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House of Lords push internet legend on greater openness and transparency from Google. Nope, says Vint Cerf


Re: Just A.N.Other Global Operating Device Proving Wonderfully Different to Others

Hey, man. Who's your dealer?


This is wilful stupidity on Cerf's part.

No one is or should be asking for Google to divulge their technology. They are or should be free to do with it as they want.

Google, however, is not using the results of their technology to reflect the world as it is but as the way they wish it to be. That is what we object to.

Don't tell us to go Huawei, Chinese ambassadors tell UK and France


Uh, where else in the world are you mandated BY LAW to turn over all of the information you acquire to the government?

How many of these firms have the Government as a silent partner?

Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source


Can't visualize Stallman's face in blue tantrum.

Geoboffins find the oldest matter on Earth: Ancient stardust created before the Solar System formed


This is real research.

Only impoverished graduate students know the smell of rotten peanut butter.

We've heard of spam filters but this is ridiculous: Pig-monkey chimeras developed in a Chinese laboratory


Welcome to the world of Winnie the Pigoon.

Go champion retires after losing to AI, Richard Nixon deepfake gives a different kind of Moon-landing speech...


Re: @ Chris the BeanCounter

You forgot George Soros in your list of authoritarians.

Microsoft, GitHub staff tell Satya Nadella: It's time to ice ICE, baby. Rip up those tech contracts


Re: We need to remember that Github is just a tool

... for Social Justice Warriors.

Holy smokes! Ex-IT admin gets two years prison for trashing Army chaplains' servers


Re: Where is god when you need him?

Only if the divine was responsible in the first place.

Spin doctors: UPS gets permission to expand drone delivery fleet in the US


Re: Like skeet!

Why would they? They'll just do an end run around Heisenberg by having an insider tell them which drones are carrying the narcotics and target those for fun and profit.

Alright! Ma time to meet that shag quota! Alibaba chairman steps down at 55 with $38.6bn fortune


Re: Communist

Do tell.

Valorous Vikram lunar lander – or Star Wreck: Enterprise? India's Moon craft goes all silent running during descent


Re: Some fan of Modi used Hindu distance units?

mumble,mumble...something about business drifting to the lowest common denominator.....mumble,mumble

Allowlist, not whitelist. Blocklist, not blacklist. Goodbye, wtf. Microsoft scans Chromium code, lops off offensive words


I have found a delightful addition to this problem, including

Indigenous North Americans who call their fellow sell-outs Apples - Red on the outside and white on the inside and

Eco- Warriors who are called Watermelons - Green on the outside, red on the inside.

but they are so numerous that they cannot fit on this page.

YouTube's radicalizing Alt-right trolls and Facebook's recruiting new language boffins


Re: Radicalization- Google promotes terror!

"And why would Google give free passes to far-left groups like Antifa, or Extinction Rebellion, which both want to overthrow democracy, often by violent (I mean 'peaceful') means?"

Er. don't you mean pieceful?

Looming US immigration crackdown aims to weed out pre-crime of poverty. And that may be bad news for techie families



You have two people with a lack of depth perception.

Watch as 10 cops with guns and military camo storm suspected Capital One hacker's house…


I'm not sure how far the definition goes, but this was no "hacker".

No stealth penetration was performed and no social engineering occurred.

This was careless administration and Breach of Trust.

Boffins put the FUN into fungus by rigging yeast to squirt out the active ingredients in cannabis


Looks like the next Heisenberg is coming from a genetics background.

In a galaxy far, far away, aliens may have eight-letter DNA – like the kind NASA-backed boffins just crafted


Even if this complexity doesn't pan out, I'm all for the idea of organic data storage. If you can extract DNA from Denisovans, that's long enough for the Tax Department.

Huawei pens open letter to UK Parliament: Spying? Nope, we've done nothing wrong


Huawei, you could enhance your credibility if you had your kit banned in China.

Another Apple engineer cuffed over alleged self-driving car data theft: FBI swoop on bod as he boards plane to China


Re: how much were they getting?

@ DevTrail

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

China's loose Chang'e: Probe lands on far side of the Moon in science first, says state media


You already have the Register observing that the EU knows China is stealing IP https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/12/21/eu_steps_up_china_ip_snaffle_battle/

Congratulations China for doing this all on your own.

China doesn't need to nick western tech when Google is giving it away


Using Open Source to end 1.1 Billion people's ability to sidestep the State's intrusion into their lives. How ironic.

Supreme Court raises eyebrows at Google's cozy $8.5m legal deal


Re: @ST The Bret thing

So he did his due diligence. Did you?

Health insurer Bupa fined £175k after staffer tried to sell customer data on dark web souk


And in Other News

What the hell was this other guy doing on TOR who just happened to stumble on these records on a DarkWeb site?

What did they get out of it? Revenge?

New Google bias lawsuit claims company fired chap who opposed discrimination


Re: Damore's facts?

"Damore mae a statement. He did not back it with facts."

What? Another user parroting the party line?

