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Bacteria to blame for global warming?


a .info domain?

you should know better...

Cassini to make third Enceladus flyby



Commitment to freedom of speech and tolerance...what a joke. Before the world changed, sure. Now, freedom of speech that doesn't offend anyone or make them think, tolerance of everything that is safe and familiar.


Oh yeah...

Webster... I care, dickhead. But then I've always been one of those fools who like to take the long view of things. Besides, rerouting a space probe or not is not the hinging factor in finding a cure for anything. Take your head out of your ass, maybe you'll be able to see better.

Hilton to go down for 23 days


I just hope

FOX turns this into the next big reality series. "Next of FOX, The Prison Life. This week, Paris drops the soap."

I wonder what she'd have to do to get thrown into a real prison. Shoot up a mall? Run over the President's dog? Sleep with Osama?

Armed cops in Lara Croft bust action


it's somewhat comforting

to find out that police are obstinate moronic dickheads everywhere, not just here in the states