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Wanna be a developer? Your coworkers want to learn Go and like to watch, er, Friends and Big Bang Theory



What would make me a happier programmer? That would be intricately tied to those who "manage" me.

1) You are allowed to tell me what you want me to write, just not how to write it. Micro managing is ugly and doesn't suit you

2) I expect you to organise/prioritise and schedule my workstreams as per business requirements. I shouldn't be expected to do that, that's your job. It's called managing.

3) I don't expect you to understand (i.e) 3rd normal form. I do however, expect you to be able think logically

4) dozens of other gripes but, I'm worn out telling you and I need a beer

LastPass stores passwords so securely, not even its users can access them


Re: "Maybe the current outage is a sign"

You've just sort of described LastPass actually...

All your ETL pipeline are belong to us: Google snaps up Alooma


Re: The new, improved ETL...

Errm, I believe SSIS just comes free with MS SQL...

This is the final straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You've gone too far


Re: Precedent has been set...

Oooh! A sensible assessment of the article? How very dare you. Microsoft are evil, evil, evil and I won't hear otherwise!


Re: EULA word numbers......

You think MS is the only company spitting out overly long EULAs? Ha ha ha ha!


Re: As ever

I think you're confusing the Bill Gates/Steve Bulmer Microsoft with the Satya Nadella Microsoft of today. They truly are different beasts and on the whole a much, much better company.

Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel


Re: GNOME, KDE, LightDM, XFCE ...

I couldn't agree more. It's the single most confusing aspect to anyone migrating from Windows or Mac OS. It's probably why Linux's share of the desktop has remained below 2% for past decade.

Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax


Re: I get my APK's...

So you're happy that the APKs you download aren't vetted, scanned and approved as virus/malware free?



Forked versions of Android? A dozen different Play Stores from manufacturers? Incompatible apps? What could possibly go wrong...

Due to Oracle being Oracle, Eclipse holds poll to rename Java EE (No, it won't be Java McJava Face)



Honestly? Java? Who cares what you call it...history perhaps?

How is the big switch to the public cloud working out?


Re: Frankly delusional.

It's such a shame then that Oracle Fusion is so shite. It's hands down the worst designed and implemented pile of craps I ever had the (mis) pleasure of working with. And don't get me started on Oracle (un) support.

Have any of you actually experienced this monumentally awful software?

UK prison reform report wants hard-coded no-fly zones in drones to keep them out of jail


Re: time to put prisons into bubbles

Can't think why this simple low tech solution hasn't been more discussed. It seems blindingly obvious to me that slinging a large net between the prison roof and the outside walls would solve the drone problem easily. And better still if the mesh was ferrous then wouldn't this act as a faraday cage and block mobile phone signals too?

Streetmap's lawyer: Google High Court win will have 'chilling effect’ on UK digital biz


Re: OpenStreetMap

I couldn't believe they were still going.

So, I took a look at the current site (http://www.streetmap.co.uk). It's like going back in time. Are they serious? If they think this pile of junk can compete with Google maps they're utterly deluded.

So, Linus Torvalds: Did US spooks demand a backdoor in Linux? 'Yes'


Re: Don't know about that

Actually the Indian "head wobble" is an all encompassing gesture, it's more a sign of acknowledgement than a sign of agreement/disagreement to a statement.

Basically, no they don't do as you suggest.

Is the IT industry short on Cobolers? This could be your lucky day


Re: No mention of IMS

You must be looking in the wrong place. If you can write all sorts of complex SQL then there are plenty of jobs out there. Start looking for BI jobs, learn to write reports and do some cubes and you're laughing all the way to the bank.

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SQL is a plan C??

Tell that to my bank manager, I'm doing very nicely on plan C and expect to keep doing so for the foreseeable future.

Facebook: Yeah, we'll ban chainsaw beheading vids - when journos call us

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I wonder if you worked at the same place I did?

My two fellow "workers" thought it hilarious to watch a poor retch behind beheaded. I rapidly decided I never wanted to speak or hang out with these guys ever again. I just don't understand how any reasonable person would be anything except sickened when they witness such brutality.

SQL database start-up flings out code peanuts to tempt biz


Re: As a GUI-Minded Person...

I apologise for being so blunt but, seriously Lotus Approach! You need to get out more mate.

Microsoft dragging its feet on Linux Secure Boot fix


Re: Windows 8

Funnily enough that's almost exactly what I did with my new Asus N56vm. Except it was originally Windows 7 with UEFI.

Now it's Ubuntu 12.10 with a Windows 7 in VirtualBox if I need it (which is not very often)

Asus N56VM 15.6in notebook review


Re: Price

Me too, snapped one up when I saw the £699 price at Comet. At that price there isn't really any other (proper quad) core i7 laptop around. First job is to rid yourself of the ASUS crapware or as others have said if the 5400rpm disk is a bother , then budget for a decent SSD with the bonus of getting a nice fresh install of whatever OS takes your fancy. On that matter I did find out that Ubuntu 12.04 really doesn't seem to regulate the battery properly and it tends to run down in less than an hour, which is seriously disappointing! It's also far trickier to dual boot due to UEFI.

Otherwise a good machine and yes those B&O speakers really do sound good. A great laptop for Devs who don't want to spend an arm and a leg just to do their work.

UK's web super-snoop powers could be extended to councils


Police State

Sometimes it feels like I fell asleep and woke up back in 1950s GDR. We should rename the MET to the Stasi...

Ten... e-cars and hybrids



How do you plug in you car if you

a) live in flat

b) can't park outside your house (the norm)

c) don't want to trail a lead over the pavement for people to trip over on and then sue you.

I just can't see how this works in the real world.

Leap-day Visual Studio beta provokes 'passionate' response



All I want is for SSIS packages to be included. At the moment I have to use VS 2010 for the db project and VC 2008 for the ETL. WTF!!!

Apple lands slide-to-unlock patent blow on Motorola


Well done

Apple have succeeded in one thing only. Being the biggest c**ts in the world

Free the people from office chains and commuting pain!


Looking like a hobo

Yep, All those things, that's why more than two days a week at home would be my limit. I remember a particular contract I had a few years back meant I worked from home ALL the time. I think I went a little mad, never got out of my dressing gown, stopped shaving which really freaked the girlfriend out.

You have to turn up at the office sometimes if only to remember what other human beings look like and to have conversations with.

Apple after Steve Jobs is still Steve Jobs' Apple


ping failed...

....because Steve forgot to put a f**king "i" in front of it.

SQL survives murder attempt by mutant stepchild


Couldn't agree more @Dweeb

Most of those championing NoSQL simply have missed the point when it comes to RDBMS.

I'm constantly amazed at the lazy, crappy applications that loop over SQL tables retrieving records one at a time (Java programmers I'm looking at you) and then have the temerity to complain that

a) Their app server doesn't have enough memory (16gb for a few tens of users!!!!!) or

b) SQL is too slow for their app (it can cope beautifully with tens of millions of rows a second on 4Gb of Ram)

Most commercial off the shelf enterprise apps are guilty of this. Most of them haven't even heard of a stored proc, primary/foreign keys or even the Update statement. A five year old could write more efficient code.

Go back to using Excel you useless lazy, ignorant tossers

New Mac scareware variant installs without password

Jobs Horns


is a beautiful thing...

Beastly Android will batter Apple's iOS beauty


Amen to that...

I have an Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) bought for just £99 which I unlocked to run on my provider and then modded Android up to 2.2 Froyo, all for free. Can you do that on an iPhone? I don't think so and it costs 4 times as much!!

Skype's mega-FAIL: exec cops to cause

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Oh for the love of God!

This ISN'T about Windows you useless troll.

Pirate Bay verdict: Three operators lose appeal



Anonymous Coward - <smug>"Perhaps because it's affecting the profits of the big corporations - there, fixed it for you."</smug>

So...'big corporations' aren't allowed to make profits? Tell me who do most people directly or indirectly work for? Yup, probably one of those "big corporations". If we followed your argument to it's logical conclusion then we'd

1) all be out of a job because the company we worked for has gone tits up after all profits had been sucked up by pirates and

2) as a result all back in the good old USSR due to the collapse of capitalism.

And of course everyone knows how well that little experiment worked.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

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What have you been eatin'

It's got to be Red Dead Redemption. Or there ain't no justice round here Mr!

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What have you been eatin'

It's got to be Red Dead Redemption. Or there ain't no justice round here mr.

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed


Sad, but true

Oliver, I can't agree more. Sorry to hear about your experience finding a job. I'm constantly thankful I work in IT and yet my degree is in Archaeology, a subject I studied just for the pure love of it.

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An archaeologists tale...

I had to chuckle when you mentioned archaeologists' job prospects. When I graduated (some time ago now!) with a BSc in Archaeology I had high hopes of becoming a post excavation bone specialist. But, the reality of a junior site archaeologists' pay shocked me so much I retrained (myself) and became an Access developer. Many years later and I'm a senior SQL DBA steeped in T-SQL and (now) .NET.

Despite my lack of an academic background in IT (though I started out programming 68000 assembler in my teens), my non CS background has benefited me with reasonable social and communication skills which I'm convinced has won me many a contract over my CS graduate competitors.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala


Not plain sailing

I'm a relatively new Linux user (9 months-ish), but not a computer virgin (I'm a SQL DBA), so Ubuntu made sense to me. 9.04 and worked pretty well on my Acer Aspire 5684.

However, the upgrade to Karmic ruined it (even with a split partitions for root and home). It took 5 minutes or more to get to the logon prompt and then another 2mins to an almost unworkable desktop. Lots of forum googling led me to the conclusion it was all down to the *completely* missing graphic drivers.

Only after another 2 failed attempts did a full clean install finally work even then I had no nvidia drivers and had to manually install them with envy (text version) before the long boot times disappeared and I actually got to the desktop.

I'm a lifelong Windows user but I have with no entrenched OS loyalty. I like Ubuntu and want to see more competition in the desktop arena but, this isn't the way to win over the man in the street.


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