Ancient IETF 'teapot' gag preserved for posterity as a standard


Re: Only barbarous savages or coffee drinkers ... would even consider instant 'tea'

Meaning (via Google Translate)

No, my good man, you are wrong. Mr. Proudhon was French, so he knew nothing about tea, and he was a mutualist / anarchist, not a socialist. But this is a mistake that is easy to understand, because there are many people who think that Mr. Corbyn is a Marxist. Today, even insults are thrown by those who do not understand their derivation.

How HCI simplifies the data center


There you have it in a nutshell. The cloud is based on the premise of a bank. The bank lends out depositor's money to others on the notion that not all of the depositors need access to their deposits at the same time. If there is a run on the bank (sorry we're out of capacity at the moment), the bank will have an auction to see who gets access to their own money by paying MORE.

What a delightful idea. IT dealing with the banks.

India sets June 5 as the day it will join the heavy-lift rocket club


Re: the day will come

"Good morning, y'all. Mah name is Raj and thanks kindly fer callin' Dell tech support"

Good news. We've been experiencing that for the past ten years.

Go, GoDaddy! Domain-slinger decapitates email patent troll in court


V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, are you watching this?

Still got a floppy drive? Here's a solution for when 1.44MB isn't enough


A great solution for the US Military

Since Strategic Command still uses the granddaddy of them all


Why not supply custom versions at $US 2 million a pop?

Mars to get Chinese delivery. Estimated time of arrival: 2020


Re: Please consider changing the title


Try Scratchy.


Re: Please consider changing the title

So what? You rule the world or something?

Canadian govt to cloud providers: Want our business? Stay local, eh


Re: carry through

"This is very common with right wingers: bad data in, bad processing in the middle, raving nonsense output."

This critical observation is not only reserved for "right wingers". Centrist and Left wingers have been known to ignore valid data when it suits their soapbox.

England just not windy enough for wind farms, admits renewables boss


Re: Knuckling under

Superconductors? Really? Cool down your dreams using liquid Helium? How many watt-hours just to power the compressors to keep it liquid? How many effing Pounds Sterling is this going to cost for your anticipated "improvement"? You have any idea of the increase in efficiency you are proposing? Call back when you do.

'Impossible' EmDrive flying saucer thruster may herald new theory of inertia


Re: I think _I_ can explain it (and it's not that hard)

The person that REALLY understands this is not writing about it. They are busy building the damn thing and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Microsoft stops accepting Bitcoin in Windows Store


Accepting Bitcoin would have made a lot more sense if the Windows Store had a better selection of DarkWeb apps.

eBay scammer steals identity of special agent investigating him


Your H1B visa program in action.

IBM bags $700m services and infrastructure contract with Etihad Airways


Does this mean that the football jerseys will now show Fly IBM on them?

Symantec fires staff caught up in rogue Google SSL cert snafu


" not a good look for a business built on illusion and trust."

Aren't they all built on the premise of the Potemkin village or is this just a Freudian slip?

Fugitive UK hacker turned ISIS recruiter killed in Syria


Re: Glorifying killing

"they simply don't recognise that interpretation of their religion."

There is no hope for change until they do.

Microsoft points at Skype, Lync: You two, in my office – right now


Re: Installed it today

The ways it'd going with BSkyB, you'll get the name Lync back sooner than you expect.

Atomic clocks' ticks tamed by 3,000 entangled atoms


We will need this accuracy in order to build our a la Star Trek Transporters.

Becoming Steve Jobs biography: ‘Much of it was chutzpah and self delusion’


Re: He's long dead...

Just keep feeding the stereotypes....

The storage is alive? Flash lives longer than expected – report


Quite possible.

According to the TechReport article, several manufacturers' drives automatically go into "Brick Mode" once their rated life is reached.

Intel, Apple and Cisco crossed off Chinese Gov's kit list


I either want less corruption or more opportunity to participate in it - Ashley Bright.

Wall St wolves tear chunk off Microsoft: There goes $30bn!


There comes a point where these Wall St. types must be considered to be bona fide clowns. And the rest of us are hanging on to their every word.

Is it reasonable to think that because Office365 is up by the admittedly statistically farcical "triple digits" that regular Office should do the same? Are we so naïve to believe their expectations of earnings continuing "To Infinity and Beyond!"? Are we simply playing the game of getting out of the market at the top and letting the sucker, I mean investor behind us eat it?

It's hacker jihad: Islamist skiddies square up to Anonymous


Note to El Reg:

Muhhamad is Islam's Prophet. Prefacing the name with a definite article implies that I agree that this is the case. It is not.

For that matter, Mormons believe that Joseph Smith is "The Prophet". Ditto that as well.



Re: Ah!

One should not forget that systems administrators fully support Totalitarianism by nature.

Solar sandwich cooks at 40 per cent efficiency


Re: Photovoltaics is a one time, one way molecular erosion PARLOR TRICK !

If anything, the cost to build a renewable infrastructure is just as bad. The equivalent levels of carbon emitted would practically cancel each other out. Benefit? Running an industrial economy versus a hunter-gatherer one.

400,000 Windows Server 2003 boxes face SUPPORT DOOM


"HP estimates about ten per cent of customers will consider moving to the cloud."

The other 90% have plans to keep their data safe.



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