god damn terrorists.

I bought my some a book on Python the other day.........am I turning him into a criminal?

What a bunch of arse!

Telegram messaging app blocks some 'public' ISIS-related channels


Blocking accounts is surely backwards logic. Surely not blocking accounts and grassing up any bastard the posts or reads their idilogical bull shit would be a far better proposition. And make it public knowledge that it's how you run your service.(I.e. the Gov don't have to ask for the data you just offer it up proactively) That way terrorists and sympathisers are unlikely to use it unless they want an army of angry looking military personnel coming to their house with some guns to have a word. May have to block access from TOR/anonymous networks though.

Could be wrong (and I'm sure there must be a flaw in the plan somewhere), but that has to be easier than playing wack-a-mole and may lead to actually catching some scumbags in the act.

HMRC signs up Bain for £10.7bn Aspire migration


The problem they face is CapGemini have no vested interest in letting go. So they are hardly going to fall over themselves to stop riding the gravy train. And that would be the same for any company in the same position, that's business.

Can't think it was always an overpriced contract, but then I think most Gov projects (particularly IT) always seem surprisingly expensive. Be interesting to see how a new model compares in cost over a number of years. I'm sure bureaucracy will help keep the cost up with all the extra new suppliers having to jump through various hoops one that element starts.

Edge out rivals? No! Firefox boss BLASTS Microsoft's Windows 10 browser brouhaha


Leopard ... Spots...'nuff said.

Are you a Tory-voting IT contractor? Congrats! Osborne is hiking your taxes


Re: I will be worse off

And I'm sure there are a load of perms laughing their heads off and saying we deserve everything we get.

But consider this, how much did the UK gov give the big consultancies in contracts. How much corporation tax did they pay in relation and how much did they deliver vs not deliver. And then ask yourself who are the real tax avoiders and who are value for money consultants.

Once more the Tories looking after their mates and shitting on the hard working middle.

I didn't vote for the cnuts.

Shine a light on the rogue IT that hides in the company shadows


I have to disagree with this article for a number of reasons, but not least because you are suggesting letting the tail wag the dog.

There is the other problem of outsourcing....while I harp on about this a lot it is one of the reasons this will never happen. For a start, they are trying to keep things cheap, this means you are getting the cheapest resource india (or other favoured outsource nation) can provide. Its based on the goal of cost and if you want somebody who has been coding for more a year or so good luck with that. Also, a lot of 'learning on the job'. While there must be a place for this somewhere the whole 'ship it out' mentality means its all shit.

Then to counter the lack of experience/knowledge the then limit what is available for use within the business. And then because they (IT) themselves know the offshore lot are not much better than a waste of space they then limit what they can actually do with the platforms all under the banner of 'Governance'.

The the decisions on what we (the business) can do and the 'techies' can do are all set by a bunch of goons who've been promoted way above their abilities and only care about their department/area. So when the business request something (oh, like a database) they get told no, or yes but it will be delivered in 10 months.

So the invertible shadow IT pops up.

However, I make a tidy living from this nonsense and being more techie than most techies I have to deal with means a) they can't bullshit me b) I can make some inroads where others cant.

Then I sit in front of a load of business users and help get them to where they need to be, or as close as we can within the 'rules'. And I sell them a list of compromises and ideas to work around any real restrictions.

Stupid thing is the business I work for wastes millions on consultants and contractors (and me!) because instead of IT being just a business function that provides services to the business they let the IT dept dictate what is allowed within the business. Hardly a way to grow a business.

Its a hard fact to face, IT (in a non IT businesses) will never make the business money. Its a cost and a tool, pure and simple. (like running a VAN / Building / Machine etc). However, used correctly you can provide your product (the bit the company actually sells) with better insight and lower cost but it requires a monumental shift in thinking on both sides. (the one team pulling in the same direction philosophy)

Its been like this for well over the last 15 years and is getting steadily worse, so I can't imagine we will see a u-turn any time soon.

I'll await the down votes from all the techies who think the business make ridiculous demands (which I agree, sometimes they do with unrealistic nonsensical timelines and requirements) but thats an education thing which can easily be dealt with by not saying "No" to everything but rather 'lets discuss'.

Will Apple reveal a $10-a-month Spotify rival next week? Yeah, yeah, probably


Re: I don't mind this future

But that 10 dollars will be 10 GBP once converted on the 1:1 currency converter.

But that conversion rate seems apply to all foreign companies though.... That bit is not an apple exclusive.

Microsoft's certification exams: So easy, a child of six could pass them. Literally


Re: Nice

Its all a bit pointless - if my son's IT lessons are anything to go by he should have been learning powerpoint not word. Seems my Sons IT teacher thinks Powerpoint is at the cutting edge of IT. Apparently putting hyperlinks into your presentation to make them 'interactive' is all the rage.

Powerpoint is used for english homework too rather than say, a word processor, like er... Word.

But fair play to the lad, word is an overcomplicated crock of sh1t these days and anybody who can make that monstrosity do something vaguely useful and keep the intended formatting gets a tip of the hat from me.

Home Office splashed £35m trying to escape e-Borders contract


Re: Henry VI part II, Act IV Sc 2 line 77

The bigger question for me is who the fuck allowed a contract for £750m to be signed without an exit clause?

Projects of this size are usually broken down into phases and one phase has to end before the next can begin. Each phase is costed and a project can be scrapped at the end of any one phase.(be it budget, performance, ability). This limits exposure by all parties. Usually phase 1 involves a pilot to prove the concept to stop stupidly convinced ideas becoming reality.

The stupidity of our overlords continues to amaze me.

Thousands of UK drivers' details leaked through hole in parking ticket website


Re: Yet another reason..

Which is enough of a loophole to give an insurance company a get out if you cause an expensive claim. Trust me, when they want a way out you need to make sure you don't give them an easy option to void your claim.(remember the question about car registered to your home address. And they will check that is where the car is parked most of the time... With the neighbours!). They aren't stupid these days. Gone are the days of using the parents address.

I hate it when some people who think for some reason they are exempt from the rules of the land. It's the law. If you don't stick to it yourself how can you take the moral high ground when somebody else doesn't??

Don't get me wrong, i understand it's because of leaks like this that people think this is the logical thing to do. But really we should be outraged and be expecting this to be dealt with with suitable repercussions that people are shit scared of ever leaking stuff on a badly protected website. If they were fined £1000 per record which was payable to the affected person this would be a nice incentive as a) you'd be real careful and b) the affected party would know what had leaked and the risks to them. Rather than not where nobody knows if their record has been leaked.

And this was the reason I opted me and my while family out of the sharing your medical records debacle. That's one database you don't want leaking yet is hugely valuable to legitimate and illegitimate people alike.

This company should be fined at a hugely disproportionate amount to encourage them to be more careful in future.

Britain needs more tech immigrants, quango tells UK.gov


more like...

... companies are unwilling to pay decent salaries so want much cheaper resource and naively think they can get just as good people abroad.

And if the offshore muppets who I have to work with on a daily basis are anything to go by we would be better off letting school children of 5 years old have a go.

Why are we not training out current 12-18 year olds these skills?? My 13 year old son came home from school complaining about his IT lessons. So far they have learnt Word, excel and PowerPoint and scratch. They dropped the proper programming module this year because they are running behind. IT infests out lives. I think it should infest their school lives. I.e. in science they should be using spreadsheets for analysis of results from data and experiments. In geography doing mapping and the like using opendata. It all needs to merge and not be separate. How can we expect people to get good at this stuff if it's not a natural and comfortable choice.

One almost thinks that the gov don't want high paid skilled workers but just want low paid skilled workers. Time for the tin foil hat...

Three to pleasure bumpkins with 800MHz


as somebody who has just returned to three....

..... Good news indeed but I get way better data coverage in the less densely populated areas than I did from o2 (or should that be no2) so if it's going to get even better then brilliant. At least if/when three get o2 and merge it all together they will kill off o2's stupid gprs service which I seemed to spend too much time on when not in any kind of city.