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New York talks net giants into child pornography crackdown


Newsgroups gone anyhow

I'm pretty sure that Time Warner wasn't far from turning off Usenet anyhow--It would surprise me if 5% of Time Warner customers even knew they had an NNTP server. A couple years ago the regional server lost its inbound feed. 8 hours later, I was (according to them) the first to report a problem.

American auto dealer offers free handguns


Size of the industry

"As the poster said earlier, If there are three guns per American obviously a lot of profits to be made and made by the gun manufacturers. Let me wonder?

Is there I strong pro gun lobby in Congress by those same manufacturers?

QED - The problem is not about guns, it is about greed and money."

Until gas went past $3/gal, the single SUV assembly plant nearest me had more volume and profit than the entire US gun industry, including ammo and imports. We're not quite to 3 per--If I remember right, it's just under 1 per, with about half of households having at least one.

Illinois baby issued with firearms permit


Practical reasons

In most other states, there is no requirement to register guns with the government-I made arrangements over the Internet to buy a pistol in a McDonald's parking lot, and that was perfectly legal.

There is also a practical reason for Baby Bubba to have the gun registered immediately--When states ban specific types of guns, they usually exempt guns you already own. With Baby Bubba already on record as owning the gun, it's more likely he will be able to keep it once he's old enough